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September 30, 2020, 9: 40 p.m.

John and Hamlet arrived at the underground parking lot of Victoria Corporation on time.

John pulled out his phone.

He glanced at the time on his watch. It hadn’t reached the required time yet.

Then he and Hamlet stood in front of the Toyota SUV.

John pulled the box of Arthur brand cigarettes out of his pocket.

He took out one and held it in his mouth.

He didn’t forget to turn around and ask Hamlet.

“Do you smoke?”

He took out a cigarette from the pack and handed it to Hamlet.

As Hamlet received the cigarette that John delivered, he said, “I’ve been hanging out with them since I was young, so I learned to smoke for a bit.”

John took out a lighter and lit his cigarette.

He handed the lighter to Hamlet, who was standing at the side.

After smoking more than half of the cigarette.

John glanced down at the time on his watch.

It was 9.45 PM, September 30, 2020.

John pulled out his phone and called Victoria.

The call went through quickly.

Victoria’s cold but beautiful voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

“Where are you now?”

John said to Victoria, “I’m currently in the underground parking lot of your corporation.

“Come down and pick me up now.”

There was a commanding note in John’s voice.

Then, he quickly hung up.

Victoria heard the beeping sound on the other end of the phone.

She cursed angrily, “Humph.

“How dare you order me around?

“How dare you hang up on me?”

Victoria smashed everything around her angrily.

If others knew that Victoria had such a terrifying side,

they would probably find it unbelievable.

In their eyes, Victoria was a capable and cultured woman.

Victoria walked into the elevator alone.

She pressed the button for the second basement floor.

Soon, the elevator stopped in the underground parking lot.

Victoria stepped out of the elevator and searched the parking lot for John.

Then, she saw two men standing beside an SUV and waving at her.

She hurried toward John.

She came up to John.

Victoria’s tone was sour as she said to John, “Mr. John, we meet again.”

John smiled and said to Victoria, “Yes, we meet again. And we will meet more often in the future.

“Don’t you think so, Miss Victoria?”

There was a hint of playfulness in John’s words.

Victoria replied without hesitation, “Yes, we’ll definitely meet more often in the future.

“Let’s go. Follow me to my office. This isn’t a place to talk.”

With that, she didn’t care if John agreed or not and turned around to walk towards the elevator door.

John looked at Victoria’s back and smiled, shaking his head.

He brought Hamlet along and walked towards Victoria.


The elevator door opened.

It stopped on the 53rd floor of the Victoria Corporation building.

There were no other rooms on this floor.

The entire floor belonged to Victoria’s office.

Such a large area not only had an office,

there was also Victoria’s guest room and a huge conference room.

There was even a gym beside the guest room.

John looked at the massive office.

He thought to himself: “Rich people really know how to play.

“In the future, I reckon the scale of my office will probably be even larger than this one.”

John couldn’t help but look forward to his future.

With Foresee’s assistance, John believed that he would definitely succeed.

John studied the entire floor.

The bodyguards in black suits were scanning around the place with their eyes in a solemn manner.

When John and Hamlet appeared, pairs of eyes looked over towards the two of them.

The level of security in this office was quite high.

Having seen the steps in the foreseeable future, John vaguely knew that Victoria had an unfathomable background.

Victoria led John to her office.

When John was about to walk to the office.

Suddenly, a young-looking bodyguard extended his hand towards John without any warning.

Without any hesitation.

John stepped forward and grabbed the bodyguard’s arm.

The remaining hand suddenly exerted strength and struck out.

There was a loud bang.

The young-looking bodyguard was sent flying.

The atmosphere on this entire floor suddenly became tense.

Bodyguards in black suits rushed over and surrounded John and Hamlet.

At this moment, John still had a smiling look on his face.

John had already foreseen everything that happened.

Victoria was a very assertive and self-centered woman.

Previously, on the phone, Victoria had finally gotten a bit of the upper hand.

However, during the call just now, she gave away the only advantage she had.

Hence, this situation happened.

This was to suppress John’s arrogance and also to test him.

Victoria was trying her best to see through this young man’s personality through his reaction.

Because she knew that conflicts weren’t scary.

Only the unknown was the most terrifying.

In front of Victoria’s office, the atmosphere became tense.

On the floor not far away, the bodyguard that John had punched finally managed to stand up with the help of his colleague.

His body trembled uncontrollably as a painful look appeared on his face. He was sweating profusely from the pain.

Seeing this, Victoria said to the security chief, “Bring them down. This is my guest, you mustn’t offend him.”

The security chief said respectfully towards Victoria, “Okay, Young Mistress.”

Victoria turned to John and said, “Sorry, my men are insensible and have offended you, Mr. John.”

However, John wasn’t angry at all.

He just waved his hand lightly. “It’s alright, who doesn’t have a few ignorant subordinates?”

Seeing John’s reaction, Victoria didn’t say anything more.

She just quickly walked into her office.

John and Hamlet followed.

Victoria sat in the huge office chair.

She said to John and Hamlet who had just walked in, “Find a place to sit.”

John didn’t stand on ceremony with Victoria. He pulled a stool over and sat in front of her.

Hamlet copied John and brought over a chair, sitting behind John.

Victoria spoke first, “Tell me, what’s your condition?

“What do you want in exchange for telling me who the undercover is.

“Also, how did you know that I have someone undercover around me?”

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