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In the gray six-story building.

In a small conference room.

The lights were dim.

The light was only coming from the front of the room where the screen lit up.

The scene on the screen.

It was taken from the recording equipment on the young detective’s body.

“Your young colleague, from the first time he met John.

“He’s in a state of deep fear and apprehension.

“The two of them are facing each other in an unequal state.”

Among the three psychologists.

The mature and sexy-looking older sister, after studying John for a while, looked at Victor and said so smilingly.

“I didn’t expect this.

“We haven’t put pressure on this John yet.

“Instead, he gave us took us a notch down first.”

The mellow and gentle middle-aged man replied lightly.

A moment after John met the young detective.

John had completely taken the upper hand.

“This young friend is quite a radical and controlling person.”

The gold-rimmed glasses old man who was leaning on a walking stick and had white hair said calmly.


The old man looked at the two psychological experts beside him who were different from him in their field of expertise.

The middle-aged man and the mature sister restrained their emotions and sat upright with a serious expression.

“Our target this time is.” He paused and cleared his throat. “At least make John enter level five of the hypnosis state.

“This young man’s willpower should be far more determined than ordinary people.

“So hypnotizing him isn’t an easy task.

“Please do your best.”

The white-haired old man said in a deep voice.


Both of them expressed their stance.

They were well aware of the importance of this hypnosis mission.

Although they didn’t necessarily think highly of John.

However, the orders from the higher-ups had to be completed.

In the field of hypnosis.

There were six levels of hypnosis that were widely accepted by most hypnotists.

Amongst them, the fifth level of hypnosis was to make the hypnotized person hallucinate and start sleepwalking.

Then, the scene in his mind would become what the hypnotist wanted him to see.

The state of hypnosis at level six was even more shocking.

A hypnotist could directly control the hypnotized person at will.

Making the hypnotized person seem like a walking corpse.

As he stepped into the gray six-story building, John stopped.

His eyes that were distinct in black and white carefully observed the building.


The moment John stepped into the hall of the first floor of the gray six-story building.

He could clearly hear his own footsteps.

He continued walking for a few more steps.

Deng… Deng… Deng…

The footsteps became clearer.

It echoed in John’s ears.

He found that this building which was located in the corner of the police headquarters was unusually quiet.

There was no sense of liveliness in it at all.

As if this was an empty place.

There weren’t even any insects or other small animals.

At this moment.

He could only hear his own footsteps.

There wasn’t any unnecessary noise.

Soon, John stood in the middle of the first-floor hall.

He looked to the front and back of the right-hand side.

They were all narrow and dim corridors.

Darkness filled his vision.

But the hall was very bright and spacious.

John tipped his head back.

He looked up the hall.

The light was warm, comfortable, and gentle.

Comfortable and trustworthy.

The steps on the staircase.

The spiral staircase.

And the stairwell facing the hall.

It was a platform where a number of people could rest.

On the outside was a tight railing.

The entire hall was filled with the order of an industrial building.

John’s eyes shifted to the floor.

Although he knew clearly that it was a six-story building, he still instinctively counted the floors in silence.

Sixth floor.

“Mr. John.

“Continue walking.”

Looking at the dazed John, the young detective, in a voice that was neither high nor low, neither fast nor slow, gently said.


“Okay… Okay…”

He was no longer as astute and intelligent as he was before.

John’s reactions seemed to have slowed down a lot.

He nodded and followed the young man.

The two of them walked up the stairs.

The young detective didn’t choose to lead the way.

He also didn’t follow behind John to monitor him.

Instead, he walked side by side with John.

John seemed oblivious to this.

What was even more surprising was that—it was unknown if it was intentional—the young detective’s pacing was exactly the same as John’s.

And they were completely in sync.

Not a single sound of unnecessary footsteps could be heard!

In this quiet building.

Footsteps slowly echoed in the air.

“You are in charge of receiving John.

“You might unconsciously feel fear when facing him.

“He might even inadvertently gain control of the situation.

“Actually, you are not the only one who feels that way.

“It’s the same for all of your companions, including Victor.

“Watch your step.

“You must maintain the same pacing as John.

“Then, gradually let your footsteps became louder.

“Like stomping your feet hard.

“That will depend on your control.

“You will practice with the others during this period of time.

“Practice on how to keep your footsteps in sync with others.

“When the sound of your footsteps completely covered John’s.

“When you’ve reached the third floor.

“You can begin to attempt to guide the frequency of his footsteps.”

This was the conversation between the young detective and the three hypnotists.

Now, it appeared in his mind.

He began to quietly notice John’s steps.

Step by step.

In the middle of each flight of stairs.

There were photos of famous sceneries around the world hanging on them.

John stopped for a moment in front of a painting.

It was a bare, withered tree with twisted branches.

Just like that.

John seemed to have walked to the stairs of the third floor without noticing.

The young detective quickened his pace.

His footsteps became more frequent.


At this moment.

He was feeling very nervous.

If he couldn’t complete his current mission, it could lead to very different outcomes.

One wrong move could lead to many mistakes!

Soon, he noticed that the footsteps sounding in his ears was actually a uniform sound.

There was no disturbance in the sound at all.

As expected, John began to fall into the trap they had set.