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Victor stood outside the interrogation room.

He knocked lightly on the door.

John looked in the direction of the sound.

“Can I go now?”

John asked with a smirk.

Victor didn’t respond.

He just walked over to John and sat down.

Victor was wearing a gray coat that looked wrinkled.

His beard wasn’t properly maintained.

His eyes were bloodshot.

He stared straight at John.

Ever since he arrived at Owain City, this young man had almost become his nightmare.

“You look like you haven’t had a good rest in a long time,” John said as he observed Victor.

“If you go out, what else do you want to do?” Victor’s hoarse voice sounded.

Hearing Victor’s words, the agents in the conference room and interrogation room

and the ten plus criminal investigation specialists all collected their thoughts and focused their gaze.

They looked at the young man.

They saw

John’s smile fade.

He sat up straight.

“All I want is just an eye for an eye.”

John said coldly.

“Before I came to the police station.

“I’ve been to some places before.

“Last night, at 8.34 PM and 19 seconds, Owain City Bus Carrier Station.

“Owain City Medical University at 10.41 PM and 28 seconds.

“11.11 PM and 43 seconds..”

John reported some time and places in a noncommittal manner.

Victor’s pupils suddenly dilated.

At the same time.

Those who were paying close attention in the surveillance room.

One of them quickly pulled up the surveillance footage of the locations John mentioned.

Victor suddenly got up.

His hands involuntarily smashed onto the table.

A dull ‘bang’ sounded!

But this sound crushed onto Victor’s own heart.

John had no reaction.




Victor’s eyes stared madly, gasping for air.

In front of everyone, John made a blatant threat. However, no one could do anything to him.

Soon, John was allowed to leave.

When he walked out of the gray six-story building, it was still early.

It was just past 1 PM.

It was a good time for a lunch break.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and put on his hood.

He stretched his back lazily.

Last night, John didn’t have time to sleep at all.

After the so-called interrogation, which was in fact hypnosis, he was already too tired.

He chuckled.

He was about to leave.

At the staircase of the gray six-story building, a middle-aged man with a common appearance ran out.

“Mr. John.”

The middle-aged man panted as he ran towards John.

He handed over a name card and said, “This is my name card.

“Please accept it.”

In their conversation, he used honorifics.

It was a black name card.

There was only one name in the middle.


There was also a string of cell phone numbers below the name.

It was very simple and straightforward.

In the sixth-floor corridor of the gray building.

Victor looked out of the window at John and the middle-aged man.

John waved his hand as if rejecting something.

Then he tightened his hood and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

He walked out of the police headquarters unhurriedly.

Victor turned around and walked into the conference room.

“Something might have happened to Shasha.”

The white-haired old man with the walking stick was talking to the mellow-looking middle-aged man.

“This hypnosis session.

“Not only did it not succeed, instead, it left behind some psychological problems on Shasha, causing her to suffer great mental trauma.

“She will need a long time in the future to attempt to overcome it.”

The old man and the middle-aged man looked at each other.

They smiled bitterly.

Victor paused and walked into the room.

Hearing the commotion, the two of them looked over.

This time.

They had lost completely.

They were completely being toyed with.

It was like shooting oneself in the foot.

Followed the steps in the Foresee, John shook off the people who were secretly following him.

He kept circling around until 3 PM.

Then, John returned to the central city district’s Lotte Villa.

“Brother John!”

After seeing John return safely, Hamlet looked happy and excited.

He called out cordially and quickly walked over.

“I’m back.”

John was also in a good mood.

He smiled and patted Hamlet on the shoulder.

“Let’s go, I’ll take a shower first. I was drenched in the rain last night.”

Only then did John feel uncomfortable.

“Okay, Brother!”

With that, the two walked into the villa side by side.

John removed his clothes as soon as he entered the room.

He casually threw it away.

He didn’t care where it landed.

Then, he walked straight to the bathroom.

The sound of water gushing sounded.

His entire body was soaked in hot water.

John lowered his head and muttered to himself.

“The world in the shadows…

“Round Table Association.

“Black Deity Group.

“The Eric Club.”

He said in a voice that only he could hear.

When he walked out of the police headquarters in Owain City, he heard the names of these behemoths from the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man said to John, “The world under the sun is just the tip of the iceberg.”


The world under the shadow was hidden under the sea.

It was an even more majestic and real world.

It was a more complete iceberg.

Countless laboratories and research institutes.

Countless intelligent people.

Criminals who trampled on the law.

This was a garden filled with joy.

It was a world that was truly suitable for John to live in.

The middle-aged man tempted John nakedly.

He believed that John, who had extraordinary power, would definitely not be satisfied with living peacefully in a small part of the real world.

He believed that John’s heart was definitely filled with ambition and wanted to compete with the heavens to see who was higher.

Such an unruly young man wouldn’t be able to resist the temptations of the world.

“Sun God Association?”

John’s eyes lit up as he looked down and muttered to himself.

John naturally wouldn’t accept the middle-aged man’s recruitment.

What he desired most was freedom.

However, true freedom required great strength to support it.

Of course, the world in the shadows was a place John would definitely step foot in.

In the near future, he would embark on the journey to go there.

He wanted to enter that world himself.

After experiencing many things.

John gradually realized some problems.

The steps in Foresee to save his beloved Alice were complicated.

For some of these requirements, John had never even heard of them before.

For example, the development of many cutting-edge technologies.

The recruitment of top talents.

What he needed the most was the right to speak in the Shadow World.

John began to think.

Should he establish his own organization?

If possible, he wanted to name this organization the Dawn Association.

At least for now, his purpose in building this organization was to bring dawn to all those who suffered an undeserved calamity.

To save this dirty world from danger.

Like the sun on the horizon, selflessly burning.

John couldn’t guarantee that this ideal would be fulfilled.

He didn’t even dare to say that he could keep his original intention to the end.

However, at the very least, he should record this beautiful wish of his in a book.

Adding a thick layer of color to history.

It was also a great undertaking.