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John and Hamlet were sitting in a breakfast shop eating breakfast.

John ordered five buns and a glass of soy milk as usual and quickly finished them.

Hamlet copied John ordered the exact same food.

Seeing John finishing his food quickly, Hamlet also suddenly sped up his eating speed.

He was afraid that John would despise him for eating too slow.

But John smiled and said to Hamlet, “Eat slowly, eat slowly.

At the side, Hamlet was quickly eating his breakfast.

As for John, the familiar search engine appeared in front of him again.

John knew that the number of helpers he had now was far from enough.

He needed a financial group now.

A financial group that he could truly have control over its finances.

Once he possessed a financial group, he would not only have a large number of funds.

He would also be able to obtain information that a normal person couldn’t get or some hearsay news that would only spread within those levels.

No matter what, he needed someone like that to serve him.

In the Foresee panel, he was carefully searching for someone who he would favor.

Numerous names appeared in front of John.

While John was carefully searching for his target, Hamlet, who was sitting across from him, had wolfed down his breakfast.

He looked at John, who seemed to be lost in thought.

Hamlet didn’t interrupt him and just waited quietly.

Suddenly, John found the information he wanted.

Hence, he quickly clicked on it.

The following was recorded inside.

Background: “The chairman of one of the three biggest corporations in Eric State, Victoria Corporation. Together with the Alexander Corporation and another Caryl Pharmaceutical Corporation, they are called the Eric State’s Three Large Corporations.

“These three large corporations almost control the entire normal market in Eric State.

“They control Eric State’s economic lifeline.

“The other two chairmen are both ruthless men, yet the chairperson of Victoria Corporation is a woman.

“It’s enough to see how powerful she is.”

Character analysis: “Victoria has a beautiful face and a cold temperament.

“She’s a very proud and complacent woman.

“She isn’t convinced that there’s any man in the world that’s more capable than her. She has always believed that women are not necessarily inferior to men.

“Therefore, Victoria has a natural animosity toward men.”

Recruitment method: “Though Victoria has terrifying power and temperament.

“However, she is still a woman. There are many people in her clan that want to kill her.

“After 7.30 PM on September 2020, a faction in Victoria Corporation will attempt to assassinate her, and you will help save her life.

“The steps were as follows.

“September 30, 2020, 9.30 AM.

“You stand at the bottom of the Victorian building, pull out your phone, and dial a number.

“September 30, 2020, 9.31 AM. Victoria received your call.

“On the phone, you say to Victoria: At 7.30 PM on September 30, 2020, you must leave five minutes later than usual.

“September 30, 2020, 9.33 AM. You received a call from Victoria.

“September 30, 2020, 7.30 PM. Victoria didn’t follow your advice to leave five minutes later than usual.

“Because she was an arrogant woman.

“September 30, 2020, 7.35 PM. Her motorcade was moving along Shekar road.

“Then, her car broke down.”

John looked at the details of Victoria’s life on the panel. All the information, including the characteristics of her family, and even the way she would be recruited, were recorded in detail.

He looked at the content on the panel and couldn’t help but said, “Although I’ve seen it countless times, every time I use its power, I can’t help but be shocked.”

“Victoria.” John kept muttering the name.

When he suddenly said such a name, Hamlet heard it and felt that this name was familiar.

Then, his expression suddenly changed.

He had thought of who this name belonged to.

‘Isn’t Victoria the chairman of the Victoria Group, one of the three largest corporations in Eric State?’

This name was like a thunderclap to ordinary people. It was even somewhat legendary.

As for someone who lived at the bottom of society, Hamlet didn’t dare to have any thoughts about women of such class.

Also, there were many legends about Victoria.

The organization she was in was also a very large one.

No one expected that she would be able to stand out in such a huge force.

Being able to control one of the three major corporations, Victoria Corporation,

it could be seen from this how terrifying how capability was.

It was said that when she was eight years old, she started learning about economics and investment from her family.

When she was ten years old, she was already able to invest on her own and earned her first bucket of gold, 38 million dollars.

Although she had the support of her family, that was only economic support.

All her buying and selling were based on her own judgment.

Her life was full of legends.

Gradually, she was praised as the true goddess of Eric State.

He looked at Hamlet, who had a confused expression on his face.

John didn’t explain anything.

He only asked, “Done eating?”

Hamlet nodded and said, “Yes.”

Having finished their breakfast, they returned to their home.

John wasn’t in a hurry to go to Victoria Corporation.

Instead, he led Hamlet back to his house to train together.

No matter how busy John was, no matter what important things he had to do, he would take two to three hours every day to practice the Form-Intention Fist.

And now that John had a subordinate, Hamlet, John taught him everything about the Form-Intention Fist, without any reservations.

And Hamlet didn’t disappoint John.

He indeed had the martial potential of 90 points and above.

He learned the Form-Intention Fist at a faster speed than John.

Even John was impressed by Hamlet’s terrifying learning speed.

It took John an entire day to learn the first level of the Form-Intention Fist.

But John had only taught Hamlet the first level of the Form-Intention Fist yesterday.

And yet, Hamlet only took less than a night to master it.

Back home, John said to Hamlet, “Come, spar with me. Let me see your strength.”