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November 16, 2021, 2.20 PM. Clear weather.

Owain City, winter afternoon.

Under the warm sunlight.

In an ordinary four-room apartment in Huadu District.

At the floor-to-ceiling window, John pulled open a small curtain.

Sunlight shone into the living room.

His upper body was bare as he sat beside the sunlight.

He removed his clothes and revealed his body that was almost covered in bandages.

Blood seeped out from the wounds and soaked the bandages red.

At the side.

Seeing this, Victoria and Salefani had already covered their mouths, their eyes filled with heartache.

“Hamlet, come here.” Sensing Victoria’s hand trembling, John shouted.

Hamlet, who was standing to the side like a spear, took a step forward and stood behind John.

His movements were steady.

The red bandages were slowly removed…

He disinfected the wound and applied medicine…

“Hu!” John only grunted.

His forehead was covered in sweat, and his face was pale from the pain.

A long while later.

His clenched fists finally relaxed.

“I’m fine. You guys go do your own things.” John said in a deep voice.

He sat in front of the sofa and glanced through the steps in Foresee.

Not long after, he looked away.

He was holding a high-precision strength detector used for experiments.

“22 Newton.”

“39 Newton.”

“41 Newton.”

John focused on the changing numbers on the meter.

He was still trying non-stop.

It was noticeable that the number on the meter was rapidly approaching 50 Newton.

Time gradually passed.

November 17, 2021. Clear weather.

“50 Newton!”

“50 Newton!”

“50 Newton!”

In front of the sofa, John kept squeezing his palm.

At this moment, the string of numbers on the meter all stopped at the same number.

When eating, washing up, and even when he was solving his biological needs, John was maintaining his attempts at the pressure gauge.

When it was 9 PM, John’s expression was heavy as he released the pressure gauge.

He got up and changed into a gray windbreaker.

He was holding a long black umbrella that could be used as a walking stick.

He pushed the door open and left the rented apartment.

Behind him, Hamlet followed closely like a shadow.

The black sedan drove along the route John had prepared.

10.50 PM.

Outside the city.

A figure in a gray coat walked into an old office building beside the orphanage.

His palm was used as a knife as he walked past the large office.

Workers seemed to be asleep as they lay in front of the table.


John pulled open the curtain. Some dazzling afternoon sun shone on his cheek.

He turned sideways.

He looked out of the window.

Not far away.

On the lawn in front of the Owain Orphanage playground,

were aunties in black, nurses… and Galen.

Everyone looked sad and stood there.

Today was the third day after Director Susan’s death.

She was about to be buried. Her ashes were buried in the grass patch here.

She said that the sunlight was the best.

She could also hear the dazzling laughter of the children in the courtyard.

John glanced around the corners and directions.

His expression became somber.

He clenched his fist and smashed it against the wall heavily.

Even when Granny Susan passed away, it wasn’t peaceful.

There were the various parties from the shadow circles watching.

Under the distant gaze, the old director’s ashes were buried!

John stood by the curtain.

He faced the direction of the tombstone and bowed deeply.

Beside him, Hamlet was like a shadow.

He also bowed solemnly in that direction.

After a long while, John stood up again.

He looked at the tombstone from afar.

After a long while.

John looked away.

He turned around and strode away without hesitation.

His girlfriend Alice was still sleeping soundly.

The old director who doted on him and treated him seriously when he was young had left.

Now, John was sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of hell.

The chains that could bind him had already shattered one by one.

The black sedan drove towards the South Sand District.

A small boat driven by Reinhart’s subordinate rushed to the small island in the center, the Great Tiger Mountain.

On the island.

John asked Hamlet to stay on the boat.

He plunged into the island alone.

According to the high-precision locator, John was checking his location constantly.

November 17, 2021, 3.28 PM and 9 seconds.

John stopped at the node stated in Foresee.

This was the center of the island, the highest area on the slope.

John held the precise timepiece in his left hand and held his breath.

The countdown flashed quickly.

3.29 PM and 3 seconds.

John looked at the distant Pearl River Pass.

He could faintly sense a penetrating wind blowing in his direction.

3.29 PM and 17 seconds.

John accurately raised his palm and stabbed it in the specified direction.

It was unknown if it was an illusion, but at this moment, his palm seemed to have pierced into the center of a small tornado!

Stir clockwise…

Round after round…

John released his hand. It was clearly not a strenuous move, but it made his entire body sweat.

John looked up and felt the changes in the wind around him.

He looked at the empty void.

At this moment.

John seemed to see the faint changes in the airflow in front of him.

This weak stream of airflow was like ripples on a calm water surface.

It kept spreading and radiation towards the other systems in the surrounding space.

John’s eyes were burning.

He started panting heavily.

“November 31, 2021, 12.11 PM and 40 seconds.

“132 degrees east longitude, 32 degrees north latitude.

“A typhoon descended and devoured everything.”

After seeing the coordinates in Foresee, he had searched for the corresponding coordinates.

The location of this coordinate seemed to be somewhere on the coast of the Fusang Nation.

“14 more days.

“Let’s look forward to it…

“It’s truly like the work of a demon god,” John muttered with a rosy face.

He turned around and walked back to the edge of the island without hesitation.

The black sedan was parked at a busy intersection.

John was wearing a gray windbreaker and looking through the car window.

John looked at the CBD Financial Center Building in the center of Owain City.

After announcing their investment in Owain City, this building was basically treated as a commercial office building for the York Family.

John suppressed his emotions.

“Let’s go.

“It’s not time yet.” He said to Hamlet, who was in the driver’s seat.