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The Toyota Land Cruiser sped along the road.

Hamlet was looking unusually excited. He hadn’t driven much since he was a boy.

In the past, he could only drive once in a while when he was working as a security guard and parking cars for the clients.

However, he had never met his favorite SUV.

This time, however, John helped him fulfill his dream.

For Hamlet, who had loved cars since he was young,

it was even more satisfying than obtaining a windfall.

He was even more convinced now in his determination to follow John.

He knew John was no ordinary man.

By following John, he too would create a new world for himself.

Hamlets parked his car in a parking lot in the central area of Eric State.

A huge department store in the commercial center appeared in front of them.

Hamlet followed John’s lead and walked towards the mall.

Hamlet was really a country bumpkin.

He had never been to such a luxurious mall before.

His gaze kept circling around.

He seemed to be extremely curious about everything.

He had never seen such a dazzling array of goods.

It was too much for his eyes to take in.

And John couldn’t help but smile at Hamlet’s dazed expression.

John said to him, “Now that you have followed me, these will only be your entertainment venues in the future.

“You can come anytime you want and buy whatever you want, haha.”

Hamlet excitedly replied, “Yes, Brother John.

“I will definitely follow you seriously and protect you from now on.”

They arrived on the fourth floor of the mall.

Different display windows of various brands appeared in front of them.

John randomly walked into a store selling luxury brand clothing.

The two walked into the shop confidently.

However, they were met with an unfriendly gaze.

A sharp and mean-looking sales lady said to the two, “The clothes here are all very expensive. You’re not allowed to touch them at will.

“If you damage the clothes when you touch it, you guys might not be able to pay for it.

“Any piece of clothing here costs thousands or even tens of thousands.”

John was really unhappy with the sales lady’s disdainful expression.

A small sales lady actually dared to be so arrogant to him.

She was really courting death.

John always spoke calmly to people.

Be it to friends or enemies.

But towards this sales lady, he said in a rude tone, “Oh?

“Is these clothes very expensive?

“How expensive can it be?”

The sales lady looked at John in surprise.

In her heart, she despised John even more.

She thought to herself: “Hmph, one look, and I can tell they’re just two country bumpkins. They still dare to come to such a place.”

But her professionalism made her smile at John and say, “That’s right.

“There are top brands from all over the country.

“They were all designed by famous designers. Every piece has its own unique value.

“Every piece is very expensive.

“If you two want to buy clothes.

“You can go to the southern district and buy at the wholesale market there.

“The clothes there are cheap and have a variety of styles.”

Although the sales lady was smiling, her tone didn’t conceal her ridicule towards John and Hamlet.

John ignored the woman arrogant and mean words.

He shouted in the shop, “Hey, where’s your manager? Bring your manager out to meet me.”

At this moment a burly man approached John.

This tall man was almost 1.8 meters tall.

He was wearing a black suit.

He looked had the faint air of a leader on him.

He didn’t mock John as the sales lady had.

With a smile, he said to the two of them, “May I help you, sir?”

John was satisfied with the manager’s service attitude.

With a serious expression, he said to the manager, “I feel that your clothes are pretty good, so I plan to apply for a membership card here.

“It’s my first time here, so I won’t top-up too much. I’ll just top-up a small amount of two to three million.”

At the side, the sales lady listened to John’s arrogant tone and unconsciously scoffed, “Hmph!

“A person like you still wants to top-up two to three million? I suppose you haven’t woken up from your dream yet?”

However, the manager shouted loudly to stop the sales lady.

He scolded her loudly, “You’ve been working at our shop for more than a year or two. Don’t you know that customers are gods?

“How dare you shout at our customers?

“Have you learned all of our company’s etiquette and then thrown them away?

“I’ll cut away your bonus for this month as punishment. Go back and reflect on yourself.”

John could tell at a glance that the manager was covering for the sales lady.

But the manager also didn’t want to lose John, a potential customer.

Therefore, he punished the sales lady with a dispensable punishment.

Obviously, the manager didn’t really believe that John could easily fork out two or three million.

John didn’t say much, he just said to the manager, “Sigh, your sales lady really affected my shopping mood.

“Forget it, I shall go buy from another shop.”

Then, chicly turned around and left the shop with Hamlet.

And walked straight into the shop beside this one.

This shop was slightly smaller than the previous one.

However, for most ordinary people, the prices were considered to be sky-high.

However, the sales lady of this shop was obviously much more polite than the sales lady in the previous shop.

She served John with a smile throughout the process.

John was very pleased with this.

He said to the young sales lady, “Your shop’s clothes are not bad. I believe your shop should have a top-up service, right?”

The sales lady was very polite as she smiled and said gently to John, “Yes, sir.

“We do have top-up service.

“Our minimum top-up is 100,000 dollars. The clothes will be sold at a discount of 5%.

“If you top-up one million, you’ll get an additional 200,000. If you top-up two million, you’ll get 300,000.

“If you top-up one million, you will become a White-Gold Member.

“Top-up two million will become a Platinum Member.

“They will enjoy a discount of 15% and 20% respectively.”

John listened to the sales lady’s introduction and nodded.

To the sales lady, he said, “Alright then. Top-up a Platinum membership for me.”

Then, he took out his bank card and handed it to the sales lady. He said to her, “The password is 181201.”

The sales lady looked at the bank card in disbelief.

She asked John, “Excuse me, Sir, are you sure you want to top-up two million dollars to become a platinum member of our shop?”

John smiled and nodded at the sales lady.

From the bottom of her heart, the sales lady said to John, “Sir, you are truly a forthright person.”

The sales lady was indeed very happy.

Because she had gained a two million dollar customer.

For her, this signifies she would get a large sum of commission.

Whoever encountered such a thing would be happy, right?

She immediately ran to the front desk to apply for John’s membership card.

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