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After all, this was his favorite car since he was young.

He asked the sales lady, “How much is this car?

“And the Land Cruiser he mentioned earlier.”

“This Unimog is worth about 4 million, and the Toyota Land Cruiser that the mister mentioned is worth about 800,000.”

Hearing this, he forthrightly said to the sales lady, “We will take these two cars.”

With that said, he took out a bank card and handed it to the sales lady, and said to her, “This card should be enough. The password is 181201.”

The sales lady received the card excitedly.

She asked John incredulously, “Really? Are you buying both cars?

“If you really want to buy them, we will give you a huge discount. You can come with me to take a look.”

John shook his head. “No need. Our time is limited.

“Just deduct the money in full. Get the paperwork done as soon as possible. I want to drive the car away today.”

The sales lady said excitedly to John, “Okay, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with? If not, I shall go help you with the paperwork now.”

John waved at her and said, “Yeah, go ahead.”

“Okay, sir. Please take a seat in the VIP lounge over there. I’ll be back soon.”

John and Hamlet arrived at the VIP lounge.

They waited quietly for the sales lady to return.

The sales lady walked quickly to the manager’s office.

The other car sales ladies looked at her who was all smiles.

They couldn’t help but sneer in their hearts.

One of them said with a sarcastic and mean voice, “Hehe, what kind of car can two poor people buy? Look at how excited you are already. If you are so easily satisfied, you probably won’t be able to progress anymore.”

The sales lady who received John said to the woman mocking her, “What do you know? These two gentlemen bought cars worth 5 million in total. Don’t you know what it means to keep a low profile?”

She then ignored the woman and quickly walked towards the manager’s office.

The other sales ladies were stunned and looked at her in disbelief.

Hence, a few of the sales ladies instantly reacted.

They quickly came to the lounge where John and Hamlet were.

They asked the two of them enthusiastically, “Sirs, do you need anything else? Do you need coffee or other beverages? I’ll get someone to bring them to you immediately.

“Oh, and also, if you want to buy that five million dollar car, you can buy it from me. I can give you a huge discount which that newcomer isn’t able to.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to obtain the greatest guarantee buying from me.”

John looked at the woman in front of him with disdain and sneered, “Hmph, what a snob.

“Why didn’t I see you so enthusiastic when I came just now? After I bought the car, you instantly came over eagerly. What kind of person do you think I am?”

The sales lady looked at John in surprise.

She didn’t expect that John didn’t leave her any face and scolded her in public.

She stomped her feet and left angrily.

The sales lady who received John was really efficient.

Soon, she came over with a contract and said to John,

“Sir, this is your bank card and your car purchase procedures. Please sign here.”

John took the pen and signed his name on the contract.

He also asked Hamlet to write his name on the contract for the SUV.

At first, Hamlet strongly refused.

He kept rejecting and said, “There’s no need to write my name.

“It’s fine as long as it’s under your name. I’ll be satisfied as long as I can drive it when I’m free.”

But John said to Hamlet, “If you don’t even have such a small benefit working for me, how are you going to live a good life following me in the future?”

Hamlet wasn’t able to win the argument, so he signed his name on the contract.

The sales lady said to John, “You can directly drive the two cars away today. As for the other matters like putting on the license plates, you can come over to do that another day.”

John nodded at the sales lady. “Then I shall leave the RV here first. We’ll drive the SUV away today.”

The sales lady smiled and nodded at John. “Okay, sir. You can come and drive the RV away anytime.”

But at this moment, with a look of embarrassment, John asked Hamlet, “Do you have a driver’s license? My license was revoked three years ago.”

Hamlets hid his embarrassment by shaking his head. “I can’t afford a driver’s license either, but I know how to drive.”

John said to Hamlet, “Alright, you drive then. Let’s go.”

Lastly, he didn’t forget to say to Hamlet, “Try your best to get a driver’s license in the future. It won’t be good if there’s a check one day.”

Hamlet swore to John, “Don’t worry, I believe I’ll be able to pass the test and get it very quickly.”