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John recovered from his thoughts.

He said to Hamlet, “Let’s go shopping in a while. I’ll bring you to buy some clothes.”

Hamlet shook his head and said to John, “En, I’m fine. You don’t have to.

“I’m already used to wearing it, it’s pretty good like this.

“If I put on new clothes, I might even feel slightly unaccustomed.”

Although Hamlet said he didn’t want it, John could see from Hamlet’s eyes a trace of desire.

Which young man under 20 didn’t want to have decent clothes to wear?

They also wanted their peers to praise them.

John continued, “Let’s go. Let’s go to the mall and shop.

“Before we go shopping, let’s go to the 4S shop.”

John was no longer alone like before.

He was currently forming his own small team. Transportation was essential now.

When alone, he could take a taxi or a bus and do whatever he wanted.

John thought: “It will be much more convenient to have a vehicle of my own.”

John and Hamlet strolled down the side of the street.

John asked Hamlet, “Do you like cars?”

Hamlet was dazed for a while.

“Of course, Brother John. Which man doesn’t dream about having his own car?”

John looked at Hamlet in surprise.

He questioned, “Oh, I see…

“Tell me what kind of car you like.”

Speaking about this, Hamlet suddenly became excited.

He rolled up his sleeves and couldn’t wait to say, “I like Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche.

“Of course. My favorite is SUV.

“The wild feeling that comes with the SUV, the feeling of speeding through the world is my favorite.

“Driving an SUV through the endless grasslands, looking at the scenery flashing past.

“Feel the joy brought by nature, feel the freedom brought by the wind.

“Feel the freeness and the unrestrained feeling of the air. Just think about it makes me excited!”

John looked at the expression of affectionate yearning on Hamlet’s face and smiled.

“Yeah, who didn’t have a desire for cars back then?”

Including John. He liked cars, too.

In the past, John had wished for an RV too.

So he could bring his family, lover, and child in the RV.

Then go traveling around the world.

Every time they went to a new place, they could live there for a period of time. They would live in the RV.

They could set up a tent on the grass and ate delicacies inside.

Chat with his wife, children, and friends.

When tired, they could go to the RV to have a good sleep.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Remembering his childhood dream, a warm smile appeared on John’s face.

His favorite RV was Unimog.

The huge car could fit more than ten people inside without feeling crowded.

There were all kinds of living facilities inside. There was a bed, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, a bathroom, and a place to cook.

This was once his dream car model.

To the current him, this car was actually within his reach.

His own feeling was stirred by Hamlet’s enthusiasm.

His desire for a car also grew stronger.

At the same time, it aroused his yearning for life.

As long as he could cure Alice, they could drive around the country in the future.

They could even go to see the beautiful sceneries around the world. Wouldn’t that be great?

Excited, John raced down the road with Hamlet.

A huge 4S store was reflected in the eyes of John and Hamlet.

Their eyes shone brightly.

The two of them couldn’t wait to enter the 4S shop.

The staff in the 4S shop immediately lost their desire to serve them upon seeing John in casual clothes and Hamlets in plain clothes.

At first, they thought that some distinguished guest had arrived.

Looking at John and Hamlet who walked in.

The sales ladies looked at them with disdain. None of them were willing to serve them.

Inside the 4S shop, John saw the unkind looks the sales ladies were secretly giving him and Hamlet.

John smiled lightly and didn’t take it to heart.

He knew that these people were dismissive of him.

They thought that he was just here to look at the cars and satisfy his eyes, but wouldn’t be buying.

The sales ladies had seen many of such people.

At this moment, there was a car sales lady in a black uniform.

She walked towards John and Hamlet with a smile.

Although this sales lady wasn’t a top-grade beauty, she had delicate features that were very comfortable to look at.

She was the type that the more you look at her, the more attractive she would seem.

The sales lady smiled at the two of them and said, “Excuse me, are you two here to see the cars?

“What type of car do you want? I can show you around.”

John looked at the passionate saleswoman.

He smiled slightly and thought: “This person is not bad.

“She didn’t look down on us.”

John said to the sales lady, “We want an SUV and an RV.”

The sales lady couldn’t help but showed a trace of excitement when she heard John’s words.

“Okay, please follow me to the second floor. The RVs and SUVs are both on the second floor.”

The two of them followed the sales lady to the second floor.

The sales lady said to John, “Then, do you have any car models that you prefer? I can bring you to take a look.”

John said to the sales lady, “I want a Mercedes Unimog.”

Turning around, he asked Hamlet, “By the way, what type of SUV do you want?”

Hamlet was dazed for a while and he thought to himself: “What do you mean? Are you going to buy me an SUV?”

Hamlet became excited. Even his words trembled as he said, “Me? I-I don’t need to buy a car.”

John looked at Hamlet’s face that was full of surprise and smiled at him, then said, “Just tell me what your favorite SUV is.”

“I—I—I love the Toyota Land Cruiser the most.” Hamlets finished his sentence in a panic.

Hamlet’s expression became elated and said, “The Toyota Land Cruiser is ranked fifth among the top ten purebred off-road vehicles.

“As a Land Cruiser for a medium-large vehicle, its power configuration is very good.

“The high-end version of the Toyota Land Cruiser has an eight-tank engine, and the maximum output torque can reach 450.

“Combined with the comfortable driving sensation, this car is very suitable for long distances.”

John watched Hamlet give a long list of summary for this car and felt a little shocked.

How many years had this kid yearned for this car?

To be able to smoothly explain all the advantages of this car in such detail.

The sales lady also laughed and said, “This mister is obviously someone who knows cars very well. He’s right, the Toyota Land Cruiser is indeed as this mister said. Its driving sensation is very comfortable.”

John said to the sales lady, “Then, can you introduce me to the variety and performance of the Unimog’s RV?”

The sales lady smiled and said to John, “Of course. This is our job.”

Therefore, the sales lady turned to John and said, “Unimog’s RV looks very domineering, suitable for tough-like men to drive.

“The style of the driver’s compartment is that of a hardcore SUV.”

The sales lady brought John and Hamlet to a yellow Unimog SUV caravan.

She began to introduce, “This is an SUV caravan. Its length, width, and height are 5995 by 2450 by 3450 mm.

“Its axis range is 3850 mm. It can accommodate three to four people. The car is less than six meters long and can be droved with a C-type blue license plate.

“The exterior of the vehicle is equipped with water from the outside and connected to the canopy. The east entrance of the caravan is equipped with a two-pole electric pedal.

“The fuel tank capacity for the SUV caravan is 200 liters.

“This car is perfect for taking the family of four on a trip. The living environment inside is also very good.”

John listened to the sales lady’s introduction. He had a certain knowledge of this car in the first place.