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John was filled with thoughts.

He walked out of the bedroom that had just belonged to Salefani.

When he reached the living room.

It was only then that he realized that Hamlet was following him.

He looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”

John sat on the soft, comfortable sofa.

He looked at Hamlet and asked.

“Brother John,” Hamlet called out.

Then he paused.

Then, as if mustering his courage, with burning eyes, he asked, “Can I join the Dawn Association?”

He said it carefully.

He pretended to ask casually.

But body language wouldn’t lie.

His eyes were filled with hope.

His body was tense and even trembling slightly.

His forehead was instantly filled with sweat.

John looked at Hamlet upon hearing this.

After seeing Hamlet’s embarrassed expression,

John smiled bitterly to himself.


When he was lying to Salefani just now,

Hamlet was fooled too.

Hamlet firmly believed in the so-called Dawn Association too.

John could only answer him, “Of course.

“In fact, at the moment you chose to follow me.

“You’re already one of the members.”

John gave a praising smile. “And towards your performance during this period of time, I’m also very satisfied.”

Hearing John’s reply,

Hamlet acted like a kid too.

He danced around excitedly.

His smile was brilliant and filled with excitement.

‘Did I recruit a group of children?’ John lamented deeply in his heart.

In a small studio.

A pile of paper filled with formulas was scattered on the ground.

John sat up from the formulas.

He looked at a piece of paper closest to his hand.

These were the steps of Foresee that he had written down.

What John was doing now was to further explore this ability of his.


“How to destroy the real estate corporation that has a market value of ten billion dollars from a commercial point of view.

“Owain City’s Alexander Corporation.”

John wrote down all the steps.

All of these steps were based on John’s Foresee ability.

The Foresee ability that could solve everything.

He copied the steps down.

Its accuracy could be guaranteed.

The Alexander Corporation had been operating for decades.

The interests of various parties were deeply involved.

With John’s current conditions, if he wanted to take one step or two steps to destroy a billion-dollar corporation, it was almost impossible.

This was calculated through the Foresee.

As for why he used ‘almost’ and not ‘absolute’, it was because out of all the paths involved in this problem, there was indeed one path that only needed one step to achieve.

That was…

“You chose to call Reagan.

“Tell him that you will agree to his request.”

Reagan was the person he saw at the entrance of the police headquarters in Owain City.

The middle-aged man who handed John his business card.

John wasn’t willing to join the government’s secret department in the shadow world.

Other than this question.

John also wrote down one question after another.

“How to achieve a perfect crime and kill Alexander, the leader of the Alexander Corporation without leaving any evidence?”

“How to achieve a perfect crime and kill the underground spokesperson of Owain City’s East District Rayast without leaving any evidence?”

“How to achieve a perfect crime and kill the underground spokesperson of the Owain City’s West District Yongen without leaving any evidence?”

“How to achieve a perfect crime and kill the Johnson from the York Family without leaving any evidence?”

On page after page of white paper, the pen in John’s hand was just like the Soul-Hooking Brush in the hands of the Underworld Judge.

With the aura of death, the pen recorded down steps after steps.

Granny, his buddy Galen who had grown up with him in, and also friends and classmates who were familiar with or weren’t familiar with him had received letters of ‘death threats’.

After returning from the Owain City Police Headquarters,

large amounts of negative emotions were accumulated in John’s heart.


It was time to teach those people a lesson.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

At this moment.

Someone knocked on the door of the office.

John responded casually.

Victoria walked in.

Hence, he calmly kept the records that were beside his hand.

He placed it gently under his arm.

Victoria’s slightly cold eyes sized up the chaotic studio without a trace.

Page after page of paper littered the floor.

Numerous calculations and formulas kept appearing in front of her.

Victoria had a very high education level.

After all, she was a strong woman who relied on her own abilities to become a boss.

Therefore, she could vaguely understand some of the contents of the formulas.

Unidentified coordinates.

The steps that would drive and trigger events.

The effects of various actions.

Standing in the overwhelming formulas, she felt infinite numbers flowing through her body.

It was like a suppressive and terrifying aura was hidden in these formulas and calculations.

“Rayast didn’t manage to find out the identity of the perpetrator.

“All the clues he have were leading him overseas.

“No matter who’s behind this, if not for the government’s intervention, this pool of water might have really been stirred up by him.” Victoria sat down in front of John and said in a deep voice.

Victoria continued to tell John about the information she had collected from various sources.

After a long while, she turned around and left.

John removed the papers from his arm.

He spread out the pages of records.

His distinct eyes were fixed on the paths copied from Foresee.

Ever since the five consecutive accidents, everyone was warier and warier of their own safety.

It was obvious that the complexity of the steps that John found in Foresee had increased.

In this exploration of Foresee’s ability, John combined the beginning and the end of different events.

He discovered that each event would affect the entire situation.

No matter which person on the list was the first to be killed, it would greatly affect the difficulty of the remaining three people’s steps in killing them.

John held out his hand and placed the page with the name Rayast written on it on top of all the papers.

His fingers landed hard on the paper.

The person in charge of the eastern district of Owain City, Rayast.

From the beginning of Alexander’s career more than 20 years ago, Rayast had taken on the role of Alexander’s protector.

Even now.

In the gray domain.

It was still Rayast who was displaying his influence.

John noticed that if he eliminated Rayast first, the steps to destroy the Alexander Corporation would be greatly simplified.

In addition, John also discovered that if he chose Rayast as the first domino card, the steps in targeting Johnson and Yongen would change drastically too.

It was as if with the departure of this old man, Johnson and Yongen would also be severely injured too.

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