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John slowly walked out of the building.

John exhaled softly.

Not long ago.

He was also just an unknown working-class person.

A very common and dutiful working-class person.

But now.

The luxurious building that came into view didn’t interest him at all.

His original dream was just to have a small house and live a blissful life with his lover.

This dream might take him a lifetime to fulfill.

Unfortunately, the rich were heartless and treated the commoners as weeds.

For insignificant people like John.

If not for this miraculous encounter, the best result would just be for him to be killed.

Maybe it was because the heavens took pity on the common people, so it picked John out from the masses and gave him the ability to speak up for the common people.

Of course, helping the common people would have to wait.

Now, he was just trying to resolve the anger in his heart.

As John was sighing with emotion, a dark black car stopped in front of him.

All of this was naturally within his control.

Without any hesitation, he opened the door, got into the car, and closed the door, all in one smooth motion.

Of course, he only needed to be responsible for getting into the car. Hamlet would handle the opening and closing of the car door.

He cast away his distracting thoughts.

John couldn’t help but smile.

Although he firmly believed in the system’s Foresee ability, the smooth development of the situation was still very pleasant.

That’s right, he and Victoria had reached a preliminary agreement to cooperate.

Moreover, he was the leader. After all, his ability was obvious to all.

“Victoria’s relationship with me can’t be exposed to those people for the time being. She has to be a spy and secretly work for me.”

The destination they were headed to now was Victoria’s secret residence.

For a daughter of a large family like her, who was also a powerful chairwoman, it was not surprising that she had many villas.

A safe and secret hideout was also a must for people like her.

Soon, they arrived at their destination.

As expected, although the destination wasn’t at a bustling area in the city center, it was unsurprisingly a villa district.

The villas here were all extremely luxurious and also very quiet. These were probably the residences most suitable for the so-called big shots.

John and Hamlet walked together towards a certain villa.

At first, Hamlet wanted to lead the way, but John walked in the right direction without any hesitation, as if he knew the way well.

After taking a seat on the third floor, John looked out of the window at another villa.

That place happened to belong to Alexander Corporation.

Now, it was the place where Neil and his sister were recuperating at.

Vengeance burned in John’s eyes.

Soon, John retracted his gaze and gently played with a cup on the tea table.

Although the hatred in his eyes was concealed, it was deeply rooted in his heart.

But John had more to think about now.

Time didn’t stop while he was deep in thought.

When people were thinking stuff, they wouldn’t notice the passage of time.

Time flies.

In the blink of an eye, it was already late at night.

At this moment, the city’s top beauty, Victoria, finally appeared in front of John.

She coughed softly, interrupting John’s thoughts.

Victoria was indeed a beauty.

Dressed in a light black dress, her proud twin peaks were faintly discernible as large golden waves casually draped over her shoulders.

She had a perfect S-shaped body and a small waist.

Her every frown and smile was like the legendary Aphrodite from Greece.

For a moment, even John, who usually had a calm mind, also couldn’t help but be stunned.

Victoria finally said, “I’ve already gotten my men to investigate the Alexander Corporation this afternoon.

“After the incident with Neil and his sister, their father, Alexander, has been extra careful in his daily operations.

“In addition to being cautious, he has also organized a group of advisers that are clearly being used to deal with you.”

Victoria’s voice deepened as she said, “Among them, the old man from the East District, Rayast, has a good relationship with Alexander. They are likely colluding together.”

Actually, ever since Aix’s funeral, Alexander Corporation hadn’t made any big moves on the surface.

Of course, they weren’t going to give up just like that. There must be an even bigger conspiracy brewing.

This was just the calm before the storm.

No matter what, the foundation of Feiyang Corporation was there.

A skinny camel was still bigger than a horse.

Not to mention the massive foundation of a century-old family.

In contrast, John was alone and had no support.

From this, it could be seen that developing a team to support himself was the most pressing issue at hand.

Luckily, Victoria and Hamlet were clearly on his side now.

As Victoria slowly explained, John also had a deeper understanding of the massive Alexander Corporation.

The more he understood, the more terrifying he felt.

Fortunately, the Foresee ability that John currently possessed made him no longer an ant that was at the mercy of others.

Finally, at the ending of the report, Victoria said a name with a cold expression.

The vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Stansen.

This person was just a lackey of the York Family.

She handed John a document, her body seemingly trembling as she did so.

John was very surprised.

He didn’t know how someone like Victoria could express such strong emotions.

The information seemed very detailed.

Stansen was an important pawn of the York family in Owain region.

His main purpose was to monitor Victoria.

Actually, Victoria’s reason for telling John this information was very obvious.

She wanted some response from John.

John ignored her and continued tapping his fingers.

Seeing this, Victoria’s eyes narrowed and her body trembled.

She blushed slightly and unexpectedly began to undress.

“If possible. I’m even willing to give myself to you. I’m still clean to this day.”

Looking at John, Victoria’s eyes were burning, her words succinct.

She wasn’t willing to marry into the York Family and had planned in advance.

If she was unable to resist in the end, she would randomly find a man to give her body to.

There wasn’t much time left for her.

This was a step that she had to take no matter what.

But the man in front of her now was a good choice.

He had already displayed quite a bit of his strength.

At this moment, her perfect naked body was displayed in front of John, and her tender, fair skin was emitting a rosy glow like rubies.

“Are you too impatient?” John’s eyes were calm, his expression normal. “I’ll think about it.”

His attitude was noncommittal.

In the eyes of countless people in Owain City.

Victoria was a proud and talented woman, a high and mighty perfect goddess.

But who would have thought that the real she was quietly enduring the pressure from her family day and night, and almost went crazy.

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