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In the Vienna neighborhood of Eric State.

Large beads of sweat dripped down John’s forehead.

He had gradually sensed that he was about to break through the third level of the Form-Intention Fist.

John had entered the state of forgetting oneself again.

He carefully sensed the changes within his body.

At this moment, John’s eyes suddenly focused. His hands clenched into fists and his feet were on the ground. He suddenly exerted strength and swiftly struck out.

There was a snapping sound, followed by a crisp explosion as the punch struck the air.

His tense muscles relaxed and steam rose from the pores of his skin.

He had broken through. Yes, at that moment John had broken through the barrier of the third level.

Once again, he felt the changes in his body.

John realized that his bones were now extremely hard and there was a warm current flowing through his body. It filled his body and made him feel stronger.

John made a fist with one hand and punched forward forcefully.

He muttered to himself: “The power of my punch is probably several times stronger than before.

“If I were to face that boxer again, he probably wouldn’t even be able to withstand one punch.

“In Foresee, it was written that after I break through the third level of the Xingyi Fist, my body will undergo a transformation.

“My body has indeed become stronger. It’s more than two or three times stronger than before.

“But this shouldn’t be considered to be a transformation, right?”

John was wondering what kind of transformation had happened to his body.

Suddenly, a sound appeared in John’s ears.

He listened carefully. It seemed to be from the tenth floor upstairs.

John was on the seventh floor. He could actually hear the sounds from the tenth floor clearly from three floors away!

John heard a man saying to someone, “Hehe, cute sales lady, you must accompany me tonight.”

The sales lady said, “Sir, please don’t do anything rash. We are just property sellers, we don’t provide any other services.”

The man wasn’t willing to let her go and said, “As long as you spend the night with me, I’ll buy this house immediately.”

John touched his ear in disbelief.

‘This too amazing, isn’t it?’

The noise in the surroundings kept entering John’s ears.

The noise made was very disturbing to John. The constant sound of people talking became a pain to him.

He opened the search engine and entered: “How can I not hear those people’s voices? Or how to control my hearing?”

A page of contents appeared.

It read: Use your mind to control your ears. Close your eyes and carefully feel the existence of your ears. Use your mind to control your ears. Your mind can control the sensitivity of your hearing at will.

John looked at the foreseeable content and couldn’t help but become excited.

Then John closed his eyes and sensed for his ears.

John had an idea. He kept thinking: “Reduction. Reduction. Reduction.”

After that, he really couldn’t hear the noises surrounding him anymore. Everything in the outside world seemed to have returned to normal.

John was in a good mood after not being able to hear the noises of the outside world anymore.

Then John typed in the search engine: “Which part of my body has transformed? Which abilities have become stronger after the transformation?”

John read the contents on the panel in detail and grinned.

‘The real transformation in my body is actually the transformation in my brain.

‘Then wouldn’t my sensitive nerves become stronger too?

‘It seems that not only my hearing has become stronger, even my eyesight, sense of smell, and sense of touch have also become abnormally sensitive.

‘And I can adjust the sensitivity level at will.

‘But the most powerful thing is that my spiritual perception ability has become stronger.

‘It seems like I’m more sensitive to danger now.’

John once read an article in prison.

It was about the level of brain development.

The report said that the human brain had unlimited potential.

The true ability of the brain hadn’t been fully discovered by humans yet.

Nowadays, humans only developed about 10% of their brains.

And some smart people, like powerful scientists, including Einstein, only had a brain development of around 17.8%.

The human brain was the most mysterious.

In the process of studying the brain all these years, there hadn’t been any substantial progress.

If the human brain was developed to 20% to 30%, then human civilization would be able to develop rapidly. The progress in one year for that kind of civilization would be akin to 100 years of mankind’s current progress.

If it was developed to 40% to 50%, then the technology of mankind would reach the level of the alien civilization that humans had imagined.

As for more than 50%, even the scientists couldn’t imagine how powerful the changes would be once the brain developed to that level.

‘It seemed like the transformation of my body was due to the increase in the development of my brain. It seemed to be comparable to the brains of those famous scientists.

‘Not bad, not bad, the Foresee ability really didn’t disappoint me.’ John thought to himself.

Feeling the changes in his body, John was in a good mood. Still dressed in his casual clothes,

he left the room and headed out.

Vienna neighborhood was indeed at the center of Eric State’s business district.

The luxury of this place was far beyond that of ordinary neighborhoods.

John strolled through the Vienna neighborhood.

He could feel the liveliness brought about by the massive flow of people in the Vienna neighborhood.

John’s eyes couldn’t help but go out of focus.

He couldn’t help think: “Ever since I got out of prison and had the special ability to foresee the future, I realized that there was nothing else in my life other than revenge. I’ve lost my original yearning and my desire for life.

“Right now, I’m just a revenge machine that only wants to kill. Is this what I really want?”

He went to a supermarket in the Vienna neighborhood and bought a pack of Arthur cigarettes.

After exchanging some pleasantries with the supermarket owner, he left.

He opened the packaging and took out a cigarette. Causing picking one out, he took a deep puff.

Actually, John had already quit smoking.

But since the last time he smoked in the primeval forest, John had picked up smoking again.

Smoking really seemed to help reduce his psychological stress.

Men didn’t really like to smoke. It was just that when they were tired, a cigarette could really relieve their fatigue.

John smoked his cigarette, still confused about his future.

As he walked, John suddenly thought it through.

‘I must exact revenge on Alexander. This isn’t just for me, but also for my lover, Alice.

‘But I mustn’t erase my yearning for life too.’

John’s mood turned much better. Smoking his cigarette, he disappeared into the distance.