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Victoria’s meaning was obvious.

Although John had obtained extraordinary abilities, although he had trained his willpower, he was still a normal young man.

He would still have the biological needs of a young man.

Not to mention that he had been in prison for five years.

There was an infinite fire in his heart.

In the huge bedroom.

John was still in the push-up position.

Between his broad chest.

Beads of sweat were gathered.

From John’s current point of view, Victoria’s perfect figure was clearly visible.

He could even faintly see the mysterious domain.

His mouth gradually felt dry.

His Adam’s apple bobbed and he swallowed quietly.

The blood in his body seemed to be burning.

It flowed rapidly into his limbs and bones.

He could clearly feel his heart racing.

After a long while.

John finally sighed.

Retracting his palm, he used his arm to support his body.

Instead, he changed into a planking position.

Victoria saw John move.

Like a frightened deer, she faintly took a step back.

It looked inconspicuous.

But how could it escape the eyes of the current John?

He knew in his heart.

Victoria was probably trying to cozy up to him.

It wasn’t that she liked him very much.

“You should leave. I’m not an animal who thinks with my lower body.

“You don’t have to do this in the future. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to.”

Victoria felt relieved as if she had been granted amnesty.

She turned to leave.

“Also, who said that I need to pay a huge price?”

A faint chuckle came from behind her.

Victoria looked back again.

She stared blankly at John.

Although John was drenched in sweat, his relaxed tone revealed his dominance.

A condescending aura came from John’s body.

This man seemed to be very charming!

Victoria was dazed for a moment.

Then, she quickly awakened and kept her disgraceful appearance.

She left quickly.

Her steps were chaotic.

John laughed bitterly and continued training.

In the dead of the night.

John finally stopped training.

The intensity of John’s training tonight.

It was twice as much as before.

He wrapped himself in the bath towel and walked into the bathroom barefoot.

He didn’t turn on the hot water.

Cold water poured on his body.

That was one of the top goddesses in Owain City!

Be it status, status, or appearance.

Few people in Owain could be compared to Victoria.

Even though he rejected Victoria.

He also had to calm his body down.

The next morning.

John woke up early.

He sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in the hall.

He looked at an exquisite-looking old book he was holding seriously.

History of Mold Country.

Using history as a lesson was a very good way to rest his body and mind.

While strengthening his body, John began to further enrich his wisdom and strategy.

The ability of Foresee was ultimately just an external ability.

Only abilities that were engraved in one’s body and soul were the true capital.

While John was concentrating on his book.

In the garden, 19-year-old Hamlet was training.

He punched again and again, practicing the grappling technique!

Around 9 AM in the morning.

Owain City International Airport.

A flight from Marka City landed.

A medium build man wearing sunglasses and a yellow leather coat appeared.

He’s a middle-aged man in his thirties. He walked down the gangway.

He looked up at the not too dazzling sun.

His expression that was mostly covered by the sunglasses was indifferent.

The middle-aged man retracted his gaze.

He strode into the reception car.

After leaving the arrival hall.

He pulled a small suitcase behind him.

Just like that.

He walked into the garage of the airport casually.

He stood in front of a black Mercedes.

A bodyguard in a black suit got out of the car to welcome him.

He took the suitcase from the middle-aged man’s hand meticulously.

Then, he opened the car door for him.

“Master York!”

Together with the East District’s Rayast.

The person in charge of the West District for this generation, who, together with Rayast, controlled most of the underground circles in Owain City, Yongen.

He was also in the car.

He smiled warmly and called out.

This person had flown down from Marka City.

A middle-aged man in a yellow leather coat.

He was the eldest grandson of the York family.

He was also Victoria’s marriage partner, Johnson.

In fact.

Three years ago.

Victoria should have already married into the York Family.

But Victoria did everything she could to drag on until now.

After exchanging some pleasantries, silence returned to the car.

Leaning back, Johnson squinted.

His expression flickered.

He came this time for two reasons.

The first reason was regarding Stansen.

Stansen, the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce.

He was the York family’s agent in Owain City.

His status wasn’t that simple.

The area under his influence was the entire Pearl Triangle business district!

The benefits involved in this competition were huge.

The two core economic pillars of the country were the Long Triangle where the York Family’s headquarters, Marka, was located,

and the Pearl Triangle region where Owain City was located!

Investigate the reason for Stansen’s death.

Pick and support a new agent for the York family in the business world in Owain City.

This was the first thing.

The second thing.

Johnson opened his eyes, his gaze sinister.

Was to bring Victoria back to the York family!

Old Mr. York’s health had been deteriorating recently.

As the eldest grandson of the leading branch, before the Old Master passed away.

he had to bring this granddaughter-in-law selected by the Old Master back!

Johnson clenched his fists.

His joints were slightly white.

Yongen brought Johnson with him and drove quietly into a villa in the West District.

This time, Johnson represented the York family from Marka.

News of his arrival in Owain City wasn’t known to anyone other than Yongen and his driver.

“Young Master York.”

In the living room of the villa.

Yongen, who had removed his coat and was wearing a thin gray sweater, from the driver’s hand, received a thick folder.

Then, he got up.

He handed it to Johnson and said, “This is all the information I have on President Stansen.”

Johnson replied casually.

He flipped through the information carefully.

Starting from the accident that happened to Neil.

Then, to the previous Stansen and Owain Orphanage matter.

The information was very detailed.

Johnson looked solemn.

“Send a death notice to everyone who knows John.”

Johnson’s eyes were ruthless, and his expression was cold.

“Be careful of hiding your identity and splashing the dirty water on East District’s Rayast.”

Yongen and Johnson looked at each other.

The decisiveness and viciousness were obvious.

He was indeed the son of a large family.

His actions were rather ambitious and ruthless.

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