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Although the black dog stopped struggling, the danger wasn’t over.

He looked at the steps given in front of him.

John jumped lightly and pressed his entire body tightly against the garden wall.

Just as he finished this action, a flashlight shot over.

It brushed against his scalp and shone on the garden.

The beam swept wantonly and quickly disappeared.

A figure suddenly appeared at the back door of the garden.

John chuckled, his lips curling unconsciously.

This seemingly impenetrable security seemed to be filled with loopholes in his Foresee ability.

He reached for a piece of glass by the window.

As expected, the windows were opened one after another, opening a gap that allowed one person to pass through.

Then, his figure disappeared.

The long corridor only took John an instant to cross.

Soon, he arrived in the living room.

In the Foresee’s calculations, every small action was preset.

Therefore, John didn’t need to be very careful and also wouldn’t be afraid.

He only retracted his movements slightly.

He even sat on the sofa and lay on his back, enjoying a moment of his life.

Footsteps came from the front door.

The security guard’s eyes darted around the room.

Immediately, the footsteps gradually went away as the figure at the door disappeared.

Silence returned to the living room.

John walked calmly deeper into the room.

At the end of the room was a flight of stairs.

With John’s current control over his body, he could go upstairs quietly.

He went up to the second floor.

He stopped in front of a small bedroom and pushed the door open.

It was not difficult to tell that this was the residence of a security guard.

John changed into the full outfit of a security guard and walked onto the staircase again.

When he walked out of the third floor, another security guard was heading straight towards him.

Of course, everything was going according to the steps in Foresee.

This person happened to turn around at the right moment, preventing John from exposing himself.

Like a shadow, John followed this person step by step.

When doing this, even the confident John couldn’t help but felt his heart racing.

After all, he was very close to the enemy.

John kept exactly the same frequency as the security guard.

Footsteps and even breathing sounds seemed to come from only one person.

At this moment, John was more like a shadow than the security guard’s real shadow.

The guard turned sideways. So did John.

It wasn’t until he passed the stairs that led to the fourth floor that John walked away.

Into the darkness of the stairs.

This experience was simple to describe.

However, this required strong control over time and his body.

All of this required the perpetrator to maintain absolute focus.

Foresee was accurate.

As usual, it didn’t make a single mistake.

A perfect consideration of all possibilities.

This system left an even deeper sense of curiosity, joy, and fear in John’s heart.

On the fourth floor, John easily pushed the door open and walked into the recuperation room.

This room had long been transformed into the most suitable place for recuperation.

John hadn’t forgotten the good habit of locking the door behind him.

Sophisticate and expensive equipment were arranged neatly in the room.

In the middle were two side-by-side beds.

The surrounding was flashing with the blue light of a machine.

At this moment, John was like a Ph.D. student who had immersed himself in these machines for decades.

He pressed buttons according to the sequence in Foresee.

His undisguised footsteps and the sound of the button woke Neil up.

A dangerous smile curved on John’s lips as he slowly walked toward the two beds.

Confusion appeared in Neil’s eyes, the only part of his body that could move freely.


The lights were turned on by John and instantly filled the entire recuperation room.

At this moment, Tina was also awakened by the blinding light.

The siblings looked at John at the same time.

John slowly looked up, revealing his calm but soul-shocking face.

An indescribable fear struck the siblings and quickly filled their hearts.

Their breathings were difficult and their eye sockets were deep, making them look like evil spirits.

If it weren’t for the fact that they were unable to move their bodies, it was unknown how huge of a reaction they would have.

The once insufferably arrogant second-generation heir and the once arrogant young mistress.

Their eyes were filled with fear. They wanted to beg for mercy.

However, the person in front of them had long stripped them of their ability to beg.

John grinned at Neil but walked toward Tina.

She looked at the approaching demon-like figure and trembled.

Her face was as pale as paper.

A fear that seemingly came from her soul completely conquered her.

A foul smell came from beneath her.

John frowned, covered his nose with one hand, and used the other to adjust Tina’s oxygen concentration.

After adjusting, he stopped moving.

“If I didn’t have those painful experiences, perhaps I’m living happily with Alice now.

“We’ll already be married, and living a not very wealthy but comfortable life.”

The ruthlessness in his eyes gradually disappeared and John’s expression became calm.

He continued to narrate in a lonely voice.

“Our marriage house should be in the neighborhood beside the Owain Orphanage.

“It will be very convenient for us to visit the place where we were born and raised. That’s also Alice’s wish.

“After working hard for more than 20 years, we were finally going to have a little nest of our own.”

His tone was filled with anticipation.

“In these five years’ time, our child should be three or four years old now.

“Is it a boy or a girl?

“I like girls. And Alice would prefer it to be boys.”

John muttered like an old man happy to tell his story.

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