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In the studio that was filled with formulas.

John leaned back with his head raised.

His eyes narrowed.

He softly said Rayast’s name.

Five years ago.

It was the specialized people under Rayast who dealt with the accident caused by Neil.

Given his relationship with Alexander, he naturally turned a blind eye to it.

“This old thing.

“To be able to live to this age, the heavens really have no eyes.”

John looked at the steps in Foresee and grinned.

From all the pathways that would lead to a change in the entire situation, Rayast’s accidental death would become the beginning of the destruction of Alexander Corporation.

John licked his lips and took a deep breath.

Then, he spat it out heavily.

He got up from the studio.

He threw the pages that courted four pathways into the shredder slowly.

Killing Rayast was just the first step in the dominoes.

Alexander, Johnson, and Yongen.

All of them were included by John in a series of ‘chain reactions’.

“This city has tens of thousands of roads.

“There are more than six thousand red and green signal lights.”

John’s cold voice sounded in Salefani’s studio.

One host computer after another shone with a green light.

Pieces of screens occupied the surrounding vision.

Different scenes were played.

Salefani typed deftly on the keyboard.

Codes poured out like flowing water.

John stood behind Salefani.

His gaze swept across the surveillance footage at the crossroads in Owain City.

Sensing John’s gaze on her from behind, for some reason, Salefani felt nervous and excited.

She looked up.

She looked at the surveillance footage in six different screens of the different intersections in the city.

The surveillance footage would all stop for about two seconds.

After two seconds, they would switch to the next intersection.

When Salefani lowered her head gently, out of the corner of her eye, she happened to notice that John seemed to be trembling his fingers at a certain frequency.

This was a type of finger speed algorithm.

Salefani guessed.

“Okay, you can stop now.”

A broad palm suddenly rested on Salefani’s shoulder.

Immediately after, a gentle voice sounded.

She felt the warmth on her shoulder.

Surprisingly, Salefani didn’t reject it.

She was originally very afraid of interacting with others.

That was why she locked herself in the room and be a complete shut-in.

Salefani responded timidly.

She reached out to tap on the stopping order.


“They hold the natural law in high regard.

“It’s the cycle of karma.

“We believe that good deeds should bring good results, and vice-versa.

“We specialize in creating accidents.

“What’s more, the accidents are actually the result of natural law.

“They aren’t intentional.”

John said something inexplicable.

Salefani pondered the deeper meaning of John’s actions and words.

“Your physique is still too poor.

“Over the next few days, I’ll get Hamlet to teach you some techniques.”

John didn’t linger on the topic.

He immediately continued to the next topic regarding her physique.

“Okay.” Salefani bit her lip and replied.

John turned and walked out of the studio that was like a computer room.

He changed into a black leather coat.

“Come with me, we are going out.”

John called to Hamlet.

Hearing John’s words, Hamlet’s eyes lit up.

He hurriedly replied, “Alright! I’m coming right away!”

As he spoke, he hurried over.

He was afraid that John would change his mind.

Not long after.

In the underground parking lot, an ordinary black car was slowly activated.

Salefani was in the studio.

Through the surveillance video, she noticed the car John and Hamlet were in.

Her gaze followed the car until it drove out the ‘safe area’ John had marked.

Then, she changed the images of all the surveillance cameras in the area that could capture this car into that of ordinary images.

“December 1, 2020, 8.14 PM and 25 seconds.

“You walked into Salefani’s studio.

“You got her to pull up the surveillance videos of the six thousand plus intersections in Owain City.

“Same night, 8.55 PM and 1.7 seconds.

“You made Salefani stop and told her about the teaching of the Arbiter.”

Hamlet was concentrating on driving.

In the backseat.

John looked at the Foresee that only he could see.

A thoughtful look appeared on his face.

This step before pushing the first domino naturally a deeper meaning to this.


John looked up, revealing his black and white eyes.

He looked out of the window at the scene that was continuously moving backward.

He placed his palm on his thigh and thought to himself.

Recently, in the steps in Foresee, the frequency of ‘persona’ appearing increased.

Not long ago, John went to the Owain City Police Headquarters.

In the state of hypnosis, he had also followed the path’s requirements to display an extremely complicated calculation method.

Then, the day before yesterday, when Victoria walked into his studio, what she saw was the dense array of formulas that John had arranged in advance.

Immediately after that was just now.

‘Probably more and more people are paying attention to me.’

John looked deeply at the dark, gloomy sky.

Vaguely, he seemed to have seen a huge net enveloping him.

While treating some people as prey in the city, perhaps some powerful existences also viewed him as prey.

Therefore, the persona Foresee was building for him was becoming more and more refined and perfect.

It had completely concealed his special ability.

Every decision John made and every incident that was facilitated all had plausible reasons and explanations.

After switching cars a few times, John and Hamlet drove out of the underground garage of a shopping mall.

At this moment, John looked at the Foresee in front of him.

Then, he shifted his gaze to the rearview mirror.

A smile appeared on his face.

“December 1, 2020, 9.37 PM and 46 seconds.

“You walked out of the mall.

“There are some people following behind your car.”

Hamlet drove this black Buick and quietly blended into the busy night.

They passed through intersections after intersections.

John got out of the car again under Hamlet’s gaze.

It was an intersection surrounded by tall buildings.

Then, John looked up.

His gaze seemed to be carefully sizing up and memorizing all the scenes and scenes in the surroundings.

His lowered fingers were calculating something again.

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