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Each circle had its own rules.

John’s competition with the York Family and Alexander belonged to the world under the shadows.

They were following the supreme law of the jungle.

The York Family was trying to expose this side of the world that ordinary people shouldn’t know into the sunlight.

And behind this incident, it also concealed the existence of several people.

Owain City suddenly became the center of attention.

Huadu District, the fourth room on the top floor.

Salefani was paying attention to the news that kept refreshing on the screen.

On some short video platforms, surveillance videos of the first accident at the road intersection began to appear.

In the video, John was wearing a gray coat.

He walked past the zebra line and stopped in front of the trash can.

He raised a sharpened wooden pencil.

A series of accidents suddenly appeared in front of all the netizens!

John was crowned with the word ‘demon’.

She focused on the countless messages.

This was a huge net that was enveloping John.

There were too many people standing behind the net.

Pairs of eyes were looking down at John from outside the net.

For them, John was too weak. It was as if he could be easily killed with a single slap.

Salefani controlled the mouse and clicked on the Moldfish Live Stream.

A familiar scene appeared in front of John.

It was an outdoor streamer with a high amount of popularity in Owain City.

The place where the streamer appeared was surprisingly the Owain Orphanage that was revealed in the information!

A dense crowd gathered outside the orphanage.

In the orphanage was the pale, helpless, and frightened Director Susan.

The children were crying in fear.

Stinky eggs and rotten tomatoes were thrown into the courtyard!

The image of the streaming changed again.

John’s good brother, Galen, and his wife and daughter appeared before him.

They were also surrounded by the crowd.

His clothes were stained with rotten eggs and he looked extremely disheveled.

His wife hugged her trembling daughter tightly.

John’s classmates and teachers who had a good relationship with John over the past 20 years appeared in the live streams of the Moldfish platform one after another.

Veins bulged on John’s palm that was placed on the back of the chair.

Whether it was Galen or Director Susan, they were all secretly protected by the officials.

But the York Family and the existence hiding in the darkness had crossed the rules wantonly.

They pushed the ordinary people in front of the curtain.

Be it the online media platforms the Moldfish Live Broadcast, or the streamers and passers-by.

Behind them, their actions were being influenced by the shadows from the shadow world.

Their tentacles were dense and omnipresent.

November 15, 2021, clear weather, 3.13 PM.

In the small, quiet four-room apartment.

John, Victoria, and the others only felt rumbling and noisiness!

There were shouts and roars everywhere!

John looked at the Foresee in front of him.

John took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

There wasn’t much he could do regarding this storm.

Or rather, he could only choose to wait helplessly and silently increase his strength!

In the shadow world, there was only one true sin.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

The supreme commander, Ezreal, looked up.

He looked at the network where all kinds of existences were crazily emerging.

He reached out and rubbed his temples.

“We have lost control of the situation…” In the back seat, Victor said in a deep voice.

“The higher-ups will take action soon.” The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes seemed very calm and replied.

“I’ve never seen such a scene before.

“The existence in that cruel world seems to be displaying something,” Victor said.

Starting from the heart of Mold Country, Houston City.

In secret conference rooms all over the world, the lights on the screens lit up one after another.

“They’re using this opportunity to test our bottom line.”

In a conference room in the middle of Mold Country, a dignified and loud voice exploded.

“The media is the ubiquitous antennas.”

“As expected of the existences who have been operating in the shadows for more than a thousand years!” In a conference room in the north of Mold Country, a hoarse voice that was suppressing anger sounded.

“The York Family has become the representative of those people competing with John and spying on our reactions.” A calm voice sounded in Houston City.

The existences of the inner world were deeply plowing this entire world.

Among them, the top forces were rooted in the entire world and were connected to each other.

They had some powers in their hands that even the officials were afraid of.

“Our attitude must be tough. Delete all relevant news at once.

“Also, punish all the platforms that appeared this time.

“We have to be careful to prevent such an event from happening again.” A calm voice said unhurriedly, appearing calm and powerful.

As his words landed, the order from the heart of Mold Country was quickly transmitted.

The news of the network that had raged for an hour was wiped out at an incredible speed!

All news related to the ‘accidents’ were deleted.

Keywords began to be locked in.

The Moldfish Live Stream platform’s entire website was closed and checked…

The entire boiling network was instantly pressed down by a huge hand!

It was as if the mute button had been tapped.

Reports were being refreshing one by one on the officials’ side.

John opened his eyes and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window.

He lifted the corner of the curtain and looked down at the neighborhood and city.

He turned around and looked at the people of the York Family on the news.

Taking a deep breath, John felt unprecedentedly calm.

November 15, 2021, clear weather, 5.45 PM.

The crowd surrounding the Owain City Orphanage had dispersed…

The sun was setting at the end of the winter, and the orphanage was left in chaos.

Grandpa Wu had been guarding the entrance of the orphanage for most of his life.

At this moment, his back seemed a little bleak.

He held a broom in his hand and swept the trash, smelly eggs, and rotten tomatoes on the ground.

All the children in the courtyard were prohibited from leaving the house and were hiding in the classroom.

Their small faces were filled with fear and panic.

The aunties and nurses who were taking care of the children had grave expressions and hurried footsteps.

It was a depressing scene like the sky was collapsing.

The medical room of the Owain City orphanage was filled with the most aunties and nurses.

Everyone was waiting anxiously outside the door.

Not long after, the door was pushed open.

Doctor Uriel, who was wearing a white coat, appeared in front of everyone.

Behind the door, Director Susan, who had worked her entire life for the Owain City Orphanage, lay on the bed with a pale face.