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In the darkness.

A hand suddenly reached into the water.

It swayed in the water, causing the rather clear image

to be suddenly stirred up.

The fish in the water.

They were either panicking or suppressing their anger.

Or maybe taking the opportunity to hide and observe.

East District, the subordinates under Rayast.

Whether it was real or fake information and orders.

It suddenly spread.

Yongen had used the spies that he had hidden for ten years.

At this moment, some of them even held high positions.

Just that they were working for Rayast.

They had been secretly spoiling things for Rayast.

This time, it was a big move.

He wouldn’t hesitate even if all his pawns would be exposed.

He wanted both John and Rayster to suffer heavy losses.

In the Owain Orphanage.

Knock! Knock!

A man in a black trench coat.

A young man wearing a mask and hood, only revealing a pair of eyes.

He stood in front of the director’s office.

The door knocked.

The old hospital director, Susan, was already more than 80 years old.

Having worked for long hours every day, she already looked older than her peers.

After these days of humiliation, anger, and fear.

She seemed to be especially old, about to die.

The surrounding people could clearly sense that her energy was declining.

In fact.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was still held anger in her heart.

And still thinking about the hundreds and thousands of cute children in the orphanage.

Maybe she had already broken down.

Even if she still had a strong faith, her body probably wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

She heard a knock on the door.

The half-asleep old director, Susan, who was lying on her back in her seat was woken up.

Her body couldn’t help but tremble. Her face was dark and sallow.

During her nap just now, she had a nightmare again.

It was a terrifying dream…

She forced herself to respond.

She wanted to stand up.

She stood up a bit too violently and almost fell down.

Her head felt heavy and dizzy.

She had to support herself with her hand on the table.

She struggled to his feet.

The old director had completely white hair.

She staggered to the door.

Gasping for air, she opened the door.

The old director looked up,

but met a pair of cold eyes.

For some reason, at a certain moment, Susan felt that there was killing intent in these eyes.

She was frightened by the coldness.

She almost lost his balance.

The young man seemed to have noticed the old lady’s state.

His lips parted into an even crueler smile.

He handed Susan a wooden box very forcefully.

Susan had to stagger back a few steps.

When she looked out of the door again,

The young man was gone.

She closed the door and slowly sat on the chair.

Susan opened the wooden box.

A strong sense of coldness and awe struck her.

Her pupils rapidly dilated.

The wooden box’s lid fell to the ground.

The sound of the lid dropping echoed in the quiet room.

In the wooden box was a dagger stained with blood.

There even seemed to be meat residue on the sawtooth.

This was a huge impact on an old lady who usually had a kind expression!

A pungent smell of blood assaulted Susan’s nose.

She had been conscientious her entire life, treated others kindly, and loved her children.

She had never seen such a scene before.

Susan’s face was extremely pale.

She suddenly noticed a piece of paper under the dagger.

She unfolded the paper.

Bloody words appeared in her eyes: “John willfully destroyed our people.

“Then went into hiding.

“We can’t find him yet.

“But you guys have nowhere to run.”

These words seemed to be like a wild beast that devoured humans.

And devoured Susan’s heart.


A name from long ago.

The old recalled some things related to this name.

A warmth engulfed Susan’s body.

Although this child was naughty and mischievous, he had an unbreakable bottom line and principle in his heart.

He was pure-hearted and persisted in righteousness.

Then Susan began to worry about John.

“Silly child, what have you done!?

“Please don’t let anything happen to you!”

The old director looked anxious and couldn’t help but shout.

Outside the office.

Old people from the orphanage who had taken care of John rushed here one after another.

They looked into the room in a panic.

Owain City, Huadu District.

A burly middle-aged man with a fat stomach.

A little girl who was exquisite and beautiful like a doll.

She was sitting on the middle-aged man’s shoulders.

The little girl was playing happily with her father.

The middle-aged man had a simple and honest face and was concentrating on playing with the child.

He was a brother who had grown up with John, Galen.

Before John entered prison.

He had done a lot for John.

He had helped with everything he could.

Carrying his daughter on his back and carrying the snack bag.

Galen headed toward an old neighborhood.

This old-fashioned neighborhood was built in the last century.

Although it was shabby, the house prices were cheap.

It was also because of this that Galen could have a small family here.

Galen was grateful and satisfied with his current life.

He carefully protected her.

They walked to the staircase on the fourth floor.

Galen’s heart jolted.

A thick, cold aura instantly enveloped him.

For some reason, outside his house, quite a number of neighbors who were going upstairs and downstairs were crowding there.


Afraid of losing everything he had now!

Galen carried his daughter on his shoulder and rushed home like a madman.

He realized that the lock of his own house was broken. It had been kicked open forcefully!

The room was in a mess.

The furniture was messy and fragmented.

All smashed!


His wife’s eyes were red as she sat paralyzed in front of Parker, the pet dog she had raised at home for three years.

Parker lay on the ground, whimpering.

“Parker is about to die.

“He’s probably been kicked in the abdomen.”

His wife said tearfully.

She had also just reached home when she saw this scene.

The little girl was frightened to tears.

Galen hugged his wife and daughter tightly in his arms.

“Look at this.”

His wife handed Galen a note.

There were blood-stained words on the paper, causing Galen’s eyes to turn red. He glared at this note.

If he was alone, he could risk his life for John and the others.

But there were no ifs…

Helplessness, fear, confusion, and unease filled Galen’s heart.

Every friend and colleague of John’s received a death threat on the same day.

At Lotte Villa.

John received the news.

In the study.

John looked at the white-haired old director in the yellowed photo.

Looked at the photo of Galen hugging his wife and daughter, sitting tiredly in his ruined house.

Looked at his terrified colleagues and friends.

Tears welled up in John’s eyes.