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He jogged into the busy city.

The city was as usual. It wouldn’t change just because of someone’s troubles.

The metal behemoths opened their mouths wide.

Devouring wave after wave of people.

And now John was among these devoured.

His gaze was deep as another search bar appeared in front of him.

“How can I ensure my safety for the rest of the day?”

Numerous methods appeared.

Suddenly, John’s pupils constricted and his body tensed up.

The Owain Orphanage was located in the original suburbs.

But urbanization had covered the area long ago.

The green pine forest in the past was now filled with tall buildings.

Ten years ago, the Owain Orphanage had received funding from many corporations led by the Owain Chamber of Commerce.

This funding wasn’t just for charity.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell the dark meaning of doing this.

But compared to the benefits the orphanage would get, those other things seemed insignificant.

All kind-hearted people had to thank them.

Because of their funding, the children of the orphanage could grow healthily.

These companies gained both reputation and fortune.

The government in Owain City would officially recognize them from a political perspective.

This way, resources would be tilted, they would also gain political status, public prestige, and so on.

And these companies have all received lucrative “tax relief” conditions.

But all of this, the ‘pity’ these corporations gave to the orphanage for the past ten years.

They would all end today.

John could be said to be the ‘culprit’ who caused this result.

In the corner of the bus.

John tightened his hat and covered his painful head.

He really didn’t expect that Alexander Corporation would retaliate in such a despicable manner.

This really wasn’t in line with the level of a large corporation.

John slowly recalled his life in the orphanage.

His childhood was still very blissful.

He could play with children his age every day.

There was a kind granny taking care of their lives.

A young teacher who was specially hired to teach them knowledge.

The naive John of childhood had looked at the glamorous “philanthropists” with a grateful heart.

At that time, he couldn’t understand how the director of the orphanage, Granny, curried favor with the entrepreneurs.

He couldn’t see how the elders in the orphanage were bending their backs to the entrepreneurs.

The bus was reaching the terminal.

The buildings in his mind gradually became clearer.

‘It’s been more than five years.’ John sighed to himself.

These five years still made him feel a little unfamiliar with the courtyard in front of him.

Not everything would remain constant.

John’s chest was filled with the feeling of how the place seemed to be the same, but the people inside weren’t.

He looked at this place affectionately with a moved expression. His emotions were complicated and mixed with emotions.

However, the deepest emotion he felt now was guilt.

This courtyard had been dragged into his revenge after all.

It was time to make amends.

At the very least, he had to redeem the mistakes he had made.

No matter what methods he used.

Full of thoughts, John got out of the bus.

He didn’t seem to notice the middle-aged man who alighted with him.

The middle-aged man and John both stopped in their tracks.

Every step in Foresee was being reflected in John’s eyes.

Instantly, he started moving.

His body was agile and moved almost horizontally.

One second, or maybe two seconds.

He had just stopped moving when there was a dull explosion from where he was standing previously.


The curb in front of the bus stop was pierced by a small-caliber sniper rifle bullet.

Large amounts of sand and stones were splashed, covering his eyes.

The bullet was deeply embedded in the asphalt road.

Immediately after, John stepped forward without hesitation.

He looked up at the building opposite him.

The light reflected by the sniper mirror was very dazzling.

He expressionlessly took another step back.

He walked past the middle-aged man.

This person was dressed in gray, and his hand had already secretly touched the inside of his coat.

John’s back was facing him without any defenses.

With a ruthless and decisive gaze, the middle-aged man drew a short knife that flickered with a cold glint.

He sliced through the air in a confident manner.

It struck toward John’s heart.

Unfortunately, the steps in Foresee were very complete.

John turned to the left, his back to the middle-aged man, and extended his right palm.

The middle-aged man’s shoulder was gripped tightly, and the palm holding the dagger broke in unison with the sound.


John’s face looked normal and expressionless.

Behind him, he heard a painful wail.


John snatched away the short knife and pierced it into the middle-aged man’s heart.

The shouting suddenly stopped.

John’s clothes were stained with blood.

The sniper who had missed the first shot shifted his position.

John walked straight towards the orphanage.

Behind him, the middle-aged man’s corpse had already been packed into a car by someone.

At least, Alexander Corporation wouldn’t dare to carry out large-scale operations openly.

After all, on the surface, the world was still ruled by law.

As for these failed messes.

Naturally, Alexander Corporation had to clean up the mess themselves.

John wouldn’t care about such things.