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In the car, John couldn’t help but want to laugh when he recalled Hamlet’s almost crying expression.

He secretly said to himself: “Sigh, silly child.

“It’s not that Brother John is taking care of you, it’s just that this is part of my plan.

“But following me, you will become a big shot in the future.”

An old man walked into Victoria’s office and bowed as he said, “Young Mistress, it’s time to leave.”

Victoria glanced at the time on her watch.

Unexpectedly, her departure time was exactly the same as the man had said on the phone.

She thought to herself: “Should I really leave five minutes late? Should I listen to him?”

Then, Victoria shook her head.

‘Huh, am I a fool? I actually chose to believe such nonsense.

‘Maybe he was just talking nonsense but coincidentally right for this timing.’

She stopped thinking about John.

She followed the old man out of the office and into the underground parking lot.

Her car drove out of Victoria Corporation’s building.

September 30, 2020, 7.35 PM.

Victoria’s convoy arrived at the highway intersection on Shekar Street.

At this moment, John and Hamlet, who were speeding, also arrived at Shekar Street.

September 30, 2020: 7.40 PM.

The car Victoria was in broke down.

It stopped in the middle of the busy road, causing a traffic jam.

A group of people from Victoria’s convoy came down to repair Victoria’s car.

Several bodyguards stood beside Victoria.

The main road became completely blocked from the jam.

Then, dozens of men in black clothes and masks rushed down from the dozens of cars on the road.

They ran toward Victoria.

They were holding all kinds of knives that were controlled by law.

The men in black fought with Victoria’s bodyguard.

The middle-aged butler led Victoria along and quickly ran out of the blocked road.

On the road opposite the main road.

Without being affected by the traffic jam, the cars on this road were still flowing smoothly.

At the same time, John and Hamlet were also on this smooth-driving road.

The middle-aged butler brought Victoria with him and was running wildly.

Behind them were about ten or so gangsters.

These gangsters were chasing after Victoria and the butler.

September 30, 2020, 7.45 PM and 39 seconds.

John checked the time on his watch.

The timing was just right.

It was the time recorded in Foresee.

‘Victoria should be brought along her butler and running towards me now.’ John thought to himself.

Then, he looked out of the window.

At this moment, a man and a woman were running in his direction.

According to the steps in Foresee.

John should take the initiative to call out to Victoria now.

He stuck his head out of the car and shouted at the man and woman running in the distance, “Hey, the two of you, run this way.”

Under this dangerous situation, Victoria and the middle-aged butler dashed towards John’s location without hesitation.

Victoria was about to get into the car but the middle-aged butler stopped her.

“Young Mistress, we can’t just get into someone else’s car. What if he’s from the enemy’s side?”

John looked at the middle-aged butler who stopped him and revealed an intriguing smile.

He said to Victoria, “Dear Miss, if I’m in cahoots with them, I’ll have already gotten out of the car and captured you. Do I still need to waste my breath with you?”

Hearing this, Victoria agreed to his logic too.

She then got into the car without hesitation.

The middle-aged butler had no choice but to follow her into the car.

John said to Hamlet, “Go.”

The gangsters had also rushed over.

However, their car was blocked on the main road.

They watched as the SUV sped away into the distance.

They smashed their weapons onto the ground.

One of the gangsters cursed, “Damn it, what’s this?

“Where did that car come from?

“Why isn’t there a license plate on the car yet?

“We must find out who the car belongs to and find out where they are.”

A lackey at the side nodded at his boss and said, “We’ll do it right away.”

The Toyota sped along the road.

The middle-aged butler asked John, “Who are you people?

Then he said to Victoria in the hoarse voice he used when he called her earlier and said, “Hi, beautiful lady, do you recognize my voice?”

Victoria trembled when she heard John’s voice.

She said to John, “You’re the man who called me today.”

John smiled but didn’t answer Victoria.

This gave Victoria a sense of mystery.

Victoria was a proud and aloof woman, a very opinionated woman.

However, after meeting this man today, she realized that she had been led by the nose by him.

She knew that if she stepped into someone else’s rhythm, she would lose the upper hand.

She would be led by the nose by John.

This was a type of humiliation to a proud woman like her.

Therefore, she said to John, “Stop the car, I want to get off.”

John glanced at his watch.

It was now 7.53 PM and 29 seconds on September 30, 2020.

The same time mentioned in Foresee.

Without another word, John told Hamlet to pull over.

Hamlet did so and parked the car at the curb.

Then, Victoria and her butler alighted.

Although Victoria was very arrogant, she didn’t forget to thank John.

But John looked at Victoria with a serious expression.

‘September 30, 2020. 7.54 PM and 3 seconds.

‘You got out of the car and walked to Victoria’s side.

‘You reached for Victoria’s head with one hand.

‘You placed her head beside your ear and said to her softly the following word.’

“You have someone working undercover around you.

“He’s also the one who wants to kill you.”

With that, John got into the car.

As Hamlet sped away, they disappeared from Victoria’s sight.

Victoria stood there with dull eyes.

She thought to himself: “I have someone undercover around me?

“That’s right, there’s really this possibility.

“I’m going for a business meeting today, and only a few people knew of this plan.

“And this matter is also considered top secret. It’s impossible for others to know about it easily.

“But how did this John knew about it?”

Her heart was filled with questions.