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Soon, John finished explaining his request.

The middle-aged man also memorized it meticulously.

There was no time to lose.

John asked the middle-aged programmer to start coding directly.

He sat in front of the computer in the study.

The thick frame reflected the light on the computer screen.

His fingers kept typing on the keyboard.

He clicked on the three videos and information John had provided.

The first video was from the surveillance footage at the intersection.

After the traffic light changed.

A young man in a gray shirt with hoods and hands in his pockets crossed the road and stood in front of a trash can.

Moments later, the middle-aged programmer finished watching the entire video.

His body went numb as if he had been electrocuted.

The middle-aged programmer recognized him.

The young man in the surveillance footage.

It was clearly the man behind him now.

He felt John’s gaze on him.

Instantly, he felt uneasy, as if pins were pricking his back.

The middle-aged programmer clicked on the second video.

From the perspective of this video.

It was in front of a building.

He saw the man behind him squatting in front of the building.

He was holding a white paint can in his hand.

He was spraying a smiling face pattern.

A fat security guard stepped forward to stop him.

The young man suddenly stood up.

He staggered towards the security guard and pushed him down.

At this moment, a woman descended from the sky and fell between them!

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged programmer brought here by Victoria was sweating profusely and panting rapidly.

His body trembled uncontrollably.

It was the accident that happened to Stansen’s driver, Warwick, and Stansen.

It seemed to be from the perspective of the Owain City Police Headquarters.

It was a few top-secret files that they had compiled.

The contents described in the files were all information centered on John.

The middle-aged programmer remained silent and followed John’s orders.

He made an encrypted folder.

He carefully embedded this encrypted document in a secret information exchange channel in the Dark Net.

“You’ve worked hard.” John patted the middle-aged programmer on the shoulder and said gently.

All that was left was to wait for the fish to take the bait.

The Dark Net was also called the Deep Net.

It was a corner that ordinary people couldn’t reach.

It was a place that the search engine couldn’t capture.

In a dimly lit apartment.

Her hair fluffy and messy, with a large white T-shirt carelessly put on, and large black-framed glasses that blocked half of her face, a girl with a pretty face sat there.

“The world we live in is actually not just what we see.”

Salefani’s cheeks were rosy, and her eyes were bright.

Her slender fingers tapped on the keyboard agilely.

Secret information from the Dark Net flowed before her eyes.

Salefani liked the feeling.

This time, she caught an extraordinary piece of information.

Then, she used a program that she had edited herself to intercept and save that information.

Using one program after another and taking a big detour, Salefani was finally relieved.

She then opened this information.

This was a top-secret file.

“Description: The high IQ Avenger who returned from hell.

“Danger Level: Extremely Dangerous!”

She read the descriptions one by one.

Salefani’s eyelids kept twitching.

In the world of the Dark Net,

she had obtained quite a bit of secret information here.

However, seeing words like ‘high IQ’ and ‘hell’ used to describe someone was a first.

She then clicked on a few videos nervously.

Images flashed past her eyes.

The scene was still continuing.

At this moment, something unexpected happened!

The man in the hood and gray coat, his pair of fierce eyes suddenly looked toward the camera.

It was as if he was staring straight at Salefani, who was watching the screen.

Salefani covered her mouth in horror and widened her eyes.

Her entire back was drenched in a cold sweat.

Owain City International Airport.

In the underground parking lot.

“After you reach Marka City, go to this place and bring her back.”

John handed Hamlet a note and said in a deep voice.

Hamlet sat very straight.

He listened seriously to John’s orders.

John looked at the steps in Foresee in front of him.

He gave Hamlet some critical information.

John watched Hamlet’s back disappear.

He looked at the motionless driver in the driver’s seat.

He gave him another address.

In the parking lot of a mall.

The middle-aged driver walked out quietly.

The ordinary black car slowly drove out.

The car stopped in the central business district.

Not far from the Alexander Corporation building, John’s fingers knocked unhurriedly on the side of the steering wheel.

He looked at a spot not far away.

At 2.23 PM and 19 seconds.

A black Rolls-Royce drove out from the direction of the Alexander Corporation.

The car brushed past John’s car.

After a long while, John started the engine again.

Occasionally, he would glance at the steps listed in Foresee.

“What’s the biggest fatal spot near Alexander?” This was a question that John had asked through Foresee not long ago.

Ever since the ‘Stansen Accident’, Alexander had become even more cautious.

He rarely left his home now.

Even when settling the matters in his company, it was also almost completely carried out through the online video conference and remote instructions through the phone.

Alexander’s middle-aged butler, Walker, often went to various events on Alexander’s behalf.

“The car you drove turned into Wayne Road.

“You stopped at the side of the road.

“At this moment, you realized that Walker went into a mall and changed into another car.

“3.23 PM and 45 seconds.”

John followed the steps carefully.

After a long detour, Walker drove into the highway that led to Mountain City.

John looked at the middle-aged butler, Walker, from a distance. At this moment, Walker was like an ordinary middle-aged parent.

He was waiting outside an elementary school in Mountain City.

After the school bell rang.

A five or six years old healthy and honest-looking small boy came out.

When he saw Walker, he rushed over happily.

John looked at the steps in Foresee.

His expression was a little strange.

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