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In the corner of the police headquarters.

In the conference room on the sixth floor of the gray building.

The five reinforcements and Victor.

There were a total of six people.

They were all staring intently at the screen.

“He has already entered our rhythm.”

A mature and sexy older sister leaned back in her chair like a lazy cat.

Her lips curled up in disdain.

This so-called John was only so-so.

Why must the higher-ups take it so seriously?

“Letting this young detective bring John here was one of the preparations that the three of us had discussed beforehand.” The middle-aged man looked at Victor and explained.

“After reading the information that you and your team have collected, we judge that you and your companions will subconsciously fear John when facing him.

“Amongst the group of you, this young detective who’s guiding John now is especially obvious.

“This is also according to your report.

“This young man once went to an inn in the city village…”

Leaning on his walking stick, the old man nudged his gold-rimmed glasses added.

After listening to the three psychologists experts.

Victor didn’t respond.

He just had a faint feeling that John wouldn’t be so easy to deal with.

“After John’s first psychological intimidation of the young detective.

“Even if he doesn’t want to, he will subconsciously feel disdain and contempt for the young detective.

“Therefore, we caught this flaw in his mind and use it to lead him into a shallow state of hypnosis before he sees us.

“This way, it will be even easier for us to implement true hypnosis later.”

The mature and sexy female psychologist adjusted the position of her crossed legs.

Then, she added the final explanation.

The sound of footsteps on the screen became clearer.

It was also very orderly.

This made the crowd was this even more amused.

If it weren’t for the fact that everyone present was shrewd and scheming, perhaps their amusement would have already shown on their faces.

Of course, the sexy older sister was already smiling brightly.

Not too long later.

John had been led to the sixth floor.

They walked along the long and deep corridor.

John looked at the dimly lit corridor.

He felt his thoughts slowing down.

The young detective led John to an interrogation room that had been specially arranged.

On the surface, this interrogation room was no different from ordinary interrogation rooms.

In the dim light.

A metal table and wooden chair.

And a black leather wire hanging in the air.

Only that the wire seemed slightly strange.

However, ordinary people wouldn’t notice this.

Normal people who reached the interrogation room would be waiting anxiously for the interrogation to start.

They wouldn’t think about such a minor problem anymore.

“Mr. John.

“We’re here.”

The young detective stopped and turned around.

He looked deeply at John and said.

In the conference room not far from the interrogation room.

The six detectives with different abilities stared at the screen.

They noticed that on John’s face, the arrogance had dissipated.

His eyelids were trembling slightly.

The eyeball moved left and right unconsciously.

He seemed to be in a daze.

Seeing this scene.

The three psychologist experts cheered in their hearts.

Their joy and confidence were beyond words.

They nodded at each other.

John had undoubtedly entered a state of hypnosis.

“I’ll go over later.” The mature and sexy woman spoke first.

It was as if the credit would be taken away if she went late.

She was filled with confidence now.

She believed that she could toy with John easily.

“Alright, I understand.”

Hearing the young detective’s words, John nodded slightly and said.

Then, he lowered his head and remained silent.

The young detective in front of him, the psychologist experts who had their eyes fixed on the screen, and the others, including Victor.

They didn’t see that when John lowered his head for an instant.

His pupils were shining brightly.

His distinct black and white eyes moved in a strange way.

Then, he revealed a terrifying smile.

When he looked up again, everything returned to normal.

John seemed to still be under hypnosis.

Like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

“November 28, 9.45 AM 20 seconds.

“You walked to a specially arranged interrogation room on the sixth floor of the gray building.

“At this moment, you are under the observation of some people.

“You hate the feeling of being spied on.

“It’s time to show your talent in acting.

“Your eyes will subconsciously tremble and move left and right.

“Same day, 9.47 AM and 17 seconds.

“You sit at the metal table in the interrogation room.

“The same morning, 9.47 PM and 51 seconds.”

As he walked into the gray building.

The steps in Foresee that only John could see had been guiding him.

This was where John’s confidence lay.

It gave him the courage to face anything.

After a slight pause.

John headed for the metal table.

Then, he dragged the wooden chair out.

The chair was strangely heavy.

There was a creaking sound as the chair scraped against the floor.

There was a dull sound.

John sat down quietly.

The young detective had already turned around and left.

Only the lonely interrogation room was left.

John was alone in the interrogation room.

There was one lamp on each side of the metal table, but only one was lit.

John looked up.

He casually scanned the seemingly ordinary interrogation room.

The interrogation room wasn’t spacious.

And it was dark and cold.

He was about to look away.

Then, he suddenly saw the hanging wire.

Why wasn’t there a chandelier?

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the power line carefully.

The ends of the wire revealed the copper wire inside.

There seemed to be a sesame-sized black spot on the yellowish-brown copper wire.

For some reason, this black dot seemed to be constantly attracting John’s attention.

He was increasingly aware of the strangeness of this interrogation room.

Although he couldn’t pinpoint the exact details.

However, it was depressing to the mood. The dizziness in his head was real.

Although the interrogation room was very small, a simple table lamp wasn’t enough to illuminate the entire interrogation room.

In the remaining darkness, who knew what kind of mechanism was hidden inside?

As he was thinking randomly.

Someone knocked on the door lightly.

A fair and delicate hand pushed open the door.

What appeared in front of John was a woman with long black hair.

She was dressed in formal attire.

But the white shirt and suit at the forearm area were rolled up.

A mature, sexy, gentle, and intellectual-looking beauty.


“My name is Shasha. I’m mainly in charge of your interrogation this time.”

This psychology expert with a sisterly-like temperament had a calm expression and her words were concise.