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In the neighborhood where the middle-aged butler, Walker, lived.

It was near the official office building of Mountain City.

From the outside, it didn’t look luxurious.

However, the security in the neighborhood was exceptionally strict.

After Walker drove into the district with the child.

A while later, John started the car too and wanted to drive in.

However, he was stopped in front of the main entrance.

“Mr. Rike has something on hand.

“He should have informed you this afternoon.

“Therefore, I’ll be sending the report to Chief Mark.”

John’s expression was relaxed.

He read out the words in Foresee.

Hearing John’s words, the middle-aged security guard didn’t suspect anything.

He hurriedly let John pass.

John drove into the garage skillfully and stopped in front of an empty lot.

John walked towards one of the residential buildings.

He stood in front of Room 402.

He slowly knocked on the door.

“May I know who you are?”

John could notice that someone was sizing him up from the peephole in the house.

Immediately after, the door was opened.

A middle-aged woman in her fifties asked John.

Behind the middle-aged woman, the sounds of the child and father playing could be heard.

At this moment, footsteps approached.

Alexander’s middle-aged butler, Walker, carried the child out of the living room.

“You are?” Walker’s tone was calm.

He was just like an ordinary middle-aged office worker.

He looked up and saw John.

Walker’s face turned as pale as paper at a visible rate.

His entire body began to tremble.

“Go back to your room and play with the nanny for a while.

“Daddy will chat with this uncle for a while.”

He kept breathing deeply, trying to calm himself.

Then he said the above words to the boy.

“Helen, go back to your room first.” Walker looked at the middle-aged woman and said.

Over 1,300 kilometers away from Owain City.

Wearing a brown leather coat and as if he was unconsciously imitating John’s movements, Hamlet shoved his hands in his pockets.

He secretly observed his surroundings with his bright eyes.

He strode onto an airport bus.

He sat down in the last row of the bus.

Trump District, outside a building.

When someone walked in, he followed behind and entered the building.

A card was needed to swipe the elevator.

So Hamlet took the fire escape stairwell.

Hamlet didn’t directly head somewhere. He just sat in the dim stairwell.

At around 5 PM in the afternoon.

A young man in a takeaway suit jogged to the door of room 2101.

He knocked on the door hurriedly and then placed the food on the ground familiarly.

At this moment, Hamlet got up instantly.

Salefani hit the last button.

She stood up from the screen and stretched her back lazily.

Then, she touched her empty stomach.

She walked towards the door barefooted.

After looking at the empty corridor, she let out an inexplicable sigh of relief.

Relaxed, she opened the door.

She bent down and picked up the food.

Just as she was about to close the door, a muscular palm suddenly extended at the speed of lightning.

It grabbed onto the edge of the door tightly.

She looked at the thick hand.

Hamlet, who was wearing a brown leather coat, appeared before her eyes.

“Big Brother told me that you saw his information.”

Hamlet’s deep voice sounded.

He was wearing a white, wide shirt.

Salefani was wearing dark glasses.

Her face turned pale and she fell to the floor.

At Mountain City, which was near Owain City.

“Do you want anything to drink?

“But I don’t come back often.

“So there’s only some tea at home.”

Alexander’s middle-aged butler, Walker, gradually calmed down.

He walked to the tea cabinet and asked.

“Walker asked what would you like to drink.

“However, in fact, he had hidden something in the secret compartment of the tea cabinet that seemed to be able to increase his confidence.”

John looked at Foresee, which was in front of him.

His lips curled up slightly.

“Neil’s sister had done the same thing.”

John watched as Walker pulled open the tea cabinet and took out a simple tea box. Then, he suddenly said the above words.

Upon hearing these words, Walker paused.

“You don’t usually seem to come back here.”

Wearing a gray knitted shirt, Walker cooked and poured tea for John.

John looked around at this not-so luxurious room.

“I only come back once every month or two.”

Since John could find his way here, then there were some things that didn’t have a need to be hidden anymore.

“Was that kid just now your son?” John asked flatly.

Upon hearing this question.

As if he was going to fight with his life at any moment.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be as shameless as you guys.” John chuckled and waved his hand. “Who’s his mother? Why don’t I see her?”

John watched the steps in Foresee.

His eyebrows rose slightly.

Then, he read out these words word by word.

As soon as he finished speaking.

John’s gaze was fixed on this trusted aide of Alexander.

At the same time, this person was also Alexander’s butler, Walker.

He had probably broken free from the pain of losing his wife a long time ago.

“I keep having a feeling that he and Neil have some similarities between their brows.”

According to the words in Foresee, he continued saying.

It was as if his words would shock anyone to death.

Walker suddenly trembled while he was pouring John some tea.

Hot tea was poured onto his hand.

His expression was filled with fear and surprise.

He was Alexander’s most loyal butler.

Therefore, Alexander’s residence had a butler’s room for Walker to stay in.

That day, Walker had some private matters to settle.

His wife temporarily replaced him as the butler.

Alexander happened to be drunk again.

No one knew what had happened in that house.

However, after that incident.

The butler’s wife became pregnant.

Walker knew that if the matter was exposed, be it him, his wife, or his children, they would all be sunk into the sea.

Fortunately, Walker had tried his best to arrange for Young Master Neil to study abroad and his wife went overseas with him.

Until more than nine months later.

The child was born successfully overseas.

Everything happened quietly.

It could be said that things were going the way that Walker wanted to see.

After all, to him, it would be best if he could protect the lives of his entire family.

Even though he was the number one trusted aide beside Alexander, his status was only slightly higher than the other servants.

Facing Alexander’s descendants, he was still a lowly servant.

However, the good times didn’t last long.

The terrible news of his wife’s death reached his ears.

his wife, who had already given birth successfully, was said to have died from dystocia.

Walker’s heart broke at that moment.

He didn’t recover for a long time.

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