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Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

“We found John…” A nervous report sounded.

In front of them, on the huge screen, the surveillance footage of the intersection appeared in front of everyone.

The opened car door, the coat, and the silenced sniper rifle.

Leaning back, Victor pinched his brows and lowered his breathing.

On the screen, at this moment, the car drove into a short tunnel.

Before the surveillance cameras in the tunnel could be pulled out, the car drove out.

In front of the surveillance cameras, John, who was pressed in the middle of the heavy truck, had disappeared from the driver’s seat at some unknown point!

There was a dazzling light that shone into the nervous heavy truck driver’s eyes.

A tragic collision appeared in the middle of the surveillance room screen.

The three heavy cards collided with each other.

The black car in the middle was crushed like a toy.

The entire overpass was instantly congested.

The surveillance room fell into a dead silence.

Soon, a staff member brought up the information of the car in the distance that was carrying the custom-made long light.

The driver’s driving records and information regarding the Illegal modification of the car were shown.

Also, the surveillance cameras at the intersections in front and behind were also checked.

Everyone was shocked to discover that it was a coincidence!

It was still a coincidence!

“John deliberately let himself be stuck in the center of the heavy trucks.”

The young man with dark circles under his eyes felt his blood run cold.

At the intersection beside the overpass, John was wearing a hood.

He lowered his head and blended into the crowd, his cold eyes focused on the tragic scene not far away.

He then turned around and strode into the night.

There were still three bullet holes in the back of his coat.

After passing through the tunnel, there were only 1.5 kilometers left to go to the hospital.

Looking at the steps in Foresee, he obtained some faint information from them.

In the secret conference room.

The existences looked at the scene on the screen and frowned.

The strong sense of oppression made the servants at the side afraid to even speak.

“I’m getting more and more interested in John’s brain…” A phantom said in a deep voice.

“He can actually calculate to this extent.” Another projected phantom replied.

“No wonder the government values him so much…” Another person smiled and continued.

After confirming that this was another coincidental accident, the expressions of the people in the shadows returned to normal.

Owain City, financial center building, level 39. It was originally Victoria’s office.

The head of the second branch of the York Family, Yorta, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

He looked down at the busy city.

In front of the desk, the scene playing on the computer screen was the scene of the accident at the intersection.

Johnson’s mother, Lefran, looked crazed when she saw John disappear…

Hearing the commotion behind him, Yorta glanced at Lefran, his gaze grave.

He looked down at the city again.

Regarding this time’s plan, Yorta was unwilling to participate.

This was because the entire York Family was half passive in this.

They were ‘pushed’ into Owain City by those existence in the shadow world.

Under the gaze of the people in the shadow world, no one knew what would happen now that they were used as guns.

“There shouldn’t be any accidents.” Yorta’s eyelids twitched. He suppressed his unease and muttered.

Owain City, night, 11.19 PM. Southern Medical University-affiliated hospital.

A female doctor in a white coat lowered her head and hurried along the long corridor.

Her eyes were flustered, and her hand that was holding the report clenched from time to time.

When she was about to reach the ward in front, the female doctor took a deep breath.

She looked up and pretended to be calm as she looked into the corridor.

There were a lot of friends and family members.

She pushed the door open and walked into the ward.

She glanced at the pale and aged old lady on the bed.

She heard that this old lady was the director of the orphanage.

She checked the medical records familiarly.

The female doctor observed the old lady’s health according to the standard procedures.

Excessive labor and other problems that had been accumulated over many years.

The female doctor looked at Susan in admiration.

Susan’s eyelashes trembled as if she was about to wake up.

The female doctor’s expression tightened. She glanced at the crowded ward.

Then, she took a step closer to the bed.

Perhaps noticing the figure standing in front of her, Susan opened her eyes weakly.

The female doctor leaned over and moved her lips.

She repeated word by word according to the words the person had told her.

“He’s on his way to see you for the last time.

“Those people chose to ambush and kill him on the way.

“It will be hard for him to escape.”

The female doctor stood up nervously and hurried out after saying these words.

She pushed the door open and was met with pairs of hopeful and worried eyes.

“The old lady’s condition is alright, but she needs more rest. Don’t disturb her.” The female doctor placed her hands in the pockets of her white coat and said in a deep voice.

Susan’s cloudy eyes vaguely saw the back of the white coat leaving.

A thunderous-like murmur sounded in her ears.

Director Susan found it difficult to breathe.

Her emotions were surging, and deep worry kept appearing on her old and weak expression…

“John and Alice are Susan’s two favorite children.

“She watched them grow up and got together.

“Watched them prepare to enter the hall of marriage.”

In the ward, the equipment let out ear-piercing sirens.

In the dark, John’s breathing was heavy and hurried.

His heart jumped as an ominous feeling enveloped him.

He looked at Foresee and saw that under the steps of “How to see Director Susan for the last time”, the steps rapidly changed.

He stopped in his tracks.

His gaze quickly swept across the steps. John’s expression was conflicted, twisted, and his fists were clenched.

From the changes in Foresee, it could be seen that something had happened to Director Susan.

The final time was shortened!

There were less than 20 minutes left!

Without hesitation, he typed in a new target in the search box in front of him: “No matter what the cost, how can I see Director Susan one last time?”

Before this, all of John’s paths had a prerequisite: ensure his own safety.

Now, he didn’t want to think about it anymore.

As long as he could live, it was enough as long as he could see Grandma Susan one last time before she passed away.

Tears welled up in his eyes again.

What John remembered was still the same summer where he had stood outside Grandma Susan’s office for punishment.

Behind him was her solemn and caring gaze.

At the end of the distant corridor was a sweet girl with braids.

He wiped his eyes and changed his original plan.

In the search box, he heavily typed in his new target.

“How can I guarantee that I will stay alive for the next 20 minutes?”

His gaze quickly skimmed through the steps.

John plunged into the night.

He crossed an old neighborhood.

Just like when he was attacked previously, he took off his coat.

He supported the hood with his hand and slowly stuck it out…

He suddenly threw out the coat.

Avoiding vital areas, the hands and feet of the gray clothes were pierced!

A terrifying scene then happened.

Corpses fell from several buildings.

Those were the corpses of the gunmen!

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