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John went to a small barbecue shop and sat down. He asked for a few cans of beer and kebab for two people.

This barbecue stall was marked in Foresee.

Ever since he obtained this ability, he had been constantly exploring its usage and the methods to put this mysterious ability to use.

The path and steps he saw in Foresee were more like the results of strict and complicated calculations.

Instead of the ability to foresee the future.

All events have a rigorous logical and developmental process, and they were definitely not groundless.

To a certain extent, the Foresee ability was equivalent to a calculator. When human technology reached the level of that in science fiction, the terrifying computational ability achievable at that time might be able to calculate and predict the future, which would be akin to John’s Foresee ability.

John should bear this point in mind.

This wasn’t foreseeing the future, but calculating the future.

And yet, John also discovered that

Foresee was also very humane.

Not only could it search for what John wanted to know, but it could also edit its content according to John’s real inner thoughts and needs.

Take this time, for example. After John was released from prison, he didn’t eat any local snacks. He also hadn’t eaten barbecue for a long time.

Foresee let John fulfill this wish on the way to recruit his subordinate.

John held two beers and a pile of barbecue.

He then turned around and left the snack street, entering a dimly lit path.

John looked at a dilapidated warehouse in the distance.

He looked at it from a distance.

That warehouse was his next target.

John headed straight for the warehouse. When he reached the front door, he sat at the table by the door.

He opened a can of beer, took out the barbeque he had prepared, and started drinking by himself.

John glanced at the time on his watch.

John turned to look in the direction he had come from as if waiting for something to appear.

A few seconds later, stumbling footsteps sounded from the darkness.

John activated his enhanced hearing.

A heavy gasp echoed in his ears.

Soon, he saw a skinny young man stumbling towards the warehouse.

A man behind him suddenly threw a brick at him.

Instantly knocking down the youth who was running.

“Why aren’t you running anymore?

“Come on, get up and keep running.” An arrogant and domineering voice sounded.

John activated his enhanced vision.

He could clearly see five or six gangsters surrounding a young man with ferocious expressions.

Their faces were filled with mockery and were

crazily cursing the youth lying on the ground.

These youths were madly kicking and beating the youth in front of them.

These bottom-level gangsters were even more ruthless than the big shots from the dark forces when hitting someone. They were the real parasites in this world.

John then took a bite of the kebab and drank a mouthful of beer.

His deep eyes looked at the beaten youth in the distance. This youth the person who John wanted to recruit, Hamlet.

The young man gritted his teeth.

There was viciousness in his eyes, and there was an unyielding look on his youthful face, even when he was being beaten up by those gangsters.

He didn’t let out a single shout.

John could tell at a glance how strong the belief in this young man’s heart was.

It was a spirit that refused to admit defeat, a spirit that refused to beg for mercy, a spirit that refused to yield to the forces of darkness.

John looked at the stubborn young man, and the smile in his eyes grew.

This subordinate that was arranged for him by Foresee was really not bad. He was liking this young man more and more.

He glanced at the time on his watch.

John downed the last mouthful of beer.

He walked towards the gangsters.

The speed of the flying beer can was comparable to the speed of sound.

one of the gangsters flew dozens of meters away.

The other gangsters at the side were shocked when they saw what had happened.

They were about to run away but were scared by John’s loud shout.

They stood rooted to the spot, not daring to move at all.

John’s voice was very calm.

But in the eyes of the gangsters, there were traces of fear.

John said, “You guys are really annoying. Do you guys know that you have disturbed me drinking my beer?”

The gangsters knelt on the ground and begged frantically, “I’m sorry.

“We really didn’t know you were here. We’re leaving now, we’ll leave right now.”

John ignored their pleas.

He walked forward and gripped the necks of two gangsters tightly with two large hands.

He directly threw them out.

Then, he punched and kicked the other two gangsters onto the ground. No one knew if they were dead or alive.

It should be known that John had mastered the third level of the Form-Intention Fist, his physical strength was now very strong.

Even if it was not an all-out attack, it was enough to deal a heavy blow to these young gangsters.

Accompanied by hysterical wails from the gangsters, John helped Hamlet up from the ground.

On the ground, the 20-year-old Hamlet watched John’s movements with bright eyes.

John’s expression was cold and indifferent. His movements were decisive and ruthless.

Hamlet looked enviously at John.

Not long later, Hamlet sat beside John with a grin.

They were sitting at the table in front of the warehouse.

John handed over the beer and kebabs.

He said to Hamlet, “Your performance just now was indeed not bad, you’re really a man. But don’t you know what resistance is? Why didn’t you retaliate? Even if you can’t win against them, you must bite off a piece of meat from their bodies, understand?”

Hamlet nodded frantically at John’s teaching.

“If you were really going to be beaten to death just now, would you beg for mercy?” John suddenly asked Hamlet.

The young man’s expression turned serious as he violently raised his head and drank a mouthful of beer.

“No, I refuse to give in. Even if they are to beat me to death, I will not beg for forgiveness.” Hamlet’s expression was hideous as he shouted this.

But John’s face revealed a smile as he said to Hamlet, “Okay, kid. Follow me from now on. As long as I still have something to eat, I’ll definitely not let you go hungry.”

John laughed very happily inside his heart.

Hearing John’s words, Hamlet looked taken aback.

He looked at John fixedly and noticed that he didn’t seem to be faking.

He suddenly stood up like a knight.

Unprecedentedly, he said loudly in a solemn tone,

“Thank you for your favor in me, Brother John. I, Hamlet, will definitely be your most loyal fighter in the future. If you let me go forward, I will definitely not go back. If you let me go east, I will definitely not go west.”