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He hung up the call again.

John collected himself.

He had made the last call.

It was to call the police headquarters in Owain City.

In front of John, in Foresee.

“I’m fine, Granny. You have to be careful of those bad people.

“I’ll protect you next. Little John has already grown up!”

John couldn’t hold back his tears anymore.

Step by step.

It was like a code in a computer program.

Strictly fulfilling its duty.

Cold and precise.

“November 27, 5.19 PM and 30 seconds.

“After you learned that your family and friends were threatened with death,

you trembled in anger, wanting to roar and break free from the shackles.

“But you feel deeply powerless.

“Same afternoon, 5.43 PM and 24 seconds.

“You make the decision.

“You called the Owain City Police Headquarters.

“You made a deal with them.

“You went to the police headquarters alone.

“Cooperate with all their investigations.

“You receive a warning from a true big shot.

“The battles mustn’t hurt the innocent.

“The same day at 6.48 PM and 10 seconds.

“Before you go to the police headquarters.

“You plan to leave some backup plans…”

The setting sun shone brightly in the sky.

John was wearing a hood.

Hands in the pockets.

He stood in the shadow of an old building.

He looked at the bustling scene of cars on the road.

After a long while.

John looked down and turned around.

He blended into this huge city.

The steps in Foresee appeared accurately in John’s eyes.

It was just cold data.

It was completely emotionless.

“November 27, 8.34 PM 19 seconds.

“You appeared at the Owain City Car Transport Center.

“After 4 minutes and 41 seconds.

“You stopped in front of the surveillance camera at the intersection and raised your head.

“10.41 PM and 28 seconds the same night.

“You entered the University of Medical Sciences in Owain City.

“Another 6 minutes and 11 seconds later.

“You used your hand to gesture a shooting posture at the surveillance camera.

“11.11 PM and 43 seconds the same night…

“The next morning, 2.42 AM and 49 seconds…

“3.36 AM and 27 seconds…”

Until the early morning.

Under the dark sky.

It started drizzling.

In the empty city.

John walked unhurriedly.

From time to time, he would look up at the street lamp.

The light illuminated the rain nearby.

Clear and bright.

John walked into deep darkness.

During the entire night and early morning.

John’s footsteps almost spanned the entire city.

He followed the steps in Foresee and did a series of actions.

After a busy night.

John was exhausted.

And there wasn’t a single dry spot on his body.

All of them were drenched by the rain.

He was in a sorry state like a drenched chicken.

Although with John’s current physique, he wouldn’t get sick.

But the discomfort was inevitable.

5 AM in the morning.

In the city that was quiet and deeply last night, busy traffic starting appearing.

It was just like how it was during yesterday’s daytime.

Life was always like this, repeating over and over.

At the exit of a subway station.

An old couple in their fifties had already pushed out of their cart.

They began to sell breakfast.

“Give me a pancake.”

John put his hands in his pockets.

As he said so, he walked towards the food cart.

His voice was hoarse and deep.

He handed over the money and took the pancake.

He rejected the napkins from the couple.

Under the orange-yellow light, the old couple with silver hair seemed extremely gentle.

Holding the steaming pancake, John turned and left.

Then he took a big bite of the pancake.

He stopped in his tracks.

He let go of his mouth.

He fiddled with the pancake.

John found an extra omelet and a ham in the pancake.

This wasn’t within the range of his orders.

John turned to look at the old couple questioningly.

“Eat, poor child.

“You were soaked in the rain.

“Eat more hot food to warm your body.”

The old woman said softly.

Her slightly disabled husband looked at John gently too.

John gave the older two a long look.

Then, he turned around and quickly melted into the shadows.

It was almost like he was running away.

Such friendly old people were no longer something he could interact with too much.

Otherwise, he would bring harm to them.

He gulped down the pancake.

John’s body that was drenched in the rain last night felt much warmer.

6 AM.

John sat on the roof of a building.

Looking down at this massive creature that was gradually waking up from its slumber.

He recalled a novel he had read in his youth.

“If the heavens suppress me, split the heavens apart.

“If the earth captures me, shatter it.

“We were all born free, who dares to be high and mighty?”

These words made the young John’s blood boil.

When he entered society.

After becoming an ordinary office worker.

John thought of this passage again.

He only felt that the young were frivolous.

But at this moment, John thought of these words again.

It suited his mental state.

Perhaps he wasn’t born very high.

Maybe no one would love him.

But if anyone attacked him.

No matter how far away they were, he would destroy them!

No one was born to be bullied.

The sharp edges that had previously been smoothed by society.

John sharpened them once again.

All compromises to life would turn into John’s current unwillingness.

They would become the driving force for John to move forward.

If he didn’t have freedom, he would rather die!

Foresee gave John the ability to defy the heavens.

At the same time, it also gave him an aspiration that was higher than the heavens.

The meat-eaters of Owain City were afraid that someone would snatch away their money and status.

So they were always carrying out evil deeds in secret.


John shall punish them for their crimes.

Time passed second by second.

John looked at the horizon.

The sun rose in the east and covered the clouds.

His mind trembled, his eyes burning.

The oppression he felt yesterday night.

The arrogance and unscrupulousness of his opponents he felt yesterday night.

Now, they were all wiped away.

8 AM.

John answered a call.

“I understand.” He responded lightly.

John let out a breath.

Then, he turned around and entered the city.

Since the higher-ups had already given the orders, John wouldn’t have to worry about his family and friends anymore.

He could use his abilities and go all out now.

But at the same time, he also had to try his best to avoid contact with ordinary people.

He had to keep a certain distance from his family and friends.

There would need to be a clear distinction between now and his previous world.

In fact.

During the call to the Owain City Police Headquarters, a special existence from the Special Task Force also came clean with John.

Even if John didn’t agree to their conditions.

They would also send warnings to the various parties in Owain City.

Because those people had gone too far.

They had already crossed the line!

9.35 AM.

John appeared outside the police headquarters.

“Mr. John.”

A young Special Task Force member who had been waiting by the side quickly walked up and called out.

He quietly studied John.

There was deep fear in his eyes.

John looked at the young detective who walked up to him.

He smiled and replied, “Oh, it’s you.”

This ordinary-looking young detective was one of the two detectives who had appeared in the hotel previously.

Seeing John act as if he knew him, the young detective frowned.

But he didn’t say anything.

“This way please, Mr. John.”

He raised his hand timidly and guided John in.