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John and Hamlet strolled around the luxury clothing shop.

John picked out three outfits for Hamlets.

One was a full-body black suit.

From the shoe to the tie to the shirt.

Hamlet stood there in the suit.

Although Hamlet’s face was slightly tender, when dressed in this decent-looking suit, it did indeed accentuated his charisma.

Wearing this outfit, Hamlet had the look was a successful person too.

The second piece of clothing was a training suit.

Because both of them had to undergo a lot of training every day, a set of training clothes was necessary.

John bought himself a set too.

Otherwise, they would always get their clothes wet while training.

And they were too lazy to change to a new set while training.

The third piece of clothing he bought for Hamlet was a set of casual clothes.

It was for him to wear outside casually.

It had to be said, even though he was a man, John was still very thoughtful.

As for John, he bought a few sets of casual clothes for himself.

For some reason, John was obsessed with casual wear.

Soon, the two of them finished choosing their clothes.

The sales lady had also returned.

She held two cards in her hand. One was John’s bank card and the other was the platinum membership card for this shop.

“Sir, please keep your platinum membership card.

“With this platinum membership card, you can enjoy a 20% discount no matter which shop of ours you visit.

“If it’s lost, you just need to tell us your name to replace it.”

John smiled and kept the two cards.

The sales lady saw the two of them carrying their clothes and consciously went forward to carry the clothes for them.

“Have both of you finish choosing your clothes?

“If so, please follow me to the front desk to settle the bill. Just swipe your membership card.”

John nodded to the sales lady and followed her to the front desk.

After paying, John deliberately didn’t take the membership card.

Instead, he led Hamlet quickly out of the shop.

They stood at the clothing store they were at before.

As expected, the sales lady chased after them.

She loudly called out to John, “Sir, sir. You haven’t take your platinum membership card that you just top-up two million into. Don’t forget to keep it.”

With that, she ran to John and handed him the platinum membership card.

John looked at the sales lady with great satisfaction.

Because he felt that the sales lady was very smart.

She seemed to know that John had been belittled in the shop beside her’s.

She knew John hadn’t taken the card on purpose.

And she was also very cooperative, saying what she had just said.

John couldn’t help but took a closer look at this sales lady.

Although she wasn’t that pretty, she was very good at reading people’s expressions.

She was a very good subordinate.

As the saying goes, experts live among the common people.

Therefore, he asked the sales lady, “Is it convenient for you to tell me your name?”

The sales lady said to John without hesitation, “You can just call me Kalista.”

John muttered, “Kalista. A very good name.”

The sales lady smiled at John and returned to her shop.

Meanwhile, John and Hamlet carried their bags of clothes

and once again walked into the clothing store that looked down on them.

“I really like the clothes in your shop. What a pity.” John said in an innocent and tragic tone.

It seemed like he was muttering to the manager, but also like muttering to the sales lady.

After saying this, he still shook his head continuously.

He expressed his disappointment and left the clothing shop.

After walking out of the shop, he didn’t forget to turn around and say to the manager, “You should really change your service attitude and salesperson.”

At the side, the sales lady’s expression changed to horror upon hearing John’s words.

A fearful thought surfaced in her mind: “What does he mean? Is he trying to get the manager to fire me?”

At this moment, the manager was furious too.

He turned and said to the young lady who didn’t know the rules, “You still want to work in our shop with that attitude of yours? How many years have you worked?

“I can’t believe you’re still behaving like this. Pack up and leave today.”

The sales lady was also stunned.

She looked at the manager in disbelief.

She said to him in horror, “Manager, Manager.

“I’ve been following you for two to three years.

“You’re going to kick me out just because of the words of this man?

The sales lady grabbed the manager’s arm and played the emotion card.

The manager was indeed very furious at this moment.

He shook off the sales lady and walked out of the shop.

He didn’t forget to turn around and say, “Remember to pack up and leave.”

John, who had walked far away, had activated his enhanced hearing.

He listened to everything that was happening in the shop.

He smiled in satisfaction and walked forward quickly.

Hamlet, who was beside him, looked at his Brother John who suddenly laughed loudly.

And the laughter was unnatural and lewd.

Hamlet couldn’t help but feel confused.

He thought: “This big brother is truly… His mood is truly unfathomable.

“From time to time, he would put on a naughty smile.”

In the time that followed.

John wandered the entire building with Hamlet.

He looked down at the time on his watch.

It was already 7.23 PM now.

Seeing this, John said to Hamlet who was behind him, “Let’s go. Time to leave this mall.

“Let bring you to enjoy a good show.”

He didn’t forget to smile mysteriously at Hamlet.

The smile gave Hamlet goosebumps.

Next, John wasn’t just going to make Victoria feel how terrifying he was.

He also wanted Hamlet to reevaluate this Big Brother that he was following.

He wanted to let Hamlet know that his Big Brother wasn’t an ordinary person.

They walked to the Toyota Land Cruiser.

John instructed Hamlet to dump their clothes in the trunk.

When they got into the car, John said to Hamlet, “We’re going home, but remember to take the Shekar Street route.”

Hamlet asked John in confusion, “Why do you want to go through Shekar Street?

“If we go that way, we’ll have to travel quite a bit of extra distance.”

John didn’t answer the question directly.

He asked Hamlet, “Don’t you want to try speeding in this new car for a while after buying it?

“It will take an hour to get home if we go through Shekar Street.”

Hearing this, Hamlet looked at John gratefully.

He looked like he was about to cry.

He said seriously to John, “Big Brother, you’re so good to me.”

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