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“Cough cough cough…”

On the way back to the police headquarters.

Victor, who had never smoked before, started smoking mouthful by mouthful.

He coughed violently in discomfort.

After a while, Victor gradually became familiar with the smell of cigarettes.

He did something that only an old smoker would do.

Amidst the white smoke.

Victor seemed to have seen the shadow of an old smoker.

Hearing Sona’s call, Victor hurried over, reeking of the smell of cigarettes.

Sona knew that Victor didn’t have a habit of smoking.

Hence, she felt puzzled.

She sniffed the smoke and wanted to say something.

However, after noticing Victor’s expression, she stopped paying attention to this detail.

“I’ve pulled up a lot of information on the car owner, but this one might suit your requirements the best,” Sona said in a deep voice.

She looked at the screen.

The mouse in her hand kept moving.

Soon, a credential photo and related information appeared on the screen.

It was presented in front of Victor and Sona.

The person in the photo looked like a bald middle-aged man.

His skin was sallow, and his eyes were dim.

“His name is Peter, 32 years old. He’s an online ride-hailing driver.”

“Most importantly, I checked the reception information of his platform.”

Sona’s eyes flickered, her expression focused.

“This morning, at 8.57 PM and 45 seconds, Peter received an order to go to the Meiyi department store at the Enjing Road intersection.”

After saying that, Sona brought up an electronic map of the entire route outlined in red lines.

“Do you have his customer’s information?” Victor leaned over and looked closely at the screen.

“No, this platform has just been established. It doesn’t have any real-name requirements for users yet. Also, I’ve checked the phone number. It’s an empty number.” Sona shook her head and replied.

Victor pointed at the photo of the bald middle-aged man on the screen.

“Find him and invite him over,” Victor said in a deep voice.

After dealing with all the possible scenarios.

Victoria felt conflicted.

She entered a beauty shop that she secretly owned.

She walked a few steps to the underground parking lot of the beauty shop.

She quietly entered another ordinary, low-key sedan.

The phone in her bag kept vibrating.

Victoria answered the phone calls one by one.

When she hung up the last call.

There was a complicated expression on her fair and beautiful face.

It was hard to find an adjective to describe her current chaotic emotions.

During the eight years she had been in Owain City, although she was always restrained by the York Family, she still had a secret and reliable information network.

Just now.

She learned a lot of information through a subordinate.

In the current Owain City.

Many forces would be taking action.

There were undercurrents that could very well change the situation in the city.

Victoria looked grave.

There was a sense of urgency.

She adjusted her breathing and calmed her mind.

“The leakage of the solvent oil caused the explosion…”

Her slender and fair fingers gently massaged her temples.

Victoria considered a message she had just received.

The traffic accident that happened to the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Stansen.

On the surface, it wasn’t complicated.

Therefore, the elites of various industries could easily obtain information about it.

However, the more it seemed like an accident, the more shocked everyone was.

Unlike the others,

Victoria had extra information. The mysterious words.

“Like a psychological cue.

“He wasn’t talking to me.

“Smoking addiction?”

Victoria’s car quickly disappeared into the busy road.

In the back seat.

Victoria held her head in her hands.

She kept guessing in his heart.

Her breathing became heavier.

Victoria was trembling.

She seemed to have guessed something.

At this moment.

What appeared in front of Victoria was the scene when she first met John.

She held the pistol and pressed the barrel against John’s forehead.

What came into view was a pair of fearless eyes that were smiling instead.

Those calm, deep eyes kept magnifying in Victoria’s mind!


Victoria thought of those eyes again.

She felt a strong sense of fear!

“Contact President Orne!”

“Just say that I want to visit him.”

At the center of Owain City, Alexander Corporation headquarters.

In the office on the 60th floor.

Alexander held the sharp long knife in his hand.

He stood in the middle of a wasteland.

His chest rose and fell as he panted heavily.

He casually threw the knife on the floor.

There were actually drops of blood on the ground.

Alexander raised his left hand and handed it over expressionlessly.

A hideous wound appeared on his hand.

This big shot of Owain City.

When he went crazy, he wouldn’t even let himself off.

At the side was a trembling female subordinate.

Her face was pale and her entire body was trembling as she disinfected and bandaged Alexander’s wound.

After venting, Alexander suddenly looked at the middle-aged butler who was waiting quietly beside him.

His face turned cold as he said in a deep voice.

He paused and added sharply, “Now!”

According to the mindset of an ordinary person, having offended an existence like John, who was like a demon, they would definitely be in a constant state of panic.

They might even hide somewhere and refuse to come out.

However, In Alexander’s mind, now was the safest time.

At this moment, John had just planned an accident.

There would be a temporary void and an absolute safe period!

Of course, this was just his own wishful thinking.

However, having been in a high position for many years, this gave him unparalleled confidence.

Soon, Alexander also sat quietly in a custom-made bulletproof car.

Starfall Garden, President Orne’s residence.

“The chairman of the Feiyang Corporation, Alexander, is here to visit!”

“I have something important to discuss with you!” After the old butler spoke, Alexander also spoke of his purpose.

Owain Center district, Lotte Villa District.

Victoria got out of the car in front of the front door.

The driver drove to the underground parking lot.

On the way here, she had thought about it.

How would John react after planning such an event?

But when she actually met John in person.

She froze.

Steam rose in the elegant living room.

Before she entered the house, the fragrance assaulted her senses.

An electric hot pot was placed in the middle of the expensive mahogany dining table!

John picked out a piece of chicken with red oil from the pot.

He was blowing at it as he put it into his mouth.

“You’re here?” Upon seeing Victoria, John casually greeted her.

His second sentence surprised Victoria even more.

“Have you had lunch? Do you want to eat together?”

John acted like a real foodie.

Victoria’s eyes widened in surprise.

Looking at John, who had a warm and satisfied smile on his face.

She didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary.

Could this be the demeanor of a true expert?

Wasn’t he worried at all?

Or did he not know that he had been targeted by many forces?

Victoria felt confused.

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