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In the police car.

The wound on John’s abdomen was affected.

The white bandage was soaked in red again.

After calling the female doctor just now, John’s desire to perform seemed to have been restrained.

His expression was cold.

The waves of pain he was feeling couldn’t be seen on his face at all.

The old detective, Bloom, and the Secret Service agent, Victor, sat on either side of John.

The atmosphere in the car was silent.

Victor subconsciously twirled a lock of hair on his forehead.

He studied John in the rearview mirror.

Sitting so close to John, Victor felt like he was leaning against a ferocious beast that was about to explode.

Every cell in his body was giving out warnings.

His cells were begging and shouting in his ears, “Stay away from him! Stay away from him!”

On the other side, old detective Bloom’s body was also tense.

Victor wanted to say something, but he remembered what happened in the hospital corridor.

“That female doctor was frightened by you just now.” The image of John calling out “Hey” appeared in his mind and he said.

Hearing Victor’s words, John turned to look at him.

“You guys better bring her away first.”

John looked away.

He looked down at his fingers.

Then, he said word by word, “Otherwise, I will definitely send her away with the cruelest method possible.”

After saying this, he stopped talking.

The car suddenly fell silent.

On his left and right, Victor and old detective Bloom looked up nervously at the same time.

In the front passenger seat, the middle-aged member of the investigation team clenched his fists.

His breathing was heavy.

In the Owain City Police Headquarters.

The hundreds of eyes watching the scene in the detective’s car froze.

“The doctor’s work number is GP193. Her name is Tristana, 29 years old.

“A local of Owain City.” A young staff from the secret department brought up the relevant information and reported in a deep voice.

The supreme commander, Ezreal, looked dignified.

“Send someone to investigate this Tristana.

“Now!” He looked at Tristana’s information on the screen and said.


The journey was smooth.

John was brought into the Owain City Police Headquarters.

In the interrogation room.

The young man with yellow hair from the previous night was brought before John.

His face was pale and his body was trembling.

He didn’t dare to look at John.

“Captain, I spoke wrongly.

“Last night’s motorcycle was… I voluntarily lent it to this boss…” The young man hurriedly shouted in a crying tone.

Not long after.

In a waiting room waiting for the results of the investigation, John sat calmly at the table.

No emotions could be seen on his face.

In the gray six-story building.

Pairs of eyes from the investigation team observed the devilish young man in the room.

They saw the young man suddenly pick up the phone in the room and made some requests.

“Give it to him.” Ezreal looked up at John and replied in a deep voice.

There were piles of white paper, boxes of pens, and a laptop.

These items were handed to John.

John opened the laptop.

Numerous websites flashed before John’s eyes.

In the surveillance room, a synchronized search record was copied.

It could be seen that John was capturing information on almost everything in Owain City.

His mind was unprecedentedly focused.

His left hand was raised from time to time.

His fingers calculated and trembled.

‘Is this the method and thinking pattern that John used to capture and create accidents?’ The young man with dark circles under his eyes pondered.

At this moment, the surveillance room seemed very quiet.

The people in charge of different work areas were all busy.

In the surveillance footage, these actions that John deliberately showed might become important top-secret information regarding the investigation and research on John by the secret department of the Mold Country’s security bureau.

Time passed second by second.

The people saw that John seemed to have noticed something.

The information and information he searched on his computer began to concentrate on the weather, environment, and space of Owain City and the surrounding areas.

Images of atmospheric circulation records appeared in front of everyone.

“Dimensional Ring current!

“Air pressure and wind belt!

“Low latitude loop!

“Why is he investigating this?”

Whispers of surprise and uncertainty sounded one after another.

It was like John had seen countless data and numerous calculations flowed from his pen, pouring onto the papers…

The entire waiting room was filled with messy papers.

John stopped. He looked like he wasn’t calculating anymore.

The old detective, Bloom, who was waiting outside the door, walked in.

His gaze slowly swept across the surroundings.

Then he looked at John and said in a deep voice, “You can leave now.”

“You have to these things behind,” Bloom said again.

John waved his hand and put on his hood.

He lowered his head and walked out of the room.

In Bloom’s ear, the voice of the supreme commander, Ezreal, sounded in his earpiece.

“Don’t touch a single piece of paper…

“Maintain the scene in the room as it was when John left!”

Leaving the Owain City Police Station, John quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

In the black sedan.

John looked at Hamlet’s hesitant expression.

“I’ll assign you a mission soon,” John said.

Then, he closed his eyes.

Many a time, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to order Hamlet and the others around.

It was because only he could observe Foresee at all times.

Only he could accurately complete some things.

His fingertips tapped lightly on his leg.

Images of what happened in the police station kept replaying in his mind.

His calculations in the waiting room, his movements, posture, and pattern, were deliberately showed to the people in the surveillance room of the Owain City Police Headquarters.

As well as showing them to the even higher existences.

It was imaginable that the higher-ups of the official secret department would establish a special investigation team especially just for his actions today!

John was just waiting for the time in Foresee to arrive.

Then, today’s cause would have a result…

By that time…

John was adding more chips to add weight to his importance!

He leaned against the car chair and licked his lips.

When he opened his eyes again, the ferocious glint in them became even more ferocious.

At this moment, John was far from his usual self.

It was truly terrifying and shocking.

It looked like a ferocious beast that was about to explode!

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