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“Do you want to know the real cause of your wife’s death?”

John let out even more shocking news.

“I think you should have already guessed it.

“I don’t want to make things too clear.

“This isn’t good for either of us.”

At this moment, Walker’s heart was like dead ashes.

He didn’t have the mood to listen to John at this moment.

“Just pretend I’ve never been here.

“As a smart person, you know what to do.”

He glanced at the time on his watch.

Without another word, he got up and walked out.

John smiled brightly as he left the house.

Foresee didn’t directly tell him the whole truth.

But from the steps and the lines that John read out loud, it was enough to guess everything.

John drove away from the main entrance of the neighborhood.

When he passed by the main entrance, he even rolled down the car window.

He waved at the security guard from before.

The car turned around the intersection.

John’s eyes noticed through the rearview mirror.

At the entrance of the district just now.

A car similar to his was stopped.

At this moment, Foresee was calculating all of this.

“The real car that was sending the report to the chief brushed past you.”

On the highway back to Owain City, John grinned.

It was time for his game.

John sat near the French window and watched.

At this moment, a black car drove into the underground parking lot.

He only waited for about a minute and a half.

He pressed the page under his hand and looked up.

He looked at the two people who pushed the door open and walked in.

One was a woman wearing a coffee-colored coat and sweater and a gray scarf.

In a panic, she appeared in John’s eyes.

Behind the woman, Hamlet walked in.

He closed the door to the villa.

“Didn’t I tell you to be gentle?

“Why are you scaring her like this?” John said gently and reproachfully.

Hamlet was about to explain.

He gestured for him to apologize to the lady.

“Excuse me, miss.” Hamlet’s tone was stiff and emotionless.

However, he still apologized.

John smiled wryly to himself.

He got up and looked at the girl not far away.

“Miss Salefani, nice to meet you.” His voice was gentle and his manner was refined.

He looked just like a noble gentleman.

John was impressed with himself now.

He admired his own shamelessness.

His acting was quite decent.

Salefani recognized John at once.

He was the young man in the video.

“This is the summary of the first meeting after the target, John, left the interrogation room.”

Inside a gray six-story building.

In the surveillance room.

Victor stood at the front of the conference table.

His voice was hoarse and deep.

In the projection behind him, the screen showed the locations John had mentioned before he left.

“In the interrogation room, John gave me the address.

“Next, we went through the surveillance footage of that day.

“We found John deliberately showing himself to the camera.” Victor continued.

“This is before John entered the Owain City Police Headquarters.

“A setup prepared in advance.

“He’s clearly preparing for emergencies.

“The reason why he was able to walk so safely and confidently.

“The reason we can’t touch him.

“Is this.” The mellow middle-aged psychologist said.

“After giving us enough intimidation, he explained the crowded public places he had arranged.

“He forced us to our limits immediately.

“He’s very confident that he will be able to walk out of here safely with this method.

“We’re naturally afraid of hurting the innocent.

“There’s nothing we can do to him.” The middle-aged psychologist paused for a second and said.

Then, he looked at Shasha, who was sitting beside him.

Shasha’s entire state was amiss.

She couldn’t concentrate at all.

Only upon hearing the mention of John and other limited words would she look terrified and reacted accordingly.

“After studying John’s actions in the surveillance cameras, we have decided to lock down the relevant locations and do a background check.

“In terms of results, John simply used us.

“As for us, we didn’t obtain anything.

“We even paid the price of a member losing her mind.” Victor continued.

Victor’s gaze swept across the experts and colleagues from the Security Bureau.

He stopped for a while on Shasha.

There was sympathy and helplessness in his eyes.

Lastly, he looked at the young man sitting in the corner with thick dark circles under his eyes.

The young man became even more silent.

He didn’t say another word.

Victor pondered for a while.

He was the least injured in the hypnosis and counter-hypnosis incident.

But John still left an indelible impression on him.

He was probably a nightmare that he would never be able to erase in his life.

As for everyone else present.

Perhaps their condition was even worse than his.

“John used the fear we felt for him in our hearts.

“Whether we admit it or not.

“We are starting to fear that young man.” Victor’s words were very straightforward.

He didn’t try to hide anything.

As his words landed, everyone around the long table grew even more silent.

John had torn a terrifying hole in their hearts.

In the central district of Owain City.

The 29-year-old lady, Salefani wasn’t that afraid anymore.

After all, the real and alive John was right in front of her.

He didn’t seem as scary as what she had seen in the video.

He seemed to be an ordinary young man.

He even had the air of a noble.

Although it only seemed like crude imitation.

However, she only dared to sit half her butt on the sofa.

As if once she sat down properly, it would be hard for her to break free again.

In fact, she was just asking for psychological comfort.

Hamlet stood at the side with a solemn expression.