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Owain region, Wind Cloud Manor.

This was a super resort manor that the Alexander Corporation had spent a lot of money to build.

Its membership system was very strict.

Because the membership level of the visitors was the standard to measure their value.

This manor was used for vacation.

And it was specially prepared for the rich.

The facilities were high-end, and the services they provided to guests were noteworthy.

It wasn’t hard to know that this was also a place where the Alexander Corporation used to win over the rich.

At this moment, in the super VIP hall, hot springs were steaming.

Alexander was wearing a light-colored bathrobe, while Stansen was half-naked as if he had a unique fetish.

There were two beautiful women beside each of them.

Without exception, these women all had good figures and appearances.

They were massaging the legs and shoulders of these two business big shots.

“President Stansen, I won’t impose on you anymore.”

The cigar in his hand only burnt a little before it was violently stuffed into the ashtray.

Alexander got up slightly and looked at Stansen, who was squinting.

Stansen’s body moved as if he wanted to send Alexander off.

However, before his legs moved, Alexander stopped him.

He waved his hand and smiled meaningfully.

“I’ll leave this matter to you, President Stansen.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Alexander didn’t stay any longer and walked out of the hall.

Inside, the hall was still filled with smoke and moisture.

Stansen sniffed the fragrance of the women beside him, but his eyes darkened.

His smile disappeared and a cold aura emanated from his body.

The women beside him were also shocked by this sudden aura.

However, they quickly reacted and endured the discomfort to continue working.

As soon as Alexander walked out of the hall, the middle-aged butler approached him.

“Did you appease him properly?” He asked expressionlessly.

“Yes, he is, Sir.” However, the butler didn’t dare to cross the line. He bowed completely with a face full of respect.

Alexander nodded slightly and walked into the dazzling passage with his hands behind his back.

At this moment, lewd words came from the hall behind him.

Stansen, who was over 50 years old, didn’t look so lazy anymore.

“John was abandoned at the Owain Orphanage in 1992.

“The Owain Orphanage was funded by the Eric Chamber of Commerce ten years ago.

“According to the investigation, before he went to prison, John had a deep relationship with Owain Orphanage.

“He and his girlfriend, Alice, go there for voluntary help every weekend and periodically provide financial assistance.”

In a dark room, a young man in gold-rimmed glasses and a black and white tuxedo was reporting meticulously.

He stood straight and spoke unhurriedly with great strength in his voice.

It was in sharp contrast to the ferocious-looking Alexander who was sitting on the bench.

It was no wonder that Alexander, a veteran of the business world who had long ago receded into the dark, wasn’t maintaining his composure.

After all, the core of the family, his closest son, had been brutally destroyed by John.

“Are the siblings doing well?” Alexander looked up, his eyes slightly red.

No matter how ruthless a person he was, he still had deep feelings for his family.

Even a vicious tiger wouldn’t eat its own cubs.

“The doctor said that their conditions are very stable.” The middle-aged butler thought about his words carefully before answering slowly.

Alexander said no more.

In the central district, under Victoria’s villa.

A sports car slowly drove out and soaked into the twilight.

At this moment, John was leaning against the sofa, his eyes slightly focused.

After listening to Victoria’s explanation, he became curious about the York Family.

He was reading the relevant information about the York Family.

This so-called York Family was one of the manifestations of the darkest side of this world.

The survival of the fittest was vividly reflected in the dark world.

The Round Table Association that was a gathering of the rich and powerful, as well as the upper echelons of society…

The de facto leader of the mold country’s political scene, the Black Deity Group.

The Eric Club, which had a great influence on the global economy.

These were probably unheard of in the world of ordinary people, or perhaps they were just legendary organizations.

They were the true leader of this world, the fully-deserving overlord.

And according to Victoria, the York Family was considered an overlord in the real world.

John shook his head gently, wanting to clear away these things that were far from his current level.

Looking at the present was the correct thing he should be doing.

His gaze deep, the search engine appeared in front of him.

With a thought, a line of text appeared.

“How can I see Neil and his sister without being discovered?”

Objective confirmed.

Checking the steps given, John rose.

“I’ll go out alone for a stroll. You don’t have to follow me.” He said to Hamlet.

Hamlet nodded obediently.

John put on a dark black coat and strolled out of the villa.

Soon, his figure disappeared into a small path.

He shuttled through the darkness without any discomfort.

The darkness could no longer affect his movements.

When he stopped, the villa district police were passing by.

Not long after, John stopped in the shadow of a tree and looked at the villa he had his eyes on previously.

Gentle lights were shining in the room.

Figures were moving past outside the window from time to time.

An adult dog tied to a chain ball was sleeping soundly in the dog cage.

John took in all the sights at a glance.

After thinking for a while, he suddenly moved.

The moment a figure walked past the window.

John had leaped into the garden.

In the dog cage, the adult black dog’s sensitive nose sensed something amiss and almost opened its eyes.

Unexpectedly, what met it was a broad palm that was approaching it with a powerful force.

John exerted strength in his left hand and held the black dog tightly.

With a sweep of his right hand, he brought the black dog into his arms.

John, who usually kept a straight face, looked terrifying at this moment.

After all, this was a matter of killing something.

He chopped down with his right hand with all his might.

With a slight crack, the sound of bones snapping could be heard.

It turned out that John had severed the neck of the adult black dog with his bare hands.

The black dog suddenly stopped moving.