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There was a ‘thud’ sound.

The other table lamp on the metal table

was lighted up by this beautiful lady.

Although the light wasn’t dazzling, the appearance of it was too sudden.

John unconsciously closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he noticed the wires hanging overhead.

The black spot on it was even more eye-catching.

It was the size of a sesame seed.

But it seemed to be magnified in John’s eyes.

“From November 19, Neil’s accident.

“To November 21, the accident at the Alexander Corporation building.

“Then November 22nd…

“Also, November 25, the death of Stansen, the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce.

“We have done a detailed investigation.

“In these few incidents, you will appear at the scene of the accident in different identities.”

The lady psychology expert said coldly.

However, it seemed to be no different from a normal detective interrogating a suspect.

On a wooden chair in front of the metal table.

John pursed his lips at that.

Such a question was obviously too old-fashioned.

He leaned back casually.

His gaze unconsciously swept across the wire hanging above his head.

The black dot on it became deeper and deeper.

Capturing his heart.

“Of course it’s a coincidence.

“Or perhaps it’s fate?”

John looked normal and replied casually.

In the narrow interrogation room with dim lights and a cold atmosphere, streams of conversation echoed.

Suddenly, Shasha changed the topic.

She began to mention repeated the pencil John had dropped in front of the trash can.

After fruitless questioning, Shasha directly took out a transparent envelope that was sent from the police headquarters.

In the plastic sealing bag was the pencil that John had personally sharpened.

At this moment, the pencil’s tip had been broken.

Shasha calmly crossed her legs.

Under the legs wrapped in flesh-colored stockings,

her shallow heels were half dragging.

The heel of her shoe was gently rocked by Shasha.

A crisp sound echoed from the impact.

The frequency was in sync with John’s footsteps just now.


“Car accident.



“Car accident.”

John was still focused on the sesame-sized black dot.

In the conference room not far from the interrogation room.

Several pairs of eyes were still focused on the image on the screen.

“The level of hypnosis is starting to increase.

“Look at the muscles in John’s body.

“Level-two hypnosis depth.

“Level-three hypnosis depth.

“He’s already at the fourth level!

“As expected of Shasha.

“Sexy and beautiful women are always very attractive to young men.

“Once you disrupt this young friend’s mind, hypnosis will be very easy to carry out.”

The two psychologists could easily tell how deeply hypnotized John was now.

They were even more impressed with Shasha’s innate advantage.


In the interrogation room.

Sasha opened the transparent plastic envelope.

She took out the decapitated pencil.

In a notebook in her hand.

Slowly but continuously, she drew a number.


Although the tip of the pencil had broken off,

the pencil core wasn’t completely damaged.

The carbon rod inside the pencil could still be used.

Although the number she drew was very rough in outline and couldn’t be seen clearly.

But after listening to Shasha’s continuous drawing, a distinct number 5 appeared in front of John.

John might never have seen this font before.

But he could clearly tell that it was a number 5.

This feeling was very strange.

“What do you think this is?”

Shasha also used words to guide John.

At a certain moment when John looked at the number 5.

Suddenly, his body trembled slightly and his pupils dilated.

The fifth level of hypnosis!

At this moment, Shasha’s smooth forehead was covered in sweat.

She quietly exhaled.

Actually, hypnotizing others wasn’t that easy.

Especially people like John.

It took her quite a bit of physical strength.

Then she reached out and tapped the earpiece in her ear.

“Start from the first accident.”

A sound came from the earpiece.


Shasha called softly.

“The time now is 3.29 PM and 19 seconds on November 19, 2020.

“The weather is clear. The body temperature is about 23 °C.

“You’re at the Louis Street intersection.”

Shasha kept describing the scene of the first accident.

In order to accurately restore the appearance of the intersection.

The person on the other end of the phone was watching the surveillance footage.

In the fifth level of hypnosis.

Shasha could make John forget some memories for the time being.

Then, she could create a new scene in his mind.

“At this moment.

“You know.

“Young Master Neil of the Alexander Corporation is about to drive his SUV here.”

In the interrogation room.

Sasha’s expression was solemn.

In the conference room.

Everyone was nervously watching the scene on the screen.

In the surveillance room.

The dozen or so experts held their breaths and stared at the screen.

At this moment.

The originally calm John looked around as if he was observing or looking for something.

His fingers were trembling slightly.

If there was anyone who knew him well.

They would know that John was calculating.

John’s expression gradually became ferocious and twisted.

It was practically unrecognizable!

“Are you planning to kill Neil?”

Sasha asked, breathing lightly.

John looked conflicted and tried to shake his head.

“No, I never thought of it that way.

“I just wanted to put a pencil there.”

John replied.

In the conference room.

The mellow middle-aged master of psychology connected the earpiece in his ear.


His voice was deep.

Another scene was created from Shasha’s words.

This was the scene of the second accident.

John felt as if he were standing in an office in a building.

The scene kept moving.

John’s signature move appeared again.

He carefully observed his surroundings.

His fingers began to tremble again.

Everyone could now tell what his actions meant.

He was calculating!

The glass wall collapsed.

The shattered glass and Tina’s bodyguard were swept into the air.

“Did you foresee the formation of all of this?” Shasha relayed the mellow middle-aged man’s words.

John looked even more conflicted.

“No, I didn’t do anything.

“I just wanted to put a pencil on that table.”

John continued to respond.

Next, the old man’s voice appeared in Shasha’s earpiece.

The scene John was facing changed again.

He appeared in a car.

The old man asked a question through Shasha.

John gave the same answer.

“No, I didn’t do anything.

“It’s just that the bald driver’s smoking makes me feel uncomfortable. I reminded him.”

In the conference room.

The two psychology experts began to gasp softly.

They kept giving John psychological hints

to construct a scene to hypnotize him.

It was extremely draining on their essence, energy, and spirit.

Because there was actually a side effect of hypnosis.

If the caster invested too much into building the scene, then they would also be immersed in that scene.

Therefore, they not only had to differentiate what they created from the one real.

They still had to complete their mission by baiting and asking John questions.