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‘2020 September 30, 8.05 PM.

‘You returned home with your subordinate, Hamlet.’

Both of them changed into their training clothes.

They began their training.

John handed over the second level of the Form-Intention Fist’s manual to Hamlet.

As for himself, from the Foresee ability, he found the manual for the fourth level of the Form-Intention Fist.

‘Take a step to the right with the right foot, drag the left foot into a right bow stance, push away the opponent’s left hand with the left hand, and strike the right hand towards the opponent’s head.

‘Step the right foot back into the left bow stance and turn the left hand into a palm to cut across left.

‘Right hand grab the opponent’s right wrist.

“The left leg is inserted behind the right foot, the left side of his body is turned into a diagonal bow stance, the hands are clenched into fists and moving with the body. Strike from the upper left and lower right side towards the opponent’s head. The opponent’s right foot move half a step forward, while the left foot is inserted behind the right foot.

‘Turn left. Clenching your hands into fists on your chest. Split the left hand upwards and right hand downwards diagonally.

‘Move the right foot to the left, drag the right foot into the right bow stance. Change the left fist into a palm and stretch towards the left, stretch the right fist to the right. Move the right foot one step forward. Move the left foot into the right bow stance. At the same time, pull both fists back to your chest, and change the left fist into a palm, then stretch it to the left.’

The fist manual of the Form-Intention Fist could be said to be extremely powerful.

Every level had different profoundness in it.

John, who had mastered the third level, had already undergone a transformation in his body.

The Form-Intention Fist was already very helpful to John upon mastering just the three levels.

However, after training in the fourth level, John felt that the profoundness of the fourth level was far beyond that of the third level.

The profoundness of the fourth level was indescribable.

The profoundness would only appear when he was in that extremely mysterious state of training.

2020 September 30, 8.30 PM.

John and Hamlet were both immersed in the sea of training.

Each of their punches and kicks seemed to tear through space.

John, who was training in the fourth level of the Form-Intention Fist, his punch was so powerful that the just sound of his fist tearing through the air alone seemed enough to shatter the entire space.

The powerful punch created a stream of air that blew everything in the room away.

John awakened from his training state.

Meanwhile, Hamlet was still standing there, pondering over the Form-Intention Fist.

He waved his fists continuously without any pause in between.

Hamlet was in the same state John was in when John was training in the third level.

At this moment, Hamlet was completely immersed in the pleasure brought to him by the Form-Intention Fist.

John looked at Hamlet, who was working so hard and couldn’t help but sighed and said, “It’s one thing to be talented. There are a lot of people with great talent. However, if they don’t use their talent, then everything is useless.”

Hamlet was both hardworking and talented.

Even if John established his own force, Hamlet could definitely still become John’s right-hand man.

He didn’t disturb Hamlet, who was immersed in his training.

He walked into his bedroom alone.

He opened the panel that only he could see.

The foreseeable contents appeared in front of John.

‘September 30, 2020, 9.25 PM 37 seconds.

‘Victoria will call you at this time.

‘And you agreed to Victoria’s request.

‘September 30, 2020, 9.40 PM 13 seconds.

‘You and Hamlet came to Victoria Corporation.

‘September 30, 2020, 9.45 PM.

‘You called Victoria and told her to come alone to the basement.’

Reading the contents of the steps.

A plan formed in John’s mind.

After he finished reading the steps in Foresee,

At this moment, Hamlet had already come out of his training state.

He said to Hamlet, “What do you think of the second level?”

Hamlet said seriously to John, “The second level of the Form-Intention Fist is far more profound than the first level.

“I was immersed in the training of the second level just now. After I completed the training, I realized that my physical fitness had greatly exceeded my original state. This Form-Intention Fist is really too powerful.”

John nodded at Hamlet with great satisfaction.

He didn’t expect Hamlet to be able to fully explain the profoundness of the second level of the Form-Intention Fist.

It seemed that Foresee’s evaluation of Hamlet’s was indeed correct.

Hamlet was far more talented in martial arts than him.

At this moment, John placed his hands behind his back and said seriously to Hamlet, “In the future, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can come and ask me.”

Hamlet always took such words to heart.

He quickly stood up straight and said to John with a face full of seriousness, “Yes, Brother John.”

At this moment, John received an unknown call on his phone.

He looked at the number on his phone.

He took another look at the time on his phone.

It was 9.25 PM 37 seconds on September 30, 2020.

A slight smile appeared at the corner of John’s mouth.

This call was clearly from Victoria.

He said to the caller, “Hello?”

At this moment, Victoria’s voice sounded too, “Hello, is this Mr. John?”

Victoria’s voice carried a trace of mockery in it.

As if to tell John that even if he didn’t tell her who he was, she could still find him out.

John ignored Victoria’s antics.

He said lightly to the other end of the phone, “Yes, I am John. What is it?”

John pretended to be calm when responding.

Then, Victoria said to John, “Mr. John, I think we need to meet.”

John said into the phone, “Oh?

“Also, I don’t know who you are. How am I supposed to meet you?”

Victoria was frustrated and unceremoniously said to John, “Don’t pretend to be ignorant. You know who I am. I’ll be at Victoria Building the whole day today. Call me when you arrived.”

Victoria was a very proud person. From a young age, whether it was in her studies when she was young or the competition in the corporate when she grew up, Victoria had also been on the upper hand.

But in her interaction with John today, she found that she had been led by the nose by John.

Therefore, she had used a rude tone to ask John to come and find her.

Being the chairwoman of Victoria Corporation, Victoria’s IQ was also very high.

She knew John must have told her the information about the undercover person because he wanted to collaborate with her.

So she was sure John would come.

From now on, she wanted to grasp the upper hand bit by bit.

The result was no surprise to Victoria. John agreed.

Victoria hung up first and then let out a long sigh.

She said to herself, “John?”

Over at John’s side, he said to Hamlet, “Let’s go. Go somewhere with me.”

Hamlet nodded at John. “Okay.”

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