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In the Vienna neighborhood of Eric State.

John had also rented a house for Hamlet in his neighborhood, which was just below John’s house.

Of all the subordinates recommended to John, only Hamlet had very high potential and was also the easiest to recruit.

It was like finding a piece of gold hidden in the sand for John.

John quickly took out a pen and paper and began to get to work.

He held the black ballpoint pen and quickly wrote down a series of complex calculations on the white paper.

The complexity was near incomprehensible.

Even John himself was also confused.

Of course, this was what Foresee asked him to do.

Because the next step was very important.

John worked up all night.

His room was now filled with a shocking amount of calculations and formulas.

Inside Eric State Police Station.

Chief Bell was leading his men to assist three young men in compiling information.

The administrative task forces that were investigating “Neil’s accident”, “Alexander Corporation explosion accident”, and the newest “Falling into a swamp accident” all rushed to the conference room in the police station from different places.

These senior detectives were all very confused. They didn’t know why the police station summoned them back so urgently when they were working outside.

It should be known that their work was very important and they couldn’t afford to be careless.

Because they were interrupted and called back, the team leaders were unhappy with this.

Chief Bell brought the leaders of the administrative task forces to the conference room.

The walls of the office were filled with details of the three incidents.

Suddenly, a young man said, “You guys have come.”

Just recently at Aix’s memorial service, the man in a black coat who examined Aix’s body was now standing in the conference room, his eyes slightly focused, as if he was thinking about something.

After seeing Bell and the others arrive,

the young man took out the black identification credential card from his pocket and placed it on the table. He said to them, “I believe you guys have heard of us.

“We’re the Super League Investigation Agency.

“My name is Calceus. The girl with the blue hair is called Zia.

“As for the guy with the glasses, his name is Kern.”

Chief Bell and the other team leaders of the task forces looked around the room.

The young man who had just introduced himself to the police chief and the others had a transcendent-like temperament, giving off an oppressing aura even though his expression was normal. He was a born leader.

He should be the leader of the three.

The young lady who was sitting in front of the computer was typing rapidly on the keyboard.

On her computer screen, the codes were flowing from top to bottom like a waterfall.

Her typing speed could reach 400 words per minute. It was shockingly fast.

Meanwhile, the bespectacled young man was reading the documents on the table. He was calculating, sorting, and checking. It seemed like he was trying to figure something out through these pieces of information.

Chief Bell and the other team leaders were sizing up the three youngsters in front of them.

Calceus suddenly said, “Last night, I went to the funeral parlor to examine Aix’s body.

“Combined with the events of the previous two incidents.

“We can confirm that the young man named John was carrying out premeditated revenge.

“And this revenge has its own unique method. We call it the revenge of the super brain.”

He continued and said, “That young man has very strong observation skills and terrifying computational ability comparable to a supercomputer.

“He can summarize all the quantitative variables.

“From there, he can calculate the final outcome. He can push forward the development of one of the small events, thus leading to a series of events.

“The final result is the result he desired.

“I believe you’ve all played dominoes before.

“Let me give you an example.

“It’s like John is playing dominoes. He just has to pay a very small price. And that small price or small event will lead to the next event.

“One by one, a chain reaction would occur. By doing so, he would be able to knock down the last domino, which is his goal.”

Calceus used a pen to mark out the important factors in each of the three accidents.

John’s precise control over the timing was very terrifying.

Each action would lead to the next reaction that he desired, like a chain. This was truly a terrifying ability.

Even his calculation was off by even 0.1 seconds, what happened next would completely deviate from the previous trajectory, and he wouldn’t have achieved such a magnificent feat.

Hence, this was what was most terrifying and threatening about John.

Chief Bell and the team leaders listened to Calceus’s analysis.

Their expressions kept changing and their breathing gradually quickened.

Calceus unraveled all the coincidences and pulled them out individually.

Putting on the surface what the police officers present previously didn’t dare to believe, forcing them to believe it.

Chief Bell had been a detective for many years.

He thoroughly studied Calceus, who was analyzing the situation.

He could tell at a glance that this was a person who was very proud of himself and did indeed had some capability.

He was analyzing John’s method from an overlooking view.

As if in his eyes, John’s actions and methods were just childish tricks.

He didn’t know if this Calceus really had the ability to deal with John.

Suddenly, a smile appeared on Calceus lips and he said, “If nothing goes wrong, we’ll be seeing John soon.

“I’ve sent two men down to John’s new residence to invite him over for investigation.”

At this moment, John wasn’t in his room. He was downstairs, in the room of his new subordinate, Hamlet.

This was also done according to what Foresee said, and he could use the time to teach Hamlet martial arts.

Actually, John had been thinking about why Foresee asked him to write those complicated formulas in his room.

However, on second thought, he seemed to understand.

But he didn’t think too much about it. He said to Hamlet, who was practicing, “Try punching me with all your might.”

Hamlet was dazed. He didn’t know why John would suddenly make such a request.

But he dared not disobey John’s orders.

He said to John, “Alright, Boss, be careful.”

He didn’t take Hamlet’s words to heart.

Because he believed that the current Hamlet wouldn’t be able to hurt him.

Perhaps in the future, Hamlet might be able to hurt him in a battle. After all, Hamlet had great potential.

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