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John hurried to the outside of the ward.

Just as he was about to push the door open and go in, John paused again.

He was a little nervous and fearful.

His nose felt sore and tears were about to fall.

He had never shed a single tear for his situation.

But at this moment, John couldn’t control his emotions.

“You can’t tell my injuries like this, can you?”

John tightened his white coat.

It blocked the bloody body inside.

However, the area beside his leg was still soaked in red.

“I can’t tell!” Galen sobbed and replied.

John looked at the dying old director, Grandma Susan, on the bed.

He couldn’t his tears from flowing down any more.

Tears rolled down like a waterfall.

John took a few steps closer.

He fell to his knees and knelt heavily in front of Susan’s bed.

When old director Susan heard the sound of kneeling, she slowly opened her eyes.

Seeing John’s face, Susan’s eyes were instantly filled with surprise.

“Good child, you’re here.

“Hurry up and get up, what are you kneeling for?

“Did you encounter any danger?

“Quick, let me take a look at you, why can’t I see you clearly?

“These eyes of mine are already blurry from old age.” She spoke to John with concern.

“It’s fine, don’t be sad. Life, old age, illness, and death are all fates that everyone must face.

“My body is feeling very well, don’t worry.

“How’s that child, Alice, now?

“Can she still wake up?” Director Susan asked.

John grabbed Director Susan’s palm and placed it on his cheek.

He kept saying, “Alice will definitely wake up, definitely!

“I still want to marry Alice… and have two children.

“Grandma Susan, I would like to trouble you to take care of the children when the time comes.”

November 15, 2021, 9.39 PM.

John’s eyes were red as he suppressed his emotions.

He spoke as gently as possible.

South Medical University-affiliated hospital, medical team.

Pairs of eyes looked at John’s health report.

Their faces were filled with shock and disbelief.

Although it looked serious, not a single wound was fatal.

Nor were there any wounds that might cause irreversible side effects.

This medical report was quickly submitted to everyone, including the Owain City Police Headquarters.

All the bullets in John’s body had been removed.

The wounds were also stitched.

“There aren’t too many problems. Rest well. You’ll recover very quickly.” The middle-aged doctor stood in front of John’s bed and said.

John watched the doctor leave, the door was closed again.

“I have dragged you guys down into this trouble.

“But this is a deal. You guys are safe…” John sat up, his eyes focused, and said in a deep voice.

In the quiet ward, Galen sat beside the bed.

John leaned close to the latter’s ear, his lips moving as he continued to instruct him.

With that, he didn’t say anything else and let Galen leave.

The door was closed again.

He looked at the white ceiling.

He lay there for a long time just like that, before his eyes focused again.

An even more terrifying fire burned in his heart as if it could burn everything…

Numerous paths from Foresee were constantly gathering in his eyes.

“How to achieve a perfect crime to kill the York Family without leaving any evidence?”

“How to achieve a perfect crime to kill the York Family’s Lefran without leaving any evidence?”

“How to pierce through the shadow that covers the sky…”

There were countless steps.

They flashed past John’s eyes like a waterfall.

John’s eyelids suddenly twitched.

In the endless path of revenge, a path suddenly jumped out of the sea of words.

The path was very short, with only two steps.

And it was very strange. This was what it wrote: “November 17, 2021, 3.29 PM and 17 seconds.

“You appeared at the Great Tiger Mountain in the South Sand District.

“Raise your hand and stab towards the east.

“Stir up 50 degrees clockwise. Use a force of 50 Newtons.”

After this step was the second and final step:

“November 31, 2021, 12.41 PM and 40 seconds.

“132 degrees east longitude, 32 degrees north latitude.

“A typhoon descended and devoured everything.”

John also noticed that this step had a fleeting sense of timing.

In other words, only by appearing in that extremely precise spot and doing the required action perfectly at the exact node in time would this work.

If he couldn’t satisfy any of the points, he would fail.

His breathing gradually became heavy.

Ever since he obtained the special ability Foresee, John had tried searching in countless directions.

Only this ‘step’ appeared in such a strange manner.

“The butterfly effect was captured?”

John’s eyes lit up with disbelief.

Recalling the relevant information he had read before.

“A butterfly in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon River occasionally flapped its wings.

“As a result, it can cause a hurricane in Texas in two weeks.

“And the reason is the butterfly’s flapping of its wings.

“It caused the air system around it to change and produce weak airflow.

“And the production of weak airflow will result in corresponding changes in the surrounding air or other systems.

“This will cause a chain reaction.

“Ultimately, it will lead to huge changes in the other systems.

“Unbelievable!” John murmured.

He was no longer willing to lie on the bed.

He got out of bed and changed into the clothes and shoes that he had asked his brother, Galen, to prepare in advance.

Around him, every inch of his muscles felt a tearing pain.

John resisted the crazy emotions that were about to break free from his heart.

He glanced past the two short steps for this path in Foresee.

Then, he looked at the steps in another path.

This path was related to the York Family.

It was related to existences targeting him in the shadows!

John’s expression was cold, and blood and madness flashed past his eyes.

It was just like what old detective Bloom had said about him in the surveillance room.

“John has a strong sense of revenge.

“The more you suppress him, the stronger his rebound will be.”

John shoved his hands in his pockets and suddenly pushed the door open.

His footsteps suddenly stopped.

There were many police officers guarding the door.

He looked up and saw some familiar figures.

Old detective Bloom, Secret Service agent Victor, detective Fritz…

John’s lips curled up imperceptibly.

These situations were also calculated in Foresee.

John glanced past the unfamiliar faces and looked directly at Victor, Fritz, and the others with who he was familiar.

“We meet again.” John’s hoarse voice sounded.

Under John’s gaze, the hairs on Bloom’s body stood on end.

“We received a report that you robbed a motorcycle at the side of the road.” He paused, then looked at John and said in a deep voice.

“Yes.” John smiled and nodded.

Pairs of eyes noticed this smile.

The long corridor was filled with police officers.

A female doctor in a white coat lowered her head and brushed past the shoulders of everyone.

“Hey!” John suddenly stopped and shouted.

The female doctor met John’s gaze.

Her fair cheeks instantly turned pale.

Her entire body fell to the ground.

John got into the car of the Owain City Police Station.

In front and behind, cars from the secret department guarded the car John was in and left one after another.

Pairs of eyes hiding in various places watched John disappear.