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Hands in his pockets, he lowered his head and walked in the shadows.

Questions after questions were entered into the search box of Foresee.

“How can I ensure my own safety for the next day or twenty-four hours?”

His footsteps didn’t stop.

His gaze swept across the steps.

His brows furrowed and his expression became heavier.

There was a slight silence, then he changed the words and searched again: “How can I ensure my own safety for the next half a day, or twelve hours?”

He continued and shortened the time. Then, he searched again: “How can I ensure my own safety for the next three hours?”

Looking at the steps and steps that were refreshed this time, a fierce glint flashed in John’s eyes.

“How can I see Director Susan one last time?”

“Counterattack: How to achieve a perfect crime and crush them without leaving any evidence?”

He walked faster and plunged into the darkness.

John was prepared to stir the heavens.

Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

There were more than a hundred members from the various secret departments here.

Their expressions were tense, solemn, and they handled and mobilized plan after plan.

In the surveillance room, the atmosphere was heavy.

Everyone was in a state of extreme fatigue…

Yellow South District, North American Villa incompletely built neighborhood, a terrifying collapse of thousands of acres!

Only one day had passed since this earthquake-like event.

Now, on November 15th, the incident of using the ‘York Family’s Middle Sea Corporation’ like a spear and stabbing towards John and Owain City erupted!

The influence it had was shocking…

The supreme commander, Ezreal, looked at everyone in the room.

He could sense that at this moment, everyone in the surveillance room was like a tight knot, about to break.

“John.” Ezreal rubbed his temples and muttered something under his breath.

He was the only person on this investigation team who knew of the ‘Owain City Petri dish plan’.

Treating the entire Owain City as John’s ‘Petri dish’.

Although he was already mentality prepared,

the cruelty of this ‘Petri dish’ far exceeded his expectations.

This refers to both John and those existences from the Shadow World.

Sitting in the back, Victor looked up and glanced at his colleagues.

The oppressive atmosphere made his chest feel heavy.

For the past few days, he only slept for a few hours every day.

His head hurt slightly and even felt like he was about to die at any moment.

He put down his work, touched the cigarette in his pocket, and walked out of the surveillance room.

After being checked and confirmed that he wasn’t carrying any information, he came out and stood at the corridor entrance.

He opened a small half of the window and felt the wind at night.

He felt much more comfortable now.

He lit up the cigarette and took a deep puff.

At this moment, two more figures walked out from beside him.

They were the old detective, Bloom, and the young man with dark circles under his eyes, Anthony.

Victor passed over the cigarette in his pocket.

Both of them took one and lighted it up.

“From the time he came out from prison until now, January 15, 2021.

“John’s growth is too fast.” Old Detective Bloom said in a deep voice.

Earlier on, the few of them were the main force in the investigation of ‘John’.

But now, there were thousands of secret department staff investigation John.

As for them, they were increasingly unable to intervene.

“This feeling is very uncomfortable, yet it also makes me feel powerless. There’s nothing I can do.” Victor said. He could already accept it calmly.

There was a huge gap between John and him.

Anthony, the young man with dark circles, didn’t smoke much in the past.

He looked a little clumsy holding the cigarette Victor handed him.

“Information has been sent from the hospital. The body of the old director of the Owain City Orphanage, Susan, has collapsed.

“Tonight…” He suddenly said.

After he said ‘tonight’, he paused and said heavily, “Something’s going to happen again.”

There was still some distance to Owain City Medical University’s affiliated hospital.

John walked into the shadows.

He looked into the distance and felt that the hospital seemed especially quiet tonight.

In the darkness, it was like a bloody mouth waiting for him.

A black car stopped in front of the shadow.

Hamlet walked down quietly.

He stood in front of John, who was wearing a gray coat and a hood.

“You don’t have to follow me. Guard outside.” John said.

The engine sounded and soon, under Hamlet’s gaze, the car drove away.

John’s hands landed on the steering wheel and his fingers kept knocking on the side.

With a calm expression, John drove the car along the inner ring road.

He approached the hospital.

The steps in the Foresee kept flashing past…

Red dots of light scanned every passing car.

Somewhere in front of a huge screen, numerous data were rapidly calculating…

“Target discovered.” A cold metallic voice suddenly sounded.

A black sedan appeared in the middle of the screen.

The entire car’s data, materials, speed, and the figure of John in the driver’s seat appeared!

John glanced up at the equipment that was emitting the red dot.

He looked at the road ahead and stepped on the accelerator.

In a secret conference room.

Phantoms that were projected here were looking down at the black car moving in the city.

It could be noticed that every time John passed an intersection, the traffic light turned green in advance…

It was as if within this area, all the data had been calculated by John.

There were still three kilometers of direct distance to go in order to reach the hospital where Director Susan was in.

John looked at Foresee, then his eyes focused.

He glanced in front of the windshield.

He looked in the rearview mirror on the right.

Three red heavy trucks approached.

John felt his vision go dark.

A heavy truck blocked in front of John.

A heavy truck forced its way into John’s right lane.

The last one was following behind John’s car.

On the left of John’s car was a belt of green plants.

He couldn’t see the road ahead at all. Even the speed and direction of the car were being controlled passively.

Behind the car, the impact sent John crashing into the steering wheel.

He opened the car door with one hand.

He grabbed the gray coat and stuck it out.

There were a few dull thuds!

Three holes appeared on his coat.

He retracted his hand that was holding onto his clothes and drove with one hand.

Noticing the speed and direction of the heavy truck.

John knew that at this moment, those lofty existences still only treated him like a caged bird and wanted to capture him alive!

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