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Downstairs in Alexander Corporation.

John stood in front of the Alexander Corporation, his eyes fixed on a room on the top floor.

John looked at the massive Alexander Corporation building.

He thought in his heart: “I can’t be as reckless as before and go about doing things recklessly.”

He planned to use his Foresee ability to develop a new organization.

Whether it was to allow his girlfriend Alice to wake up without any side effects, or because he had had enough of the helplessness and despair of being at the mercy of others.

This was what John had to do next.

“How can I create a force that is superior to all the dark forces? If I stomp my feet, the entire world must tremble. I want to be the king of the dark world.” John typed such a question in the search engine.

Like weeds, the ambition in his heart grew uncontrollably.

The search engine that only he could see paused for a long time.

An unprecedented number of complicated steps appeared before John’s eyes.

Lines of text filled the panel.

And was also reflected in the depths of John’s eyes.

This Foresee ability that came from an unknown source created a huge conspiracy for John.

John read through it carefully.

Although these countless steps were extremely detailed, there were indeed many extremely difficult missions.

This was because the steps had crossed too many domains, involved too much time, and too many characters.

A single mistake could cause the entire plan to fail.

John pinched his brow to calm himself.

Even though the ability to foresee things was very strong, everything was filled with unknowns. Even if it was just a small mistake or deviation in one matter from the plan, the chain reaction brought about by the changes would probably be extremely intense.

The huge conspiracy planned by his special ability made even John’s heart went cold.

John also understood in his heart that he had to implement these small steps one by one first before he could truly create a force that was above all the dark evil forces and stand at the top of this world.

During this process, John would definitely collide with some large dark forces and government officials.

Be it the government or the rules of the dark, they were both places that could eat a person completely without spitting out the bones.

That was where the top predators should live.

Right now, John didn’t have the capital to fight against those terrifying forces. He needed to grow step by step.

Only by slowly developing his own organization and strengthening his individual strength would he have a chance to fight against the huge dark forces without losing.

John looked at one of the contents in the passage:

“Building your own force requires many trustworthy subordinates.”

John couldn’t help but nod at these words.

‘That’s right, I need my people who I can trust. They must also have great capability or have great potential. Only then will I be able to benefit from the fights that will happen in the future.’

Then, he searched: “How can I recruit trustworthy and promising subordinates?”

Lines of information kept appearing in front of John.

Each path marks a different person, their gender, the steps needed to convince them, their capability, and also their credibility.

John’s eyes flicked over the many lists.

Looking at the numerous lists, John didn’t know how to choose.

His eyes seemed to be lost in thought as he paused for a moment. Then, he inputted again in the search engine: “How can I recruit trusted subordinates with great potential? Evaluate their loyalty and potential. The total score is 100 points.”

Numerous lists appeared before John’s eyes again.

Combat Ability Potential Ranking: 90 points

Loyalty Ranking Points: 100 points

Background: “He lived at the bottom of society. His mother was a prostitute, and his father was an alcoholic. After he was born, his parents never bothered with him. He struggled alone at the bottom of society.

“In an environment filled with violence and darkness, he only began to gradually grow up at the age of 15.

“He has bodily potential that matched the host.

“He, who had always lived in darkness, craved the light, warmth, and love.”

Recruitment method: “If you become his light, you will become his faith. He will become the toughest blade in your hands, risking life and limb for you.”

Combat Ability Potential Ranking: 50 points

Technological Ability Ranking: 90 points

Loyalty Ranking Points: 100 points

Background: “She lived in a medium-sized and well-off family. She had been at odds with her parents since she was young. Her parents had been busy with work since she was young and didn’t have time to take care of her.

“She was alone and bored. She sat in front of the computer all day. Her parents warned her countless times not to touch the computer again, but she didn’t listen. She even moved into a dilapidated rental house alone.

“In there, she fiddles with a computer alone. She’s a female otaku hiding in her own world, but in the Internet world, she had infinite power.”

Recruitment method: “Gina is immersed in the online world every day. She knows some information about the dark forces, but since she never goes out of her house, she has never come into contact with any dark forces. She longs to become a famous hacker in the dark forces to crack the network of other large forces. If you can give her a promise and tell her you will create a platform for her, she will probably help you without hesitation.”

Looking at the information of these two people, John smiled. He was very pleased.

After a long while, he memorized the information he had collected.

John turned and left the Alexander Corporation building.

With his head looking down, John walked to a nearby bus stop. His steps were unsteady, neither fast nor slow, but very rhythmic.

He stopped in front of the bus stop.

He staggered as he looked at the bus coming from afar. It stopped right in front of him.

The bus crossed half of Eric State.

The bus stopped at a bus stop.

John headed towards a run-down street.

John stared at the dilapidated neighborhood. Although it was dilapidated, there was a famous snack street in the distance. It was dilapidated, but it was very crowded inside.