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Whis was from the underground boxing world and was taken in by the Alexander Corporation. After undergoing systematic training,

Whis joined the security team of the Alexander Corporation.

At this moment, he was standing in the third-floor corridor of the villa, looking around aimlessly.

Feeling sleepy, he yawned.

However, a sudden alarm pierced his ears.

It was a bit more than 1 PM now.

The following screams woke Whis up completely.

His figure moved, his expression nervous and serious.

With a few quick steps, he rushed to the fourth floor.

In front of the recuperation room, Kenton, who was in charge of the security on the fourth floor, was already standing there with a heavy expression.

Soon, a doctor and a few nurses appeared in the room.

They searched every inch of the room carefully.

“Someone just came in.” Seeing Whis rushing here, Kenton said in a deep voice.

Whis’s gaze looked into the room.

A bedside lamp was quietly lit.

There was a pressed-in spot on the side of Young Master Neil’s bed that was very striking.

A nauseating stench surrounded the Young Mistress.

The siblings were still in shock and their eyes were dull.

Cold sweat broke out on Kenton and Whis’s forehead.

This major event was clearly caused by their negligence.

They tightened the pistols on their waists and searched meticulously for any possible clues and also the infiltrator who might still be hiding in here.

They went to the window and saw that it was locked.

Then, they walked towards the spot where John was sitting just now. There was still some warmth left.

Suddenly, terrifying news came from their walkie-talkies.


“The adult Croatian black dog raised by the Master is dead! It was cut in the neck and died!”

Whis and Kenton felt their chests constrict.

Who killed the ferocious black dog under their eyes?

They didn’t notice anything.

Clearly, killing such a dog didn’t take up much of the murderer’s energy.

It didn’t even make much noise.

Their breathing quickened as they looked at each other.

Kenton and Whis, who had mercenary underground boxing experience respectively, trembled.

Even after undergoing the strict centralized training of the Alexander Corporation, they were also not confident that they could kill a Croatian black dog quietly.

When they reappeared, they were both holding onto a special type of fluorescent powder.

They scattered the two bags of fluorescent powder around the villa.

John’s footprints and other traces appeared quite clearly.

Entered through the window, sat down on the sofa, and went upstairs through the stairs…

When the footprints on the third floor appeared in front of Whis, he froze.

His face was filled with fear as he stared fixedly at the footprints.

These were the footprints that he walked previously.

As well as the almost identical tracks behind his footprints.

His scalp went numb and his back went cold. His breathing became hurried too.

That night, many people were destined to be sleepless.

The entire Alexander Corporation was shocked.

At this moment, the perpetrator of the incident was standing outside the villa.

John stopped for a moment under the tree where he had come from.

He retracted his gaze and returned.

The night passed uneventfully.

When the first glimmer of dawn shone through the curtain and began to soothe John’s face,

he slowly opened his eyes.

He yawned.

Then, he closed his eyes again.

After resting for a while, John finally composed himself and got up.

After changing into a new set of clothes, he walked out of the bedroom without hesitation.

He had a dream last night, a dream that he often had five years ago.

The dream was just like what he described last night.

His and Alice’s beautiful life dissipated the moment he opened his eyes.

He really missed Alice now.

But he knew that there was a long way to go to reach the conditions in Foresee to heal her.

Before this, he couldn’t afford to relax for even a moment.

After hastily washing up, John formulated a training plan for Hamlet.

Soon, two sweating figures appeared in the room.

They trained until the east turned white.

The sky lit up.

John and Hamlet sat at the table.

They began to enjoy the breakfast that Victoria asked a subordinate to send over.

John held a glass filled with fresh milk as he spread out the newspaper.

The newspaper was naturally sent by Victoria too.

His gaze wandered casually, but it was captured by the striking headline in the newspaper.


The glass shattered on the ground and milk splattered everywhere.

John’s expression turned extremely ugly as his body trembled uncontrollably.

It was because of anger.

Hamlet, who was beside him, was also shocked by this scene.

However, he knew better than to ask.

Instead, he began to clean up the glass dregs and milk drops.

The news in the newspaper was about the Owain Orphanage.

The main content was as follows: Numerous enterprises, led by the Owain Chamber of Commerce, would temporarily stop funding the orphanage for economic reasons.

There weren’t too many details.

No strong language.

It was just an ordinary record.

It was probably deliberately made into the headline.

Obviously, that man had achieved his goal.

John knew that if the orphanage lost so many funds, the possible outcome of this place where the poor orphans depended on for their survival was obvious.

The orphans would be faced with hunger and cold.

The orphanage might have to close down.

The children could only find another way out and pray for the best.

In any case, this place was where John had come from.

There were too many things there that were tied to him, too many things.

Although his heart was filled with hatred, he also missed this home that had brought him up.

There was no time to lose.

He had to help his previous home survive this ordeal.

He said a hurried goodbye to Hamlet.

John walked out of the villa.

He jogged into the busy city.

His gaze was deep as another search bar appeared in front of him.

“How can I ensure my safety for the rest of the day?”

Numerous methods appeared.

Suddenly, John’s pupils constricted and his body tensed up.

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