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Victoria and John locked eyes.

Neither of them avoided eye contact.

It was like a war without smoke and fire.

However, this war was related to their final victory.

Then, John said, “My condition is very simple. Ten million US dollars for one piece of information.

“I believe this amount of money is just a drop in the ocean for the massive Victoria Corporation and you, the billion-dollar female president.”

Seeing no change in Victoria’s expression, John continued, “As for my source of information, you don’t need to know yet, but its accuracy is undeniable.”

Victoria snorted and said, “Why should I believe you? What you said might not necessarily be true.

“What if I give you the money and you give me useless information?

“Although I don’t lack the ten million US dollars, I won’t easily give you ten million US dollars just like that.”

John looked calm.

He said to Victoria, “I believe you should also know the news that’s in the open, right? And I believe you should also know some insider information through your methods.

“Then do you think I have the ability to know the information regarding this undercover person?”

Victoria felt a knot in her heart.

Because she knew that she had lost control of the situation.

Everything that would follow next would be her following in John’s footsteps.

This was undoubtedly bad news for Victoria.

However, Victoria had no choice but to agree. She said to John, “Okay, I accept your condition.

“Give me your bank card number now and I’ll transfer the money to you.”

John smiled and said to Victoria, “Very good. You have made a very wise choice.”

John took a note from the table and wrote a string of numbers on it before handing it to Victoria.

Victoria quickly made a call.

She said into the phone, “Immediately transfer 10 million US dollars to the account I sent you. Immediately.”

Then, the person on the other end replied, “Yes, Chairwoman.”


John’s phone vibrated.

He glanced at his phone.

A series of numbers appeared on the phone, and the unit at the end of the number was US dollars.

Victoria’s money had arrived.

For ordinary people, this was an astronomical number that they wouldn’t be able to earn in their entire lifetime.

John put the phone away. His expression remained unchanged.

It was as if ten million dollars was nothing to him.

However, the moment the bank amount was transferred to his account, his emotions were mixed.

It turned out that a huge sum of money that he should never be able to obtain in his lifetime could be obtained effortlessly now.

“He’s the middle-aged butler serving you.

“Mr. Qiao.”

He looked at Victoria and neatly said in a deep voice.

Victoria frowned upon hearing this name.

She looked at John’s cold eyes and a trace of suspicion appeared in her eyes.

Her butler was an old member of her family.

He had been very good to her since she was young. Ever since she became the chairwoman, he had been taking care of her beside her.

She had suspected many people, but she never doubted the middle-aged butler who had followed her for decades.

John continued the steps he had foreseen and gave a few card numbers and some clues.

Then, Victoria handed all of this to her secretary.

About 20 minutes later.

The secretary’s expression was cold as he walked back.

He said something in Victoria’s ear.

A fierce look appeared in Victoria’s eyes.

She said to her secretary, “Make it cleaner.”

The secretary replied, “Yes, Madam.”

There was a long silence in the office.

Suddenly, Victoria’s voice sounded and said to John, “Let’s cooperate.”

This was a plan that Victoria came up with after confirming John’s capability.

In the large office.

At this moment, John’s subordinate, Hamlet, was like a transparent person.

He sat quietly behind John without moving.

John smiled.

To be precise, the content in the Foresee ability was to make John wait for this moment.

John didn’t respond. Instead, he suddenly stood up.

Then walked straight to Victoria’s desk.

John’s face was composed.

Victoria watched as this young man with many secrets approached her. Her body tensed.

Her hand quietly reached into the drawer beside her.

When she touched a gun, her heavy heart seemed to relax.

It was as if she had touched her life-saving straw.

John noticed Victoria’s movements but didn’t care.

His martial art was very good in the first place, and he already knew that Victoria would do such a thing.

Therefore, there was even less need to fear.

John glanced at his watch.

10.23 PM.

John stood in front of Victoria’s desk and looked at her coldly.

He said to Victoria, “Cooperate?

“Why don’t you follow me instead. Become my subordinate and work for me.

“Right now, only I can help you survive this crisis.”

Victoria’s cold eyes focused on John.

She wasn’t in a hurry to answer John’s question.

Her right hand quickly took the pistol from the drawer and pressed it against John’s head.

A playful smile appeared on Victoria’s lips as she looked at John savagely.

She said to John, “What right do you have to make me work for you?

“Whether you can walk out of this office alive today is still a question.

“I have to say, you’re indeed very brave, and your imagination is really wild.

“You actually thought of making me your subordinate.”

John looked coldly at the dark pistol pressing against his head.

His expression didn’t change at all.

It was as if the front of his head was just a toy gun.

It posed no threat to him at all.

John laughed out loud and said, “Women are still women.

“You’re far inferior to men when it comes to guns.

“The Desert Eagle pistol imported from the United States has twelve rounds in its magazine. It uses a 5.55mm caliber bullet with a range of about 400 to 800 meters. It’s a really good pistol.

“But this pistol is useless in your hands. You actually dare to threaten me with this?”

Victoria watched in surprise as John accurately described the gun’s data.

She didn’t expect this man in front of her to actually know guns so well.

With that, John turned to leave the office.

As he was walking out of the office, John suddenly turned around.

He said to Victoria, “Your gun isn’t loaded yet, right?”