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In the conference room.

The white-haired old man was the first to realize something.

He breathed heavily.

His face flushed red as he struggled.

He stretched out his trembling old hand, wanting to stop.

However, something unexpected happened again at this moment.

In the hypnosis scene.

John, who was enjoying his dream life, suddenly hugged his head and shouted.

In the interrogation room, it was as if he had triggered a stress reaction.

He suddenly leaned forward and was about to stand up.

Shasha was shocked by this sudden movement.

The high heels she was dragging landed on the ground.

After a sound of the lands landing.

A strange calmness appeared in the interrogation room again.

The wires hanging in the air gave off a burnt smell.

The number in the ancient Roman font that Shasha had drawn became blurry too.


John, with his body half bowed.

The eyelids on his face kept trembling.

He seemed to want to open his eyes.

Furthermore, he was frowning deeply.

His expression was conflicted.

A few seconds later.

It felt like a century.

John finally opened his eyes.

At first, his pupils dilated and his eyes were hollow.

It quickly turned clear, and his eyes lit up.

Then John looked surprised and uncertain.

He looked at the sweaty sister-like woman in front of him.

At this moment.

Her mature, sexy, calm, and intellectual appearance no longer existed.

Only fear was written all over her face.

There were even two trails of tears.

If it weren’t for the fact that she was sweating too much, she would be looking really pitiful.

Moreover, she kept muttering to herself.

“Please let me go.

“Stop hitting me!

“Sob sob, hit me instead. Let the little prince go…”

Shasha was weeping.

In the conference room.

The young man with thick dark circles under his eyes.

At this moment, he was hugging his legs.

His head was buried between his legs.

He was curled up in a corner.

His chair had disappeared.

He kept screaming in fear.

The old man with a white beard.

His walking stick was casually thrown to the side.

His old face was filled with anger and humiliation.

“I really didn’t steal anything from him!”

The only person awake was Victor, who had been a detective for decades.

He wasn’t hypnotized.

But he was frightened by the surrounding scene.

His eyes widened in shock.


He rushed to the surveillance room not far away with all his might.

He wanted to see how his companions were doing.

In the surveillance room.

It was also a terrifying scene.

At least half of the police officers were hypnotized.

Some of them were crying, some were curled up, some were sad, and some were terrified.

They seemed to be in the most painful memories of their lives.

There was only one thing worth rejoicing over.

The depth of their hypnosis wasn’t as deep as the experts in the conference room.

Victor breathed slowly.

He looked up.

He suddenly saw John’s confused expression on the screen.

Without the regular accompaniment sound from Shasha, the hypnosis only lasted for a short while.

In the interrogation room.

Shasha was the first to wake up.

She stopped crying.

Just now.

She entered her childhood scene.

At that time.

She had carefully raised a pet kitten.

It was beaten to death by her father.

She was also covered in injuries.

She lowered her head.

Her long hair fell down.

She was slowly recovering from the situation.

She was also thinking back about her memories of her youth.

She licked the wounds of the past.

After a long while.

She finally looked up.

Her hair was disheveled.

She looked at John fixedly.


“What happened just now?”

John seemed to have changed from being the one hypnotized to becoming the hypnotist.

He asked with concern.

“I guess I fell asleep.

“I dreamed about some things that happened when I was young…”

Before Shasha could finish, John spoke again, “Unfortunately, you seem to be dreaming about unhappy things.”

John’s words landed.

He looked at Shasha quietly.

An imperceptible smile appeared on his face.

“12.16 PM and 02 seconds the same morning.

“The experts were conducting deep hypnosis on you.

“Their minds are unprecedentedly focused.

“12.16 PM and 16 seconds the same day.

“You lead them into the memories deep in their minds that they don’t want to touch.

“The same morning, 12.21 PM and 17 seconds.

“All of them woke up from their nightmares.”

John slowly looked away from Foresee.


In order to meet his loved one who he yearned for every day, he entered the sixth level of hypnosis established by the psychologist.

But he wasn’t rash.

Through the calculation of Foresee, he hypnotized the psychologists in return.

This way, this trap would collapse on its own.

Of course.

Risking his life like this, only John, who had a big heart, dared to do such a thing.

And it was with the help of the Foresee ability.

Everyone in the various rooms was now filled with fear and horror towards John.

They didn’t know what he had done, but he forcefully exchanged his completely passive identity with them.

It made their setup seem especially ridiculous.

They were reaping the fruits of their own actions.

In Shasha’s frightened eyes, John gradually kept the confused expression he had just deliberately shown.

His brows rose and he leaned back.

His eyes wantonly swept across the mature and sexy older sister in front of him.

The unruly feeling appeared again.

“Did you guys hypnotize me just now?”

John asked directly.

Shasha was still feeling a little fearful.

She breathed softly but didn’t respond.


“I should thank you guys.”

John continued talking to himself.

His expression relaxed a lot.

He revealed a reminiscent expression and his expression was gentle.

“If possible, I’d rather be in that dream-like space forever.”

John was still talking to himself.

“Since I’ve already cooperated with your investigation, then can I go back now?”

While John was saying this.

He didn’t look at Shasha.

Instead, he turned to a surveillance camera above the interrogation room.

As his words landed.

He heard a heavy creak.

He saw the mature-looking Shasha suddenly stand up.

Her chair fell backward heavily.

She was in a panic.

She didn’t say anything.

She ran out as if she was escaping.

She only had one thought now.

Escape from this crazy and mysterious young man.

John’s eyes looked at Shasha.

It was like a predator eyeing its prey.

He wasn’t in a hurry to get a reply.

He sat quietly in his chair and pondered.

At this moment, at the Owain City Police Headquarters, the gray six-story building.

It was completely silent.

This deathly silence was different from before.

This was a sign that everyone was shocked, while the silence previously was deliberately created by them.