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At the center of Owain City, Alexander Corporation headquarters.

Alexander leaned on the soft sofa.

He watched the video his subordinate was live-streaming to him.

A helicopter opened the way.

There were dozens of BMW escorts on the ground.

In the middle was the bright white Lamborghini.

He picked up the red wine.

He took a sip.

“As I expected.

“That old fellow, Orne, won’t sit idle.

“But this formation really isn’t small.”

Alexander thought.

This Stansen.

He really cherished life.


He only cherished his own life.

Financial Center Building, 40th floor.

Victoria was in the office.

She put down the tablet computer in her hand.

She sighed deeply.


“The time hasn’t come yet, right?”

She could only choose to trust her partner.

They were now in the same boat.

At the old teahouse.

Orne was in a bad mood.

Wrinkles appeared on his face as he stood up unhappily.

He was about to leave the teahouse.

“Go back!”

The bodyguard hurriedly followed closely behind.

“On Enjing Road, an accident occurred on the east-west road

“Please avoid the road ahead of time.

“This is Owain Traffic Broadcast…”

A gray Buick drove out of the intersection of Enjing Road.

The car’s radio gave out a traffic jam report.

“Bro, didn’t you come from Enjing Road?

“What happened there just now?”

The bald middle-aged man in the car turned and asked John casually.

His clothes were dirty, his face was messy, and his mannerisms were rough.

This was a ride-hailing car that John had randomly found online.

He retracted his gaze from Enjing Road.

John turned his eyes to the bald man.

He casually glanced at the bald driver’s fingernail inconspicuously.

The bald man’s fingernails were yellow and were filled with black dregs where they connected to his fingers.

His fingers were also slightly deformed.

Through the rearview mirror.

John saw the bald driver’s teeth.

They were black and yellowish. There were even some leeks stuck in them.

It was probably caught on his teeth at breakfast.

The bald driver’s face was sallow and his eyelids were drooping.

It could be determined that this was an old smoker.

Of course, there was actually no need for such a complicated observation.

Foresee had already explained all these.

For the current John, even observing someone or something seemed unnecessary.

Of course, having the ability to read people’s expressions was always good to have.

“At 8.55 PM and 25 seconds, you walked out of Enjing Road and opened the online dating website at the intersection.”

“At 8.58 PM and 46 seconds, a gray Buick stopped in front of you. The owner of the car was an old smoker who had smoked for 20 years.”

John looked away.

He began to describe the general process of the incident.

“Just now at Enjing Street, a Lamborghini was splashed by mud…”

He spoke unhurriedly with a gentle voice.

It was as if he had seen the entire incident with his own eyes.

His tone didn’t change at all when he described the scenes that were bloody.

In fact, he hadn’t just witnessed it with his own eyes.

This so-called traffic accident was even caused by him.

Therefore, he wouldn’t feel any emotion.

All the results were destined.

The bald man sweated when he heard this.

After all, he was also a ride-hailing driver who worked all year round.

There were also times when he was in a bad mood.

If in the future, when he vented his temper, and also encountered such bad luck, what should he do?

He couldn’t help but admire this young man who was taking his car.

The young man was calm and composed.

“Bro, mind if I take a smoke?” The bald man felt that life was unpredictable and his smoking addiction kicked in.

“Go ahead.” John lowered his eyes and said calmly.

At the same time.

Stansen’s motorcade had smoothly entered the main road.

In the helicopter above the traffic flow.

There was a well-equipped security guard.

He was on guard at all times and carefully observed for any suspicious signs.

“Turn around. Go to Gwen Villa.”

Suddenly, Stansen changed his mind.

Normally, he rarely mentioned or went to Gwen Villa.

It could be considered a sort of refuge for him.

He felt that it would definitely be safer there.

The motorcade naturally followed Stansen’s orders.

At the next intersection, this entire motorcade and the helicopter in the sky took a U-turn around. It was quite a magnificent scene.

In a ray Buick.

John’s eyes were almost fixed on the watch on his left hand.

His right hand tapped on his thigh rhythmically.

He silently counted the time.

“At 9.15 PM and 39 seconds in the morning, the car you were in turned into Heku Road.

“At 9.43 PM and 11 seconds, the car you’re in will drive to Yanjiang Expressway.

“9.59 PM and 24 seconds, the car you’re in will drive down from the Yangjiang Expressway.

“10.07 PM and 30 seconds. The car you’re in is on the riverside highway, traveling on the overpass.”

A step in the Foresee flashed before John’s eyes.

At this moment.

From the radio.

Suddenly, another report came out:

“There was a traffic accident near the northwest exit of the highway.

“A heavy-duty semi-trailer oil tanker that was parked temporarily in the middle of the road and the emergency lane was chased.

“Oil is suspected to have leaked from the tanker.

“Drivers who plan to pass through this highway, please avoid it in advance!”

The announcement ended.

John looked up.

“It’s a good thing we just got off the highway, or we would have been stuck there.”

The bald man was relieved.

He looked up as he spoke.

He looked at the highway beside him.

At this moment, the highway was already congested with cars.

John responded casually.

Then, he glanced at his watch.

Then, he touched his pocket.

He took out his phone.

The moment the caller ID appeared, he had already answered the call.

Before Victoria could react and was about to say something, John’s inexplicable words interrupted her.


“My throat feels itchy.

“My chest indeed feels a little tight.

“My mood is very impetuous, and my mind is blank.

“It’s hard to concentrate. It’s like being addicted to cigarettes.”

Victoria was surprised but didn’t know what to do.

But she was smart and didn’t interrupt John.

Instead, she pondered over John’s words.

Was there some hidden meaning behind them?

She pondered to herself.


What Victoria didn’t know was that at this moment, a bald driver was sitting in the driver’s seat and driving the car.

When he heard John’s first words, he already felt uncomfortable.

First John spoke the word throat.

The bald driver’s Adam’s apple bobbed and it felt ticklish.

When John said that his chest was tight.

His chest felt stuffy too as if he couldn’t breathe.

The bald man gradually felt frustrated!

“It’s hard to concentrate. It’s like being addicted to cigarettes”

At this moment.

John’s words were like a reminder.

The bald middle-aged man also felt his smoking addiction acting up.

In the back, John was still on the phone.

The bald driver took out another cigarette.

This time, he didn’t ask again.

He lighted it up and took a puff.

Then, he let out a long sigh of relief.

His stuffy chest finally felt much more comfortable.

John glanced at the driver.

Then he hung up.

The car was still moving smoothly.