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Owain City District, Police Headquarters.

It was a six-story building.

“Something has happened!”

Looking at the monitor screen, a police officer shouted.

She was a police officer of the Mold Country’s Special Task Force.

Her name was Sona.

Her hair was of a different shade of bluish violet.

It was also in the shape of a wave and casually draped over his shoulder.

As the voice faded, many eyes looked at her.

In the originally quiet police station, it seemed to be starting to get lively.

The middle-aged police chief, Fritz, also received the news.

“John’s fourth target is the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Stansen.” Sona pointed at the surveillance screen.

It was monitoring what Stansen was going through.

The ordinary-looking middle-aged man in the grayish-white coat looked in the direction where Sona was pointing.

At the side, veteran officer Victor also leaned back to observe.

The situation on the screen was presented to everyone.

In the morning, the busyness in front of the old street was reflected in everyone’s eyes.

The right rear tire of a pale pink Mercedes A-Series suddenly burst!

Initially, although it was slow, the traffic flow was smooth.

A Lamborghini marked with a red circle began to turn.

A transport truck brushed past and crushed the sewage ditch.

The dirty water splashed onto the windshield of the Lamborghini driver’s seat.


The old chair hit the water pipe and wall.

The banner landed in front of the window.

The glass shattered.

And the middle-aged man whose hand was covering his neck…

The series of coincidences and causality magnified in everyone’s eyes.

The chest of the criminal investigation experts rose and fell, and their breathing was heavy.

The video played over and over again.

The cigarette butt that fell onto the rope and the person who had his head lowered and smoked half a cigarette were both noticed too.

The surveillance footage in the projection returned to normal.

“Now, the person hiding in the car is the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Stansen.” Sona looked at the screen and said in a deep voice.

After Warwick, who was his driver and bodyguard, had the accident, Stansen immediately locked the safety lock in the car. He seemed to have realized something.

“Also, I detected in the surveillance video of the other areas of Owain City. A motorcade is on its way there.” Sona’s expression was solemn as her voice came out of her mouth like a string of pearls.

“So why did Stansen become John’s next target?” Fritz was puzzled.

He didn’t know about the news regarding the Owain Orphanage.

He also didn’t know who did it.

“It should have something to do with the recent happenings of the Owain Orphanage,” Victor said.

He was different. He was familiar with the changes in the outside world.

He liked to read books and read the newspaper. This was a good way to pass time.

Also, he knew about the fact that John had grown up in Owain Orphanage.

At the center of Owain City, Alexander Corporation headquarters.

On the 60th floor of a tall building.

Seated inside was beside their boss, Alexander.

His expression flickered.

Soon, a sinister smile appeared in his dark eyes.

His smile gradually widened.

It engulfed his entire face from his eyes.

The corners of his mouth also began to widen.

‘The vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce isn’t a person who can be easily bullied.

‘He values his life greatly and has quite a number of subordinates under him.

‘At the very least, the president of the Eric Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t sit back and do nothing.’ He thought to himself.

Alexander prepared to watch a good show.

He waved his hand, and the middle-aged butler walked forward.

He held a cigar in his hand and helped Alexander light it.

“If Stansen can leave safely, it’s obvious that John’s ability is just so-so.

“If even the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce survive one attack from John,

I think there’s no one in Owain who can go against him now.”

Although this was what he thought, there was no fear on Alexander’s face.

Clearly, he believed that Stansen wouldn’t be so easily killed.

On the 40th floor of a certain financial building.

The secretary, Orianna, hurried into the office.

With a nervous expression, she leaned down and whispered into Victoria’s ear, “John attacked Stansen.

“And it was in public.

“Although he disguised it as an accident, the surveillance cameras have recorded everything.”

Victoria’s expression remained normal, not showing much emotion.

She casually replied, “Got it. Go out and do your work first.”

Soon, the secretary closed the door and left.

Until this moment.

Victoria finally moved.

She looked down at her arm.

It was trembling slightly.

Because she was actually very nervous.

At the same time, unease, excitement, anticipation, and other emotions mixed together.

Stansen was an old dog she loathed very much.

He was an out-and-out evil person. She had always hated him deeply.

“Will it succeed?” Victoria took a deep breath and muttered to herself.

In an old teahouse close to Stansen’s location.

The real big shot of Eric, the leader and president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Orne, was slowly sipping his tea.

Dressed in a black coat, he sat by the window on the second floor.

His hair and beard were all white.

However, his body wasn’t stooped. In fact, he was somewhat muscular.

His face was rosy and he looked very energetic.

He looked old and vigorous.

On the second floor, there was only one old man, Orne.

A bodyguard in a black and white suit stood at the top of the stairs.

He was constantly on guard to protect the old president.

“Master.” An old man with white hair and beard bowed and walked towards Orne.

This old man wasn’t so energetic as Orne.

However, he still had some strength.

He had just received Stansen’s call.

He came here to inform President Orne.

He had followed Orne for countless years.

Now, he was still the closest butler to Orne.

“Something happened to Vice-president Stansen.” The old butler said bluntly.

He paused for a moment, picked out the main points of the entire incident, and narrated it.

“Humph!” Orne put down the cup in his hand heavily, a hint of dignity appearing on his old face as he snorted.

“These days, these guys easily crush the interests of others, causing the entire business world in Owain City to be in chaos. Even a place like an orphanage had become a place for them to reap benefits and fame.”

Orne was more than 80 years old. He was an old-school person. He wasn’t exactly kind, but he was quite particular.

In fact, for people like Orne, with their identities and statuses, they couldn’t be measured by the values of ordinary people.

“Send someone over. At least, nothing must happen to Stansen in this accident.” Orne collected his emotions and instructed in a deep voice.

“Yes, I’ll do that right away.” The old butler bowed and replied.