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“I wonder if you’ve heard of an organization.

“Even in the shadow world, this organization is also the most secret existence.

“It has a history of more than a thousand years.

“But because it’s good at concealment, therefore, very few people in the world know about this organization.

“This organization is called the Dawn Association.”

John’s expression remained unchanged.

He heavily praised the organization he was preparing to establish.

It had to be said that John must be extremely talented in acting.

Not only did he mimic the behavior of a noble, but his expression was also normal when he lied.

His previous work had truly wasted his talent.

In Foresee, which was in front of him now, the steps to recruit this girl who was a top computer network talent were quite simple.

Just now, he was just reading what he should have said according to Foresee.

This genius female hacker.

Although she had superb skills, she was an out-and-out otaku.

Relying on her own ability, she practically raised herself without leaving the house.

She even saved up some funds.

It was obvious from the scene of Hamlet’s meeting with her.

Her life only consisted of staying at home.

Even the delivery man was used to it.

He just quietly placed the food outside the door and left.

Therefore, even if Salefani had a lot of access to information, she had no experience in socializing.

It was impossible for her to tell if John was lying or not.

Moreover, she seemed like a prisoner now.

John just had to do the things she liked.

He didn’t even have to follow the steps in Foresee.

He could easily lure Salefani into his bidding.

As she hadn’t experienced the dangers of society before, Salefani was very simple-minded.

She even often fantasized about what evil forces appearing in the world.

She would then appear as a hero and save the world.

On the surface, she was 29 years old.

Her actual mental age was probably only 9 years old.

“My identity in the Dawn Association is the director-general.

“Of course, you can also call me by my other name, Arbiter.

“My main job is to clean up some sinful people for the organization and those who plot against the organization.

“Of course, the recruitment mission is also done by me.

“My purpose for coming into this secular world is to look for talented people to join the Dawn Association.

“Next, I’ll give you a simple introduction to our organization.” John began his story.

He wasn’t speaking baselessly.

Instead, he recalled the time when he was showering.

He recalled the situation of the powerful organizations that appeared in his mind.

Slightly exaggerating, he said told her the story he had cooked up tirelessly.

A secret and extremely powerful organization slowly appeared from John’s words.

In his narration, the Dawn Association had been following Salefani for a long time and had inspected her many times.

That was why he appeared in this world to recruit her.

In the softly lit living room.

The 29-year-old half-grown children, Salefani, her small eyes were shining brightly.

She had a look of anticipation and longing on her face.

She recalled the video she had intercepted regarding the arbiter.

She was even more convinced now.

‘As expected of the arbiter of a hidden organization.’ Salefani thought to herself.

John was about to become her idol.

At the end of John’s bragging.

He didn’t forget to add on, “I believe that after hearing this, you have a preliminary understanding of our organization.

“It’s time to make a decision.

“But let me give you a friendly reminder.

“Since I’ve appeared in front of you and even revealed so many secrets to you, if you refuse the invitation, the best result is also to erase the memories for this period of time.

“Your body will feel weak for a while in that situation.” John’s tone was solemn and slightly cold.

Information regarding the accidents of the young master of the Alexander Corporation, Neil, Tina, and the vice president of the Owain Chamber of Commerce, Stansen, was very easy to find online.

Therefore, when she saw the video of John’s trap in the ‘Dark Net’, Salefani also quickly found information about the three of them.

She knew John hadn’t lied to her.

This organization was indeed cleaning up the sinful people.

Those three were notorious criminals who committed all kinds of crimes when they were alive.

Hamlet, who was standing at the side, was also listening seriously.

Only till now did he finally learned of Brother John’s ‘true identity’.

“If you accept the invitation.

“The Dawn Association will definitely treat you well.

“In the beginning, you will be my subordinate and enter the probation period,” John added.

These words were indeed true.

John had always been sincere to his own people.

After he was done with the busy stuff now, he would find a way to improve the living standards of the organization’s members.

“In the following period of time.

“This room will temporarily be your bedroom.”

After Salefani accepted it—which wasn’t a surprise—John led her to a simple but elegant room.

Salefani seemed quite pleased with the room.

Her gaze slowly swept across the room.

Then, she thanked John solemnly.

With the lifestyle of a female otaku, the house she used to live in was definitely dirty and messy.

After hearing Salefani’s childish way of addressing him, John was stunned.

He couldn’t react for a while.

“What’s wrong, Sir Arbiter?”

Salefani quickly got into her role.

“However, there’s no need to be so restrained between us normally.

“You can just call me Brother John.”

This simple girl took his fake identity seriously.

If she kept calling him that in the future and let those who knew him knew about this, they would definitely laugh their hearts out.

“I understand, Brother John!” Her voice was as warm as it could be.

It was like a little sister relying on her big brother.

Seeing John so friendly to her,

she was even more convinced that she had made the right choice.

He had a strange expression on his face and smiled bitterly to himself.

“Isn’t this child too gullible?

“What if she gets scammed by a lollipop and was kidnapped by others in the future?”

John couldn’t help but have such a strange feeling in his heart.

After all, she was a 29-year-old adult woman.

She didn’t seem to have any opinion at all.

It was too rare in this world.

Perhaps all geniuses were different from ordinary people.

After all, there was only a slight difference between a genius and a madman.

It seemed like he should treat this old girl better in the future.

He had lied to her in the first place.

He already felt a little bad for that.

When he saw the childish side of Salefani, John felt even more guilty.

Just like how he wanted to protect the children of the orphanage.

Now, this female hacker was also within the scope of his protection.

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