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At this moment, the expressions of the three psychologists from the Mold Country Special Task Force were grave as they panted heavily.

They were all very confident in their judgment.

John had definitely been hypnotized at this moment.

He had even entered the fifth level of hypnosis.

But why did he always deny being related to those accidents?

Could it be that he really wasn’t the culprit?

Or was there some subconsciousness in his body protecting him from the influence of the hypnosis state?

They didn’t know that in front of John, the steps in Foresee were clearly displayed.

“10.13 PM and 21 seconds the same morning.

“You are undergoing hypnosis from an expert in psychology.

“You refused the safest route.

“You want to enter the hypnotic depth of the sixth level.

“Because you want to use the illusion to find your childhood memories and wanted to see your girlfriend Alice’s smile again.

“You are undoubtedly taking a huge risk.

“After entering the sixth level of hypnosis, you have an 85% chance of dying.

“The only fortunate thing is that you set up a protection program in advance in case you died.

“Even after your death.

“The secret of Foresee won’t be leaked.”

Foresee was still fulfill its mission.

It accurately calculated all the possibilities.

Cold and heartless.

It was just a system without thoughts or emotions.

But John couldn’t achieve such a state.

He was a human.

Even if he was a sinful and bad human, there would also be emotions hidden in his heart.

The deeper they were buried, the deeper they would be when they explode out.

After John handled these so-called accidents.

Actually, his heart was already filled with holes.

He was about to collapse.

He needed some force to push him forward.

Only then could he continue forward.


This time.

Even though he was risking his life.

He also wanted to see the person he loved the most in his illusion.

This was his obsession.

An obsession that was hard to waver and disregard.

Interrogation room, conference room.

The three expert psychologists.

The high IQ young man.

The ordinary middle-aged man who was carrying out an inspection mission.

Victor, a detective with many years of working experience.

They thought that they had everything under control.

That they were the drivers and controllers of the situation.

However, they were very wrong.

They had underestimated John’s arrogance.

John had used them to set up this trap to fulfill his wish.

After seeing through all of their methods, John still chose to take the risk.

If these so-called experts who thought highly of themselves knew about this, they would probably be horrified to death.

The guidance in the interrogation room reached an impasse.

“Further increase the level of hypnosis.” In Sasha’s earpiece, an urge sounded.

Sasha was silent for a moment.

Then, she began a new round of hypnosis.

This time.

It was hypnosis cast by the three of them working together.

They were preparing to pull John into his softest memories.

“August 17, 1998.

“The weather is clear and the sun is shining brightly.

“You’re in the Owain Orphanage.

“You’ve been punished by the hospital’s director again for being naughty today.”


The three experts had made thorough preparations.

They could even describe John’s childhood.

Sasha looked at a file on John in her hand.

Her voice was warm and gentle as she slowly narrated.

The light heels under her feet were still knocking on the table leg under her sway.

With the crisp accompaniment sound, John entered a dream-like place.

The three expert psychologists were giving it their all this time.

If they didn’t succeed, they would die trying.

Because for this level of hypnosis, they would also be pulled inside and become completely immersed in it.

Their minds would become completely defenseless.

John felt the muscles in his body becoming sluggish.

They couldn’t accept his orders and no longer listened to his control.

He listened to Sasha’s voice.

Then, he tried his best to relax.

Soon, his lips curled into a smile.

With a warm smile, he had finally returned to the place he had dreamed of.

The home that had appeared in his dreams countless times.

“Bright sunlight passes through the window paper.

“A light appeared in the quiet corridor.

“Young John stood with his hands and legs together, immersed in thought.

“Suddenly, at the end of the corridor.

“A young lady with braids appeared.

“She smiled at him sweetly and waved her delicate hands at him.”

John was deeply immersed in this scene.

He began to unconsciously make sounds.

He spoke about this beautiful past.

Interrogation room, conference room, surveillance room.


Regardless of gender, age, or status.

They were all quietly listening to John’s description.

It was a beautiful time filled with childishness.

“Very good. John has finally entered the sixth level of hypnosis.”

In the conference room.

The middle-aged man’s face was red and sweating profusely. His previous mellow temperament was gone.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he spoke.

“John’s mental defenses.

“It’s the rarest among all the people I’ve hypnotized.”

The old man with the white hair and beard was even more exhausted.

His body almost curled up in the recliner.

He took out a square towel and wiped his sweat, then said with difficulty.

“After planting a psychological cue on John this time, every time he sees the number in the ancient Roman font that Sasha drew, he will instantly enter a state of hypnosis.” He continued to add.

The hypnosis was still going on smoothly.

Everyone who was paying attention to this matter instinctively kept quiet.

The sixth level of deep hypnosis lasted quite a long time.

Halfway through, the three psychologists thought of stopping.

But the situation could no longer be controlled!

John didn’t want to wake up from the hypnosis.

He was completely immersed in the happiness of his childhood.

In the interrogation room.

Shasha’s breathing became even heavier.

Time stops for no one.

Soon, two hours passed.

Just as everyone was about to lose control of themselves.

Something unexpected happened.

The scene John described suddenly changed.

It was no longer his carefree childhood.

Instead, he changed the scene.

He described a disorderly and chaotic mental state in clear words.

A thick dark aura swept over.

Instantly, it surrounded everyone.

This emotion was like that of a proud vicious beast being surrounded by countless criminals.

They played with it scornfully.

It was covered in injuries, but it was still fighting like a trapped beast.

Unruly, angry, helpless, and sad.

This complicated feeling infected everyone.

It pulled out the feelings hidden in the depths of everyone’s hearts.

It was a past that he didn’t want to recall.