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Vienna neighborhood, seventh floor, outside the door of house 703.

There were two men in black standing there.

They took a key and opened the door.

This house was the one that John had purchased.

The two men in black were the ones that Calceus had sent to invite John to the police station.

The two men in black entered the house.

It was pitch black in the room as if there was no one inside.

A man in black casually flipped the switch in the house.

The bright beam lighted up the house.

The two men in black came to the bedroom.

On the walls and even the ceiling,

countless calculations and formulas were pasted on them.

In the distant Eric State Police Station.

Through the video provided by the two men in black, Calceus, Chief Bell, and the others also saw the terrifying number of calculations on the walls.

There was an indescribable sense of oppression in the countless characters that struck everyone’s hearts.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the astronomical-like calculations on the walls.

A sense of fear started to appear in their hearts.

Under everyone’s gaze, the two men in black walked to the front of a wall.

The calculations and steps on the wall became clearer.

The squad leader of the Super League Investigation Agency, Calceus, noticed some of the characters and complicated steps on it.

Suddenly, Carls shouted, “Focus the camera on the spot directly above the table. I want to take a closer look.”

The man in black who was holding the equipment followed suit.

Clear characters and formulas appeared in the video.

The entire screen was filled up in an instant.

Calceus’s eyes were glued to the series of formulas and steps.

Beads of sweat suddenly covered his forehead.

There was a hint of panting in his breathing.

Shock, or maybe horror, filled Calceus’ nerves.

Meanwhile, Zia from the Super League Investigation Agency was frantically typing on the computer’s keyboard.

She was calculation the formulas written on the wall.

After a long time, she finally got the result.

Looking at the final outcome, Calceus couldn’t help but feel a little lost.

He kept muttering, “This…

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He sighed and said, “I was too careless, everything I have done so far has been calculated by him.”

Police Chief Bell noticed that this young man, who had previously been somewhat arrogant and belittled John, seemed to have forgotten his arrogance and began to get serious.

Calceus said in horror, “He is truly amazing.

Calceus turned around and looked at everyone, pointed at a formula, and said, “We checked his calculation formula just now and found that he had already calculated our whereabouts.”

Calceus continued, “He had already accounted for us in his calculations, but I still foolishly thought that I had everything under control.

“To him, this might be a test for us.

“He wants to see if there’s anyone chasing after his footsteps, and he really wants to know how strong this person chasing him is.”

Suddenly, Calceus hugged his head and sat on the chair with a bitter smile. He continued, “He’s really too terrifying. We lost today, we were completely defeated. I’ve disappointed him.”

The calculations in the computer were projected onto the conference room’s wall.

Everyone in the police station was staring intently at the calculations on the wall.

However, apart from Calceus’s team, no one else could understand what the dense array of formulas on the wall represented.

They only knew that this formula was extremely terrifying. It was an existence that they couldn’t reach.

Calceus ignored the formula on the wall.

He walked to the window at the side.

He grabbed the curtain and flung it away.

The bright sunlight shone through the window, illuminating the huge office.

Meanwhile, the other team leaders of the police station, dozens of police officers, the team leaders of the expert team, and the other two members of the Calceus team were diligently studying every piece of information on the table and recording it down seriously.

Editing the information into the files.

A folder contained all of John’s files and documents from birth until now.

They wanted to thoroughly research this young man.

Back in his seat, Calceus read every document of John’s life seriously.

It was so detailed that even the timing that John had his meals were recorded.

After studying all of John’s information, Calceus suddenly looked up.

Looking at everyone’s figures, he felt a little complicated and regretful.

With a hint of desolation, he said, “I’ve read all the information in his life. I realized that three years ago, he was still a small manager, working hard every day. There wasn’t anything special about him.

“But after he got out of prison, he became abnormally terrifying, which means that his terrifying IQ was probably triggered in that prison.

“The corporation that offended this man doesn’t seem to realize the seriousness of the matter yet.

“They will definitely need to pay the price for offending this man.

“They forced him to become a madman through their actions.

“A lunatic with terrifying intelligence.”

As he spoke, he suddenly smiled, as if he was hesitating about something.

He sighed deeply and continued, “This is just the beginning.

“I believe that he will do something even more terrifying in the near future.

“It will definitely shock everyone. But the main point is I haven’t prepared for it yet.

“Even though we might not be able to stop them, we’ll do our best.”

John, who had returned to his house, looked at the traces indicating that someone had come in before and smiled strangely.

“You guys are finally here. Hehe, did you discover something? Are you guys shocked and terrified? Hahaha. ”

He knew that this was a persona or background that Foresee created for him.

Because he couldn’t let them know that he had the Foresee ability.

So Foresee packaged John as a super-intelligent terrorist.

A person who could calculate everything through mathematics.

Foresee wanted everyone to know that John was such a terrifyingly intelligent person.

John also knew that Foresee was packaging him.

To hide the existence of the Foresee ability itself.

But even if he wasn’t packaged by Foresee,

John also wouldn’t easily expose this special ability to anyone.

If it was really exposed, it would definitely shock and affect the entire world.

That wasn’t the result John wanted.