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An ordinary, slightly old, black Volkswagen Santana drove quietly into the underground parking lot of Owain city’s police headquarters.

Two Secret Service agents got out of the car.

Behind them was a white-faced, bald middle-aged man whose body was trembling uncontrollably.

This person was Peter, the driver of the online ride-hailing car that John was on.

The two officers led the bald man into the building.

The steps of the staircase flashed past his eyes.

Peter felt his heart slowly jumping to his throat.

He didn’t know what had happened.

However, just now, he saw two IDs belonging to the National Special Task Force.

Then, he could only follow them into the car without any resistance.

In a small interrogation room where all four sides were sealed off.

A dim light and cold room.

A metal table and wooden chair.

Under the ceiling was a wire wrapped in black leather.

It was hanging there emptily.

There was actually no hanging light under the wire.

Peter walked gingerly into the interrogation room.

A dignified middle-aged man in a detective’s uniform came in.

He quietly stood by the door.

Suddenly, there was a heavy knock on the door.

to signifying his arrival.

A voice suddenly sounded in the silent interrogation room.

It made Peter’s skin crawl and his palms sweat.

The switch beside the door was flipped.

The middle-aged detective strode to the interrogation table.

He switched on the table lamps on both sides.

The entire interrogation room was finally much brighter than before.

Peter looked at the sudden light and found it dazzling.

The middle-aged detective in the detective uniform simply said, “Have a seat.”

He reached out to move the chair in front of the metal table.

Unexpectedly, it weighed more than it looks.

The wooden chair was dragged by Peter, making a chest-wrenching sound!

When he sat down in front of the table.

Peter’s cheeks were already sweating and his eyes were wandering.

But only dared to gasp timidly.

Outside the interrogation room, on the sixth floor, in the surveillance room.

A dozen or so experts, including Victor, carefully observed the bald middle-aged man on the screen.

“His mental defenses are about to collapse.” said an old detective.

In fact, this was what a normal person would do after experiencing all kinds of psychological hints and pressure.

A reaction that he should have.

As John had done last time.

Speaking of which, this bald middle-aged man was quite pitiful.

He had already been involved in a shocking case.

And he had been used as a pawn.

“There was nothing unusual on the way, was there?

Victor looked at his two subordinates and asked.

“Pay attention to protecting Peter’s information.

“If those people find out that Stanson’s accident might have something to do with Peter.

“Then even if he had ten thousand lives, he will still end up dead!” Victor warned in a heavy tone.

Now, in some of the circles in Owain City.

Black clouds were already pressing down on the city.

It was just that they lacked a fuse.

As soon as he finished speaking.

Victor turned and walked toward the interrogation room.

Scenes of interrogation appeared one after another.

It flashed before all the police and secret service agents in the surveillance room.

“I remember him! He was the passenger I pulled over this morning.

“This bro rarely speaks along the way.”

There was a snapping sound.

The middle-aged detective remained expressionless.

His palm slammed heavily on the table.

Peter trembled uncontrollably.

He was a 32-year-old man.

At this moment, his eyes instantly turned red.

Tears were frightened out of her eyes.

“I remember that when we turned into the river crossing bridge.

“This young man answered a call!”

Peter stammered as he recalled.

Hearing his words, Victor leaned back.

He subconsciously stroked the hair on his forehead.

Peter’s memory became exceptionally clear.

He repeated John’s words word by word, almost perfectly recalling John’s words.

Hearing this, Victor looked up.

A pair of eagle-like sharp eyes looked at the bald man.

“This is a simple psychological cue.”

In the surveillance room.

A middle-aged female detective who was very accomplished in the field of psychology and

wearing gold-rimmed raised her eyebrows and said.

After listening to the last sentence.

There was another heavy creaking sound in the interrogation room.

Victor suddenly stood up and dragged the chair behind him heavily.

Not much emotion could be seen on his face.

He just placed his hands in his pockets and walked out of the interrogation room.

He walked along the long corridor.

The dim corridor lights shone on his face.

The main purpose of inviting Peter over was just to confirm John’s level of involvement in this accident.

And also to find a logical explanation for the accident.

So after obtaining Peter’s statement, the series of processes related to the Stansen explosion was already quite clear.

Victor stood in front of the window.

His breathing was heavy and hurried.

Even though he had encountered countless shocking cases involved with the dark world.

At this moment, he still felt an unprecedented fear.

He looked at the dark sky.

In the sky, there seemed to be a gray-clothed young man wearing a hood.

The young man suddenly looked up.

A pair of eyes looked at him mockingly!

“He seems to be able to see the future!”

Victor muttered in his heart.

“We need to report this further.”

“John is at a completely different level than I can handle.”

Victor lowered his head again.

He didn’t dare to look at the distant sky anymore.

He remained silent with an unwilling expression.

“I’ll be troubling you then.” He bowed to Orne, who was sitting with his eyes closed and said.

With that, he bade farewell to Orne softly.

Then, Alexander strode away and turned to leave neatly.

His emotions were restrained.

It was impossible to tell from his face.

However, there was a suppressive and terrifying aura faintly discernible on his body.

The night gradually darkened.

The bright moonlight shone through the window.

It landed on the cashmere carpet.

He was meticulously doing push-ups one after another.

Large beads of sweat rolled down his skin.

The door not far away was suddenly pushed open slowly.

John remained in his push-up position.

He raised his head and looked over.

What came to his eyes was a pair of wine-red high heels first.

Then came a pair of beautiful legs wrapped in white stockings.

Round, slender, and perfectly straight.

A short skirt that only covered her hips.

An exquisite navel that wasn’t concealed at all.

Proud twin peaks that trembled slightly.

As well as the beautiful face that was now flushed red and looked even more delicate and charming.

“You helped me get rid of Stansen, the old dog of the York family.

“He often used his identity as the envoy of the York Family to oppress me.

“He’s also a vile person who harms others for his own benefit and takes the lives of others for money.

“Even death can’t wipe away his crimes.

“Although we are partners, I know that you have to pay a huge price to kill him.

“I won’t let you pay for nothing.”

Victoria bit her red lips and hesitated for a while.

She then tried her best to remain calm and said the above words.

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