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Uriel glanced at everyone and gently closed the door.

He walked to the side of the corridor and was surrounded by the crowd again…

Dr. Uriel’s face didn’t look too good.

His gaze slowly swept across everyone’s faces.

“Director Susan… her situation isn’t very optimistic.” Dr. Uriel said in a deep voice.

Around her, the eyes of the staff of the Owain City Orphanage instantly turned red.

Some were choking on their tears.

A sense of fear and helplessness spread between them.

Director Susan had worked hard her entire life.

After working hard for many years, she had fallen ill.

Then, recently, an impenetrable dark cloud had shrouded the heads of ordinary people like them.

She was already struggling to stay alive in the first place.

This time, she almost couldn’t breathe or sleep because of the situation.

Then, Director Susan’s body collapsed!

“We have to arrange for a hospital transfer immediately. This way, she might be able to hold on for a while.” Doctor Uriel continued.

After a slight pause, her expression inevitably showed some sadness.

She said heavily again, “And…

“You guys can start to inform those close to her to come and send the old director off.”

His fingertips knocked on the table faster and faster.

Around him were pages filled with countless formulas.

John looked at the countless paths that kept flashing in his eyes.

He was looking for a way to break out of this situation.

Different targets and angles were repeatedly searched.

It was also through such a method that he was spying on the existences in the shadows.

From the dense array of steps, John knew that to him, the existences in the darkness

were like the Celestials and Buddhas versus the Monkey King…

A tragic conversation sounded in his ears.

“Great Sage! What is the purpose of this trip?”

“Trample on the South Heaven Gate and shatter the Numinous Sky!”

“What if we are unable to return from this trip…”

“Then just don’t return.”

This was an ancient novel from the mysterious Eastern land that John had read before.

For some reason, it left a deep impression on John.

John looked at the endless steps.

The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal, had been suppressed by the Five Finger Mountain for 500 years.

However, John didn’t feel that he couldn’t overturn the Five Finger Mountain.

He didn’t think he couldn’t pierce the dark clouds that blocked the sun!

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

There was a hurried knock on the door.

Hearing this sound, John’s eyes focused.

He looked up in the direction of the sound and replied in a deep voice, “Come in!”

The person who pushed the door open was the worried-looking Victoria.

“What happened?” John asked.

“Su…” Victoria hesitated.

With just one word, John’s heart skipped a beat and he sat up like a spear.

“Director Susan might not be able to make it.

“She’s currently being sent to the South Medical University’s affiliated hospital…” Victoria knew that this news meant a lot to John, so she didn’t hesitate and said.

“It’s said that the orphanage has already begun to inform Director Susan’s family and friends.

“And the children who walked out from the orphanage.” Victoria bit her lip and continued.

A loud rumble sounded in front of her.

John stood up and was about to put on his coat.

“Someone clearly deliberately sent this information to us.” Victoria reminded him.

Once this event happened, this news was handed to them by those who wanted John to know of this.

This was an overt scheme!

Hearing Victoria’s words, John stopped his actions.

He glanced at the former and remained silent.

Some things were imperative.

After putting on his clothes, he pushed the door open and prepared to walk out of the studio.

On the road to Owain City Hospital, a white ambulance honked.

In the night sky, pairs of eyes looked down.

They were watching the trajectory of the ambulance with mockery.

“Do you guys think John will come over?”

“I don’t want him to come. If he does, the game will end too quickly.”

“So what if we have to play within the rules?

“We have ten thousand methods to force him to submit.”

Whispers sounded from afar.

“Be careful not to implicate ordinary people. Today’s test is enough.”

After these words landed, it became silent.

The white ambulance’s route was constantly being watched.

It was the peak hour of going home from work, the entire Owain City was being busy.

At the intersection near the road.

John borrowed a phone from the shop and called his good buddy Galen’s number.

John called several times before it finally connected after a long while.

“Who is it?” A tired and vigilant question sounded.

John’s pale lips trembled slightly.

He wanted to say something several times, but he didn’t manage to.

“John?” Galen asked tentatively.

At this, John clenched his fists…

After a while, he replied as calmly as he could, “It’s me.”

In the night. John’s call to Galen was being broadcasted in many secret conference rooms.

Under the warm light, the existences sitting in front of the chairs chuckled.

“Grandma Susan isn’t going to make it.

“Don’t come over, don’t come over…

“Grandma Susan doesn’t blame you. You must protect yourself well.

“You mustn’t come over!” Over the phone, Galen’s words were spoken in an intense, hoarse voice.

After the call was hung up, John looked up and saw the neon lights on the other side of the road.

Further up, the gloomy night shrouded the sky.

He licked his lips and took out a coin from his pocket.

With a ‘pa’ sound, he knocked it on the glass table.

The middle-aged man sitting behind the glass table was sizing up John.

At first, he found John familiar.

But then, as if he had thought of something, his expression suddenly changed to shock.

His entire body was trembling. It was as if he had seen a demon…

John glanced at him, looked down, and plunged into the night.

His brother Galen’s agitated reminder echoed in his ears.

Be it Director Susan or his brother Galen, with who he had grown up together, although they were all ordinary people, they also had the intelligence of ordinary people.

They began to realize and even guess that John was competing with a group of high and mighty terrifying existences.

At this moment, they were in the heat of the competition!

Amongst the now public news articles…

The old Director Susan and Galen came to a terrifying conclusion…

In this heaven-piercing game, facing a group of high and mighty existences, John… didn’t lose out!

“Alexander had an accident!”

“Johnson encountered an accident!”

“Stansen encountered an accident!”

“Rayast encountered an accident!”

These famous existences were all dead, but John was still alive.

Moreover, there was another reason why Susan and Galen drew this conclusion.

Those existences had begun to exert pressure on them.

Because they were helpless against John, so that was why they were aiming at them now!