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Warm water sprayed over John.

A burning dream lingered in John’s heart.

He shook his head heavily.

Water droplets splattered everywhere from his head.

The shadow world was still a long way from John now.

It wasn’t within his consideration.

His grandiose blueprint for the future also required a long time and the right opportunity to execute.

However, there was still a long way to go.

John’s eyes shone brightly.

He licked his moist lips.

John didn’t spend too much time in the leisurely shower.

He put on his clothes and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window of the villa.

He lifted a corner of the curtain.

He looked at the black sedan that had driven into the garage.

Victoria appeared in front of John with her secretary.

Behind them was a man whose eyes were covered in a black cloth.

“I’ve brought him to you.”

Victoria bent to remove her shoes.

She said to John, who was standing not far away.

“Bring him to the study room.”

John glanced at the man covered in black cloth.

Then he said to Victoria’s secretary.

“He should meet your requirements. He was chosen by us after strict selection,” Victoria added.

The man whose eyes were covered by a black cloth.

He was a high-level programmer under her who was in charge of Internet security.

He had both parents and children.

He was honest and willing to work, diligent, and willing to suffer.

His technical ability was also quite solid.

His social circle was also very clean.

If John hadn’t experienced the accident of losing his girlfriend.

Perhaps this would be what his life would be like too.

“Do you want something to drink?

John temporarily put away his thoughts and said to the travel-worn Victoria.

He wasn’t being courteous at all, he completely treated himself as the owner of this place.

The two of them sat down facing each other.

“Ever since Stansen’s accident, there have been obvious changes in some of the underground circles in Owain City.” Victoria began to tell him what she knew.

“What makes me feel strange is that

chaos broke out between Rayast’s men.

“He has even begun to display his toughness.

“On the night that your family and friends were threatened with death.

“He personally got rid of a few higher-ups in his ancestral shrine.

“Looks like a third party is hiding in the dark. and wants to stir up this mess.”

Victoria was thinking about something.

She paused for a second and continued.

After saying all these, there was no change in her expression.

Her professional attire also made her look meticulous.

John was also calm and his expression remained the same.

He asked lightly, “From your behavior. It seems like you have some ideas. Could it be that you know who this third party is?”

“I think it’s very likely that it’s Johnson from the York Family.

“This person loves to scheme.

“And Stansen was the spokesperson for the York family in Owain City.

“He died in an accident. The York Family will definitely send someone to investigate or take over.”

Victoria had no intention of hiding anything.

She heard John’s question and directly said what was on her mind.

“Johnson is arrogant and insatiable.

“And his methods are sinister and ruthless.

“In order to achieve his goal, he has always been unscrupulous.

“Sending death threats to your close friends and even colleagues who haven’t interacted much with you is very similar to his style of doing things.”

Victoria had used many derogatory words to describe this Johnson.

Her expression was filled with extreme disgust.

It was obvious that she loathed this fiancé of hers.

Even talking about him seemed disgusting.

Compared to Victoria’s disgust,

John didn’t feel anything.

After all, he had no connection with this Johnson.

He knew very well that Victoria’s words were mixed with personal emotions.

John didn’t comment, his expression was normal as he nodded and replied.

“I’ll get going then. Contact me if there’s anything.” With that, Victoria stood up and left.

She didn’t stay for long.

She and her secretary left the underground garage in the low-key black car.

John sat on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

He finished the tea in the teacup.

Then, he stood up and walked to the study.

John’s biggest obstacle now was that his foundation was too shallow.

The resources and subordinates he could mobilize were too few.

Actually, everything that had happened previously was done by himself.

If this continued, there would come a day when he couldn’t hold on anymore.

After all, he wasn’t a heartless working machine.

Building a team was a long road ahead.

Hamlet was still too young.

It hadn’t been long since he started practicing the training technique John taught him.

Victoria was an unexpected gain.

It wasn’t convenient for John to hand over too many missions to her.

Walking along the corridor of the villa.

John suddenly turned to Hamlet and said, “Go do your own stuff.

“By the way, help me to bring someone back in the next two days.”

Then he whispered into Hamlet’s ear.

For this talent that he first recruited,

John had always been very satisfied with him.

Although there was nothing much that Hamlet could do for now, Hamlet had regarded John as his older brother and wanted to help him.

He would do his best to complete all the instructions John gave him.

Hearing his response, John nodded slightly.

He continued walking into the study.

While John searched for potential talents in Foresee.

Except for Hamlet, there was also someone whose potential score had reached level 8.

Her information was as follows:

“Potential Ranking: Level 8

“Ability Description: In real life, she’s a natural nerd.

“She’s always happy to be immersed in her own small world.

“And her small world is the Internet world.

“Only when she’s in the online world can her overflowing talent be displayed.”

What John was about to do was to follow the steps in Foresee and take this talented hacker under his wing.

John’s thoughts were interrupted by the middle-aged man from before.

The black cloth covering the man’s eyes had been removed.

He was a middle-aged man in a checkered shirt and grayish-brown glasses.

After seeing John, he knew that this was the destination of this trip.

The status of this calm-faced and extraordinary young man in front of him was definitely beyond his reach.

Since this young man had sought for him, he definitely had to do things according to his wishes.

“I need you to write a program.

“This program needs to hide a few videos and information in encrypted files,” John said flatly.

The middle-aged programmer with the brownish-gray glasses listened carefully to John’s request.

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