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On the Yangjiang Expressway.

At the road where the traffic accident happened.

The solvent oil carried by the heavy oil tank was leaking.

A portion of the solvent oil slowly flowed along the ditch beside the highway.

Then, it entered the drainage pipe on the highway.

Directly below the drainage pipe.

There was a wide 4-lane asphalt road.

At the intersection of the asphalt road.

A long shadow was shrinking.

The luxurious and huge motorcade was approaching.

Solvent oil leaked from the heavy fuel tank.


It flowed along the drainage pipe.

Into the asphalt road below the highway.

The asphalt road wasn’t completely flat.

Needless to say, the pits were obvious.

Due to the wear and tear of the cars, rain and wind, over time, the asphalt road was completely tilted towards the center.


Those solvent oils flowed along the uneven road and flowed toward the center of the road.

Soon after.

In the potholes near the middle of the right driveway.

There was already a lot of solvent oil accumulated.

Owain City, police headquarters.

In the surveillance room.

Sona kept pulling up the surveillance footage of Stansen’s route.

On the screen, Stansen’s motorcade

would constantly appear on the monitors.

“The motorcade has reached the foot of the highway,” Sona reported solemnly.

“Stansen’s destination this time should be the Gwen Villa District.

“There were no bunkers or obstructions along the way.

“With his current security and vigilance…” Sona paused for a while. “There shouldn’t be any more accidents.”

Although they could basically ensure Stansen’s safety now.

Sona still used the word ‘shouldn’t’.

After all, his opponent was John.

Every move John made was bold and imaginative.

Listening to the young police belle’s narration,

the criminal investigation experts present also secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

After learning that John had acted again, their minds were extremely tense.

As Stansen was moving on the road, some of the experts didn’t even dare to blink as they stared at the monitor.

“That kid John has put too much pressure on us these days.

“To us, his methods are always fantasy-like.

“However, each time, it will achieve the result he desired.

“I almost thought he was a God.”

They gradually relaxed and let out a long sigh.

However, before they completely relaxed.

Sona’s tone changed and she frowned.

“Wait a minute!

“Near the northwest exit of the Yangjiang Expressway.

“There was a traffic accident and a heavy oil tanker was rear-ended!”

Her gaze quickly swept across the monitor.

A moment later, Sona sighed in relief and said, “Luckily, it’s not a big problem.

“The accident has been handled. No casualties.”

Hearing that, the hearts of the criminal investigation experts pounded heavily.

Their backs were drenched in a cold sweat.

They could only lean back heavily in their chairs.

In that instant.

They even thought that something had really happened again.

In the surveillance room where the atmosphere had relaxed a little.

Sitting in the main seat was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man, Victor.

When he heard the words “oil tanker”, his right eyebrow kept jumping.

His entire body suddenly tensed up.

He felt a little thirsty.

He stood up.

Picked up a glass of water.

Walked to the water dispenser.

Collected and drank half a glass of warm water.

His mouth was still dry.

He collected half a glass of warm water again.

He brought the glass of water to his mouth.

Water splashed out of the cup and soaked the back of his hand.

At this moment, Victor realized that his right hand that was holding the glass was trembling uncontrollably.

Victor inhaled deeply several times to calm himself down.

He turned around.

A beam of fire shot into the sky and shone in his eyes.

His pupils constricted.

Covering his head with both hands, he almost fell down.

The glass in his hand smashed onto the ground.


The crisp sound of glass shattering could be heard.

It echoed in the quiet surveillance room.

It seemed so abrupt.

Owain Financial Center Building.


“My throat feels itchy.

“My chest indeed feels a little tight.

“My mood is very impetuous, and my mind is blank.

“It’s hard to concentrate. It’s like being addicted to cigarettes.”

What did these words mean?

Victoria was muttering these words.

She thought about it word by word.

However, she couldn’t figure out any secret signal or something from these words.

‘Could it be…

‘These words weren’t for me?’

Victoria suddenly thought of something.

At this moment.

The secretary outside the door staggered in with a pale face.

She didn’t even think of knocking.

A scene appeared in front of Victoria.

A huge motorcade was moving majestically.

On the asphalt road they were about to cross.

A strange light reflected.

This was a video replay.

On the ninth second.

The sky was filled with flames.

Instantly robbing Victoria of her vision.

For a moment, she was lost in thought.

Another loud bang sounded.

It stripped Victoria of her hearing too.

This might be her psychological effect.

One thing was sure.

She had never seen such a beautiful firework!

It was as if the only thing left in the world was the fire in the video.

“Miss Victoria!”

“Miss Victoria!”

The secretary’s voice finally woke her up.

She calmed down and woke up from her daze.

Victoria was thrilled.

But for some reason, goosebumps crawled all over her delicate white skin.

Along the highway, there was an overpass.

10.12 AM and 49 seconds.

“Sorry, I don’t feel well.”

John looked away from his wristwatch.

He frowned.

He suddenly pointed at the cigarette butt beside the bald driver’s hand.

The bald driver responded.

Immediately after.

He rolled down the car window.

He then flicked the cigarette out of the window skillfully.

The bald driver retracted his hand.

He happened to catch a glimpse of the scene in the rearview mirror from the corner of his eye.

He felt very strange about this young man.

He could clearly sense that this young passenger seemed to be scrutinizing every move he made while flicking out the cigarette butt.

This feeling disappeared in an instant.

The bald driver scratched his head and didn’t think too much about it.

The cigarette butt was still rolling in the air according to the trajectory of the bald driver’s flick.

It drew an arc in the air.

It then rolled along the ground.

The cigarette landed on the imperceptible traces of the solvent oil.

At this moment, something unexpected happened!

Sparks appeared.

The faint sparks continued to spread along the asphalt road.

The crooked oil marks were like the fuse of a cannon.

Sparks followed this fuse line and kept moving forward on the ground!


Sporadic flames touched the oil pit in the middle of the right-hand lane.

An intense burst of flames burst forth after a short while of brewing!

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