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A familiar forest path and familiar green pine trees.

John pulled down the hood of his hoodie to cover half his face.

Like a murderer that often appeared in a movie plot.

His bleak figure lengthened in the shade of the forest.

It was a bright and sunny day, but after passing through the forest, the sunlight on John was mottled.

It was a reflection of his heart.

A sincere heart that loved life.

However, it was now covered in spots.

Not far away, in a small amusement park.

The children smiled innocently and played around carefreely.

Laughter filled the air.

It lingered around for a long time.

Mixed with crisp bird language.

John finally sighed in relief, his eyes gentle.

“At least there are still you guys in this world.

“Only children can make me feel the slightest meaning of human existence.

“Even I have fallen into the abyss.

“Therefore, no matter what, I must ensure that the children’s smiles will continue to bloom.”

His determination grew stronger.

John quickened his pace.

He walked into an old building with ten floors.

He followed the path in his memory and found the director’s office.

He quietly leaned against the wall in front of the door.

His gaze was casual.

He paused.

At the end of the corridor.

There seemed to be a young lady with braids.

She quietly stuck her head out and smiled brightly.

In a daze.

John returned to his childhood.

He was punished by the director, Granny, for being naughty.

It was the day he became familiar with the girl with the sweet smile.

His eyes getting warm, John was about to take a closer look.

Everything in front of him disappeared.

Only the empty corridor was left.

Dark, long, and endless.

Feeling disappointed and frustrated, John sighed.

There was unconcealable loneliness and desolation in his eyes.

After a long while, he composed himself.

Something stirred in the room behind him.

The elderly director was making calls one by one.

She was begging each of the ‘kind people’.

But there no exceptions in the answers she received.

The despair in her heart intensified.

The last call ended.

The old director opened her mouth.

No sound came out.

Only bitterness filled the air.

The entire room was shrouded in shadows.

The old director’s hunched figure seemed to become even older.

It was as if she would die at any moment.

The desolate silence lasted for a long while.

The muffled crying voices of the old employees were finally released.

“We’ve offended someone important.”

“They aren’t leaving us any viable solution!”

“What about those poor children!!”

Outside the door, John just listened.

He wanted to open his mouth, he really wanted to see these kind old people again.

However, it was no longer suitable for him to reveal himself now.

All those related to him and those close to him.

All of them might have a chance of being threatened.

He wasn’t able to act indifferently towards these kind-hearted elders.

After feeling their sadness, John quietly left.

On the way, he transferred the ten million dollars he had obtained from Victoria to the orphanage’s account.

Of course, this was done anonymously.

And in the days that followed.

John also decided to send money to the orphanage irregularly.

As for why send it irregularly.

It was naturally because John himself was also constrained by many factors and was facing many problems too, including money.

Looking at the path in front of him.

From one side of the orphanage, John climbed over the wall and came out of the orphanage.

He then pulled down the hood, almost covering his eyes.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he disappeared into the busy street.

Following the directions of the Foresee, he took several turns.

Soon, he appeared again.

He stood below a high building with eighteen floors and looked up.

Then, he strode into the building.

First, he took the elevator.

Then, he walked past the fire escape stairs.

Next, he crossed the obstacles in his way.

A rusty iron door blocked his way.

John reached out, steady and strong.


The sound was very dull.

It had probably been some years since anyone bothered with this door.

The heavy iron door slowly opened.

What appeared in front of him was a black muzzle.

The man in black lying on the roof paused.

He was about to turn to look at the iron door.


A loud bang sounded.

The slowly revolving iron door was directly knocked open by the huge force.

A cheetah-like figure charged at the man in black.

Then came the sound of bones shattering.

1.30 PM.

In a certain villa district in Owain City.

John returned to Victoria’s secret hideout.

“Big Brother, you’re back!”

Hamlet seemed relieved.

“Come, let me see your training progress.”

But John pointed toward the garden as if nothing had happened.

The two of them then went to the garden.

He casually threw his coat on the bench.

He patted Hamlet on the shoulder and walked three meters away.

“Then I won’t hold back. Big Brother, be careful not to get injured.”

“Haha, if you can hurt me, how am I worthy of being called Big Brother?”

Using the technique he had learned from John, Hamlet lowered his body and attacked with all his might.

From time to time, sounds of whistling wind could be heard in the garden.

Fists and palms intersected, and the sounds of bodies colliding were could be occasionally heard.

John was quite pleased with Hamlet’s performance.

According to the evaluation of talents in Foresee, Hamlet was at level eight.

A talent of this level was practically at the peak of the ordinary people in the era.

Above that, level nine was the level that could be recorded in the annals of history.

As for the tenth level, it would be Saints whose name would go down in history.

For example, the mysterious Eastern Saint ‘Confucius’ and the Western Saint ‘Alexander the Great’, and so on.

Without a doubt, John would put a lot of effort into grooming Hamlet.

And Hamlet’s performance today was also worthy of John’s nurturing.

It wasn’t difficult to tell that Hamlet had put in some effort.

John was in a good mood and prepared to teach Hamlet a set of military combat techniques.

“You can stop now. I’m very satisfied with you.

“Next, I’ll teach you a set of military combat techniques. I hope you’ll keep working hard and practice diligently.”

John made some simple introductions as he executed the movements. “This military combat technique emphasizes speed, accuracy, and ruthlessness. It aims to kill the enemy in one stroke.

“Every move by itself has the powerful capability to defeat an enemy. When combined, the power of this technique is infinite.

“Of course, while its power is great, it’s also very difficult to master even just the beginner level.

“This requires your relentless training.”

After the demonstration, Hamlet asked John for some of the details of the movements that he hadn’t memorized.

John was happy to answer.

After a long while, John walked out of the garden.

Behind him was Hamlet, who was training hard. He didn’t dare to slack off for even a moment.

After entering the house, John found the information Victoria had given him about the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Stansen.

He sat on the sofa by the window.

He read through it carefully.

When he was standing in front of the orphanage’s old director’s door previously, he learned some information.

The withdrawal of funds from the orphanage was Stansen’s doing.

Stansen even suggested building a new orphanage.

As for the old one, it would naturally be demolished.

As for this new so-called orphanage.

John didn’t know that if it would really benefit society.

Or would it become the place where capitalists secretly played their dirty tricks?

However, one thing was certain.

The old director and the other elders wouldn’t be hired by the new orphanage.

The children would probably be trained to become tools for them to use.

Be it real or fake, good or evil.

John couldn’t possibly watch this happen.

He had to stop this from happening.