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The back tire near the engine tank of a bright white Lamborghini crushed over the oil pit.

In the smooth-moving car.

The temperature was comfortable and so was Stansen’s mood.

Stanson, the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce.

He seemed to have finally escaped from the calamity of life and death.

He urgently needed to release the suppressed emotions in his heart.

He looked at the cars surrounding him like stars surrounding the moon as well the helicopter flying in the sky and leading the way.

The pride in his heart broke through the shackles of fear and climbed back up.

There was a self-satisfied smile on his lips.

Stansen’s breathing was slightly hurried.

His skin was still a little hot.

Finally, after experiencing extreme fear and oppression.

His adrenaline level went up, and he revealed a hideous and twisted smile.

He swore in his heart that he would tear John into pieces!

Stansen only wanted to vent his anger now!

He took out a bottle of expensive red wine from the wine cabinet in the car.

He didn’t care about the steps of the so-called aristocrats.

He only shook it forcefully.

Then, he violently twisted open the cork!

Thick and fragrant wine-red liquid sprayed out!

Red wine.

It matched Stansen’s red cheeks.

He didn’t care at all that the wine was seeping into the expensive carpet and luxurious interior beneath his feet.

He lowered his head.

He looked at his white shirt that was soaked in red wine.

Stansen laughed softly.

Although he was met with danger this time, the resources mobilized in an emergency allowed him to feel the power that his authority could bring!

The middle finger and ring finger of Stansen’s left hand grabbed the neck of the red wine and held it up.

He took out a glass of red wine from the wine cabinet with his right hand.

He poured himself a full glass of red wine.

Copying the actions of the upper-class people, Stansen turned on the sound system.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony poured into the car.

The music that was getting stronger and stronger made Stenson felt like a victorious general.

The song ended.

He also finished the red wine in his glass.

Stansen, who was over 50 years old and still had fair skin, showed a hint of drunkenness on his face.

At this moment.

The phone beside his foot rang.

He bent slightly and picked up his phone.

Seeing the name on the screen.

Stansen frowned deeply.

No matter who it was, calling him at this moment had disturbed his mood.

However, he didn’t dare to reject the call.

Because the person calling was his boss, Orne.

Even though he looked unhappy, the moment the call connected, like the weather at the beginning of the season, Stansen’s face instantly changed.

With a respectful smile, he replied, “President Orne, I’ve troubled you.”

His tone was fawning.

While Stansen was talking on the phone, he looked out of the window.

A straight highway.

A beautiful bridge that intersected along the river.

It didn’t seem to be far from Gwen Villa District.

His mood became even happier.

His tone became even more respectful.

He continued to say something into the phone.

He casually looked ahead.

In the middle of the clean asphalt road.

It was connected to a thin, meandering water trail.

His brows rose.

He seemed to faintly see some sparks.

It seemed to be following a fuse.

It kept extending!

Before Stansen could react.

The front wheels of the car had already crushed over the winding fuse.

The tires in front and behind smashed through the uneven road one after another.

There was an undetectable bumpiness…

“President Orne, please wait a moment. Something seems to have happened to here.” Stansen smiled and continued.

However, before his voice landed.

A fierce heatwave instantly enveloped the car he was sitting in!

The area around the car window was red from the fire!

Clutching his phone, a strong sense of fear hit him!

Stenson didn’t know what had happened.




A muffled explosion sounded in his ears!

Immediately after.

The intense impact flipped the bright white Lamborghini over.

The fuel tank exploded!




Stansen was like a panting dog.

Terrifying blood seeped out of the top of his head.

It quickly covered his cheeks.

Black and red streams, flowed down endlessly from his head.

It had long covered his eyes.

Because his Lamborghini was a special car, the quality of the glass was excellent.

It didn’t shatter during the collision.

But the extreme heat would soon destroy the glass.

Stansen painstakingly swiped the blood from his eyes.

He originally wanted to struggle and escape.

However, when he opened his eyes, the hot glass could no longer hold on.

After a moment of silence.

In the stuffy, hot, and oppressive car.

An explosion occurred!

Stansen couldn’t open his eyes anymore.

He fell Into endless darkness.

In a black BMW.

The Owain Chamber of Commerce’s 80-year-old president, Orne, sat inside.

He was holding a phone in his hand.

His cloudy eyes were fixed on the hung-up call.

At the end of the call, there were only countless explosions.

He knew that Stansen was probably dead.

He was feeling rather down.

Old President Orne felt some sadness too.

After all, Stansen had followed him for many years.

Perhaps he often had ulterior motives.

But in front of Orne, he still acted very respectfully.

“Help me investigate someone.”

He withdrew from the faint sadness he felt.

Orne’s voice was heavy as he said to the old butler beside him.

In the center of Owain City.

In the headquarters building of Feiyang Corporation.

Alexander, this business tycoon.

This was a person who could make the entire Owain City tremble with one stomp of his foot.

At this moment, he was sitting dejectedly at his desk.

His face was hideous and twisted.

The screen in front of him was burning with raging flames.

After a long while.

Alexander grabbed the computer screen on the table.

He crashed heavily onto the ground.

This didn’t relieve his hatred.

He suddenly stood up.

His feet kept stepping on the fragments of the screen.

His hands never stopped moving too.

He smashed whatever he saw.

Books, wine glasses, calligraphy, and painting.

He even pulled out a long knife from under the sofa.

He slashed wildly at the desk.

This poor wood.

Soon, they became wooden blocks and even sawdust.

Fragments flew everywhere.

Some of them even bounced onto Alexander’s body.

Like a madman, he ignored them.

He just kept brandishing the long knife.

On the flat asphalt road.

A Buick was driving unhurriedly.

“Bro, did you hear anything just now?” The bald driver asked casually, just like before.

“I hear it.” John looked normal. “It sounded like an explosion.”

His tone was still as casual as ever.

The bald driver was used to this strange young man’s tone.

He looked in the rearview mirror.

“Such a huge cloud of dust!” He shouted in surprise.

The bald driver wasn’t as calm as John.

“It looks like the place we just passed!” The bald driver continued.

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