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Police stations from different districts kept receiving calls.

Owain City, Police Headquarters.

Sally, a young detective, hugged a document apprehensively.

She hurried to the six-level tall gray building.

After obtaining approval, she walked into the building.

This young female detective was the first person who had come into contact with John.

However, not long ago, an inspection team was established. The core of this team was the Special Task Force.

Only the most experienced group of criminal investigation specialists were selected.

As Sally was too inexperienced, she was naturally excluded.

This time, the Owain City Police Headquarters collected all the pieces of information from the various branches to help in their investigation.

She was tasked to sent these documents because she was a “half-informed person.”

In the small conference room beside the surveillance room.

Victor was talking to five new colleagues sent by his superiors.

They were talking about something.

He looked at the vibrating phone on the table.

Hence, he put down the pen in his hand and walked to the side.

He opened the double-layered curtain in front of the floor-to-ceiling window slightly.

He looked towards the long corridor.

Soon, Sally, the young detective carrying the documents, appeared before him.

“It seems like something has happened. I’ll go take a look.” Victor said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he walked out of the conference room.

He walked towards the surveillance room.

He came to the entrance of the surveillance room.

He leaned against the door and listened to Detective Sally’s report.

His gaze flickered slightly.

Not long after, the young detective bowed and left.

Victor picked up a document.

Turning the page, he scanned the information.

These were testimonies one after another.

And the corresponding photos of the accident scenes.

He read through a few of them.

Victor didn’t show much emotion on his face.

He just slammed the reports on the table.

He then turned around and walked back into the conference room.

After Victor reported John’s information to the Special Task Force.

The higher-ups valued John even more now.

Moreover, from their reply to Victor, it seemed their attitude towards John was also very strange.

“It’s like…”

Victor frowned and hesitated.

He took a deep breath and stood in the conference room.

He looked at the five people in the room.

Five people were the usual number of people in one Special Task Force team.

But clearly, they weren’t from the same team originally.

Instead, they came from different departments, having been split away from their original teams.

They were especially mobilized to Owain City.

Of the three people sitting on the left.

One was a mature older sister with an intellectual temperament.

One was a mellow-looking middle-aged man.

The other person had grayish-white hair and was holding a walking stick. He was a meticulous old man.

Back in his own police station, Victor had heard of these three people before.

They were three hypnotists.

As long as they could establish a hypnotic condition.

Then, they could bring the target into a world of hypnosis without the target noticing.

Therefore, when he saw these three people,

Victor’s temples were always pounding.

His eyes didn’t want to meet with their eyes.

It was like a biological instinct.

A sense of vigilance kept emerging.

Victor was always worried that unknowingly, he would fall into the hypnosis that they had constructed.

The fourth person from the left was a young man.

He was also about 27 or 28 years old.

Which was about John’s age.

There were thick dark circles under his eyes.

In this environment, it was as if he was about to fall asleep.

His eyes were sleepy and half-closed.

Victor knew that this was an existence whose intelligence far exceeded his own.

Furthermore, this young man with extraordinary intelligence had the potential to become the organization’s brain in the future.

The last person looked very ordinary.

If he was placed in a crowd, it was likely no one could find him in it.

He seemed to be here with a mission.

Perhaps he was here to test their performance in this mission.

He might also be here to observe John’s ability.

Victor could vaguely sense that there were already real big shots in Mold Country’s Special Task Force who were beginning to notice Owain City.

Even in the entire Special Task Force, the abilities of these Special Task Force members weren’t considered weak.

“Now, we have the conditions to force John to appear in front of us.”

Victor took a deep breath.

He walked to the long table and sat down.

He looked at the five people in front of him.

After a pause, he said in a deep voice.

Owain City. A storm was brewing.

The eastern side of the city was in chaos.

Black cars drove back and forth.

More and more people were led to Rayast.

In the downtown area.

A traditional building of the Mold Country.

Rayast was wearing a brown windbreaker.

His hands were placed on a walking stick.

He closed his eyes and sat in the living room.

In front of this old man.

Middle-aged men with pale expressions were kneeling there.

After a long while.

When no one else was brought here, Rayast opened his eyes.

He stood up with the help of his walking stick.

This time.

The unrest in the east was far beyond his expectations.

Many arrogant and unruly people

took advantage of the chaos to take action too.

A large reason for this was related to Rayast’s old age and lack of energy.

When he was young, these clowns never dared to appear in front of him!

Rayast’s heart was filled with anger.

“Who told you to do this?” Rayast walked up to a middle-aged man with a refined temperament who seemed to be a university lecturer and asked.


“I don’t know, I really don’t know…”

The middle-aged man no longer had his usual temperament.

He was sweating and stammering.

Rayast looked at the middle-aged man with muddy eyes.

There was impatience in his eyes.

The walking stick in his hand tapped heavily on the ground.

Then, the momentum of the walking stick changed.

Its sharp tip pierced directly toward the middle-aged man’s neck.

The middle-aged man couldn’t dodge in time.

He didn’t even manage to scream.

He was stabbed into the ground.

Blood gurgled out of the middle-aged corpse’s neck.

The floor was dyed red.

Rayast didn’t even blink.

The old face looked at the second middle-aged man kneeling at the side.

Owain City.

In an old provision store.

John borrowed a phone.

He pressed a string of numbers.

After a long prompt.

The call was finally answered.

“Hello… it’s me…”

John’s voice was hoarse and deep.

As his words landed.

On the other end of the phone.

The receiver muttered doubtfully first.

Then, he couldn’t help but raised his voice. “John! Is that you, John! …”

Then, he realized that the voice was too loud.

He quickly lowered the volume and almost cried. “Are you okay, bro…”

He finally squeezed out a caring sentence.

John thought that after killing so many people,

even if he saw someone close to him now, he could remain calm.

However, he still miscalculated.

His nose felt sore, and water droplets gathered in his eyes, almost flowing down.

“Brother Galen, I’m fine.”

“Instead, you need to be careful and protect yourself and your family.

“Don’t worry, no one will disturb you in the future.”

John wiped his eyes and said softly.

Then, he hung up.

He was afraid that if he said more, he wouldn’t be able to suppress his emotions.

Immediately after, John dialed another number.

“Granny, I’ve caused trouble again…”

As soon as he finished speaking.

John seemed to have returned to his childhood.

At that time, he often caused trouble.

“Are you okay, Little John?” However, there was a sincere voice of concern on the other end of the line.

In her eyes, John had always been a child.

“I’m fine, Granny. You have to be careful of those bad people.

“I’ll protect you next. Little John has already grown up!”

John couldn’t hold back his tears anymore.